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08-30-2010 until 02-07-2106
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On Following Forum Guidelines

This is a friendly reminder from your friends [the staff] at TCoD!

There are guidelines for the Debating Hall. Please read them. Yes, they are sparse, but they are important (I assure you!)

BASICALLY: Do not just come into a thread, say "this is my opinion", provide no basis for your argument, then leave. This is a debating forum, not an opinion forum. IF you would rather not explain your train of thought and remain anonymous, simply vote in the poll (if there is one) and leave. It is that simple! It is poor form to voice your thoughts and not actually follow the discussion.

The mods will be enforcing this, do keep in mind: enough infractions will bar you from the Debating Hall for at least three months.
Hi! I'm currently in the process of moving and my internet access is rather sporadic! Please forgive me, especially those in my #mafia game! Thanks!

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