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  1. What gender is Pikachu?
  2. Favorite Episode In Original and Johto?
  3. Porygon Prejudice!
  4. Has Pokemon Lost its Touch?
  5. what would happen if team rocket stole pikachu and pikachu turned evil and wanted to destroy of all sihnoh
  6. Favorite Songs?
  7. Pikachu Pokerus?
  8. Goof-ups!
  9. Electric Soldier Porygon Exaggeration?
  10. What if Pikachu evolved?
  11. If YOU were in the anime...
  12. Ash + Misty Avatars
  13. The anime may, in fact, be deeper and more depressing than I thought...
  14. Should there be anime only pokemon
  15. Mystery Dungeon 2 Special
  16. Hey Hey Hey!
  17. Hmm...character connection?
  18. High Pitched Voices?
  19. Realism
  20. A different anime?
  21. The Ginga-Dan Two Parter
  22. Best Match for Satoshi/Ash
  23. How Long Until Fifth Gen?
  24. What ships do you sail?
  25. Favorite Japanese Opening?
  26. Would Mewtwo be better in a darker anime?
  27. Caption the Screenshot!
  28. What really annoys you about the Pokemon Anime?
  29. Should Pikachu evolve into a Raichu already?
  30. Shaymin appears on Pokemon.com!
  31. Goodbye, beloved Meowth...
  32. Riley appears in the anime(SPOILER WARNING)
  33. Orange Island Drake = PWN
  34. pokemon movies
  35. Bloopers Or Funny Things
  36. what is this shit
  37. New Pokemon Movies news.
  38. Evolutions
  39. How many strings would you have to pull...
  40. Things that make no sence in Pokemon
  41. ash pa
  42. Would Team Rocket be successful is they stopped following Ash?
  43. Hamburgers?
  44. Do you consider the banned episodes canonical?
  45. Theme in every language
  46. Favorite Opening?
  47. 12th Movie = EPIC
  48. Does Ash's team stink?
  49. CoroCoro to reveal a "surprising" Pokemon in Movie 13
  50. Introducing a friend to Pokemon...
  51. The Official Pokemon Anime Thread
  52. Sinnoh Grand Festival
  53. Black/White party
  54. No more Brock!
  55. Sinnoh League
  56. What will happen to James in Best Wishes
  57. Live Action Pokemon movie?
  58. Ash's BW Party Ideas
  59. Why does Ash look younger in Best Wishes?
  60. Goodbye, Takeshi Shudō...
  61. Map of All Anime Locations in Kanto
  62. Well, this doesn't make any sense!
  63. Ash's Tan
  64. Most beautiful music in a Pokemon Movie?
  65. Destiny Deoxys to finally be released in the UK
  66. Ash catching Pokemon too fast in Unova?
  67. What's the best theme?
  68. Do you think the Anime sucks now?
  69. 5th Generation Discussion: What happened to Team Rocket?
  70. why do people hate Tracey!
  71. Why does Ash give away his Pokemon?
  72. Ash's biggest mistake in the entire 5 series
  73. top 3 favorite theme songs?
  74. it's Cilan time! [animated gif thread]
  75. How good is the anime these days?
  76. Ash?
  77. Least favourite episode?
  78. Pokémon on Netflix
  79. Pokemon you like cuz of the anime
  80. Rewatching Pokémon Anime as a 21-Year-Old Adult
  81. Original Pokemon Theme Song
  82. Pokémon Generations
  83. Pokémon Movies
  84. New movie announcement :O
  85. Korrina's anime arc
  86. Best Wishes is the best Pokemon Series and X/Y is the worst
  87. Made up pokemon anime eps?