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  17. [closed, thanks to all who contributed]
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  69. is this a good team for the elite 4 my cousin gave me most of them
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  72. D/P/Pt Not another goddamn team D:
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  80. Sandstorm teams
  81. D/P/Pt I'm making a non-OU team. Hell must've frozen.
  82. ah ned halps
  83. Team Draconic
  84. D/P/Pt RMT: Some Switches
  85. D/P/Pt Arg
  86. D/P/Pt Another team(should be around OU/UU)
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  88. team suggestions? still testing it
  89. D/P/Pt Shoddy Team
  90. D/P/Pt My First Attempt at this
  91. D/P/Pt BP/Marowak Team
  92. D/P/Pt [UU/NU]Ohhey, I can actually MAKE a bloody team now
  93. D/P/Pt Explosion Team
  94. D/P/Pt Bad at strategizing D=
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  105. HG/SS Stall Team
  106. HG/SS UU Hail Stall is Practically a Win Button
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  108. HG/SS Wi-Fi Team
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  114. Give me your opinion, plz.
  115. limbo tier
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  117. HG/SS team-please rate and help
  118. HG/SS RANDOM! Ground-mono
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  120. HG/SS Another team, come on...
  121. HG/SS Trick Room Team
  122. hail team. another one.
  123. Meh. Double Battles
  124. HG/SS Why?
  125. HG/SS Hmm...
  126. HG/SS UU 2vs2 DANCE PARTY team
  127. D/P/Pt damn it, this isn't working
  128. D/P/Pt RMT: It's a Team without a single Uber (*gasp*)
  129. Bleh.
  130. D/P/Pt My Crystal League Battle Team
  131. HG/SS I really don't know at this point
  132. HG/SS Stupidest Movesets ever?
  133. Gonna violate my #1 rule of competitive battling here
  134. HG/SS Smeargle Team
  135. HG/SS Lower Tier Pokemon attempt OU battle.
  136. HG/SS no longer a sand team.
  137. HG/SS I don't know if I'm any good~
  138. HG/SS My Second Original Set
  139. HG/SS May as well post this here too.
  140. HG/SS stallloom, wip
  141. HG/SS What? Slow Pokemon?
  142. D/P/Pt Crystal League Normal Mono
  143. D/P/Pt God, it's been too long since I last posted here... (Shoddy)
  144. HG/SS I'm not sure if I'd actually ever use this.
  145. D/P/Pt Er, I haven't actually started building the team yet...
  146. This is the best I got. D:
  147. HG/SS What is thought, Superbird?
  148. [Black & White]
  149. Team Planning (Need Help)
  150. HG/SS stupid... or advanced?
  151. Ways I Can Improve?
  152. my super giga team!
  153. D/P/Pt This is Madness! No, THIS... IS... SHODDY!!!
  154. D/P/Pt Quick l'il question
  155. Gen V RMT
  156. Pokemon Online
  157. HG/SS Zackrai's favourites
  158. D/P/Pt How's my team?
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  164. D/P/Pt Hey, smogon works!
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  169. My Rain Dance Team
  170. Death to the Battle Subway!
  171. Is my White team ok?
  172. Just One (RMP)
  173. D/P/Pt How in the world
  174. A slow process
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  183. Starting a Hail Team [PO OU Tier]
  184. [B/W] Huh.
  185. Fifth gen rain dance?
  186. Holy shit, Scizor?!?!!!!
  187. General Competitive Inquiries Thread
  188. First team
  190. Excadrill and Thundurus are now Uber
  191. [B/W] My first competitive team
  192. i want a good team involving Pikachu in B/W
  193. The NFE Project
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  197. Need some help.
  198. [B/W] RMT NU,RU,UU Tier.
  199. [B/W] RMT: 5th Gen Little Cup
  200. Um, help with a BW team of sorts?
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  203. 5th Gen. UU
  204. Post your teams and rate others!
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  221. I play in uu because I like bad pokemon
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