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  1. Best Pokemon Game Ever
  2. Old habits in pokemon games
  3. What is your idea of the perfect Pokemon Game?
  4. Hack ROM Questions
  5. What's ironic or surprising in your Pokemon game?
  6. Favourite cartridge?
  7. Missingno. and 'M Glitch Pokemon
  8. First Favorite pokemon
  9. Letting Pokemon move on without me
  10. Mystery Gift
  11. Charizard needs to cut down on carbs after noon
  12. Emulator Hack Help
  13. Internal Batteries ahhh D:
  14. What's so wrong with Pokemon Battle Revolution?
  15. Nostalgia in Pokémon Games
  16. Evolution Question
  17. What battle are you in right now?
  18. Starter Sets
  19. Wi-Fi with Emulators?
  20. Pokémon Crystal Version: Played As a Collective
  21. Starter Pokemon
  22. EV Training: tips?
  23. Pure aesthetics?
  24. Least favourite pokemon in Competitive Battling.
  25. Trading Thread
  26. Ralts in Pearl without Ndex?
  27. How many Shiny Pokemon do you have?
  28. Nintendo Wi-fi USB connector: In stores?
  29. Best Poses
  30. Favorite in game Music
  31. Pokemon Memorial Thread
  32. Pokemon that normally suck that are good
  33. Blaziken or Infernape?
  34. cruel luck
  35. Your stats?
  36. Favourite Rival?
  37. How the stats work?
  38. Move help please?
  39. PokéIncest?
  40. My Mewtwo Dosen't Love Me In Platinum :(
  41. Pokémon Game Laziness
  42. US Secret Key Event Announced
  43. General question(s): regarding game mechanics.
  44. Best Natures for Shaymin?
  45. How you make money.
  46. Place ur Fake bets!!!! How far will I get in Diamond after 4 1/2 hours?
  47. Breed! Breed damn you!
  48. Not sure where im allowed to post this...if at all.
  49. Cheat Cartidges
  50. UK Platinum Deal: 99p!
  51. Trading by Evolution Question
  52. PC Owners Origin
  53. Favorite Sprite
  54. Your Oldest Pokemon
  55. Gym Leaders
  56. Help!!I need help in pokemon mystery dungon explorers of time
  57. [R/S/E] Good Rod?
  58. Glitch - Scrambled Moves
  59. Removing Nicknames
  60. In-game epicness
  61. Update Pokemon Cries?
  62. Mistake?
  63. Pokemon Too Competetive?
  64. Guess I can kiss my savings goodbye...
  65. Solo Pokemon Challenge
  66. Upcoming Event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. New game! New game!
  68. useds games.
  69. Where to get HG/SS?
  70. What type would help my team best: Grass, Physic, or Electric?
  71. has anyone else noticed this?
  72. Worth of a 100% Legit Celebi?
  73. Do you furiously tap the a button when you go to catch a pokemon?
  74. Seven Deadly Sins: Pokemon Edition
  75. Need Pokemon to complete my Pokedex
  76. Which games to sell?
  77. How many Pusedo-legendary do you have?
  78. Mystery Dungeon sheet music
  79. Rate the difficulty of each gym leader
  80. Trainer Card Score
  81. What would be the BEST Pokemon game?
  82. Disortion World
  83. Opinions on the games you have played.
  85. Interest in pre-DPPt games?
  86. The Mew event.
  87. Trading (I need to know)
  88. Your Pokemon game-ography
  89. Any truth to this? (Original Red/Green music)
  90. Rumored form for Kyurem.
  91. Ultimate Type Tool Types
  92. Zoroark and Zorua names confirmed, also movie date and events.
  93. Confirmed Release Date for B/W
  94. Ash's Pikachu event, Elemental Monkeys and N names.
  95. FML moments
  96. Nuzlocke Challenge
  97. Shiny Beast Wi-fi Events (Feb 7 - Feb 27)
  98. Is Gameshark worth it?
  99. o-omg, or Pokémon Teaches Japanese!
  100. Best/Top pokemon Soundtracks
  101. AquaSapphire and MagmaRuby?
  102. Should I keep this team?
  103. Fake Pokemon Game Cheats
  104. Protein won't have any effect?
  105. Dream World Eeveelutions for playing Breakout clone
  106. Pokemon Global Link opens April 13.
  107. Connectivity
  108. Odd HM Slaves?
  109. [B/W] Tag Log Investigation
  110. Pokemon Black Community Run
  111. Should I get B/W or HG/SS?
  112. Sawk in white
  113. The Monotype Solo Run Challenge
  114. Strange/Stupid/Amusing Moments in Pokemon Gaming...
  115. Pokémon Improvement Thread
  116. Most famous/best teams, duos, trios, etc.
  117. Is this legit?
  118. Evil Cheats/Glitches Working Against You
  119. Spoooooooooooooky Mansion
  120. what was your initial opinion on first finding out gen 5's pokemon?
  121. This may be a bit old, but...
  122. If you were able to pick the theme for a Pokemon game, what would it be?
  123. Have you ever had a Pokémon that saved your E4 run?
  124. Vote for a Dream World Pokemon
  125. Achievements
  126. Should Max/normal Ether/Elixirs be sold in Poke Marts?
  127. Being an Idiot
  128. Moments of Derp
  129. Dame Celebi's No-Love Challenge!
  130. Proudest Moments in Pokémon Games
  131. What Pokemon do you transfer?
  132. Monotype challenge
  133. Pokemon theories / thoughts
  134. The Blissey Glitch
  135. Fantasy hold items
  136. Absurdly lucky/unlucky moments
  137. reasonable events
  138. Team Rocket Challenge
  139. Starter For Black/White 2?
  140. Question about Keldeo...
  141. Is anyone else also like this?
  142. Avatar Mode (Avatar the Last Airbender Challenge)
  143. Sad Things You Do To Your Pokemon Without Noticing
  144. Metronome Success
  145. Team Building Quirks?
  146. Rumble Blast or Gates to Infinity?
  147. Anyone ever played any of the hacks?
  148. Pokemon Dream World Finds
  149. They should develop Pokémon contests some more
  150. Pokemon Reborn
  152. 3DS Friend Codes
  153. Ideas for new types?
  154. Stupid Facts Based on Pokédex Entries
  155. Challenges Progress Thread
  156. Why do most people believe that Gen 3 was the best one?
  157. Emerald ROM Help?
  158. Pokémon that should have gotten Mega Evolutions
  159. Wonder Trade
  160. Little Habits
  161. Which games had the best soundtrack?
  162. Pokémon Showdown
  163. The Pokémon Statistics Project
  164. PSS and GTS work, but Game Sync and Battle Spot don't
  165. How far do you think they'll take the remakes?
  166. So what with the Hoenn games being remade and all...
  167. So... why is there no "10% boost" item for the Fairy type?
  168. Gates to Infinity
  169. Pokémon Multiverse Theory
  170. Collectible Games
  171. Extra Fiery Red?
  172. Sinnoh remakes?
  173. Inexplicable Omissions
  174. How many Pokédexes (or Pokédex equivalents) have you completed?
  175. Talk about how enjoyable pokemon battles can be here
  176. Nothing in March