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  1. Darklight
  2. IMPORTANT: Writing Forum Guidelines
  4. In Progress Visions Of Fate [PG-14]
  5. In Progress Origins
  6. In Progress Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Jirachi's Wish
  7. In Progress Pokemon Antebellum
  8. In Progress Digimon: The Live Action/CGI Movie Fanfic Part One
  9. In Progress Final Fantasy: Tales of the Crystals (Book 1: Darkness Crystal Before Dawn)
  10. In Progress Star Fox: The Last Hope
  11. In Progress The Quest for the Legends :o
  12. In Progress Kriisa the Fire Power Trainer!
  13. In Progress The Book of How the Universe was Created ((Title subject to change))
  14. In Progress Forgiven (PG-13 at times)
  15. In Progress Life and Story: Dahlia
  16. In Progress Currently untitled - PG-13
  17. Completed The Messenger
  18. One-Shot Bears On A Submarine
  19. In Progress A Drifloon Diary
  20. In Progress The New Life
  21. In Progress The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum
  22. One-Shot Fear
  23. In Progress The Moon and Sun clan
  24. One-Shot The Ties that Bind
  25. One-Shot Mini Sagas
  26. One-Shot Sunset Dance
  27. In Progress What it Seems (Working Title)
  28. Star Fox Vs Star Wolf Vs Star Jackal
  29. In Progress LOLAAC: The Most Intresting Clichefest You've Ever Read
  30. The Mechanics of Polish Time Travel (Criticism wanted!)
  31. In Progress Star cross'd [rated 15+]
  32. Untitled
  33. One-Shot Unbound [RATED R]
  34. Life in the City
  35. In Progress In Her Dreams
  36. In Progress The Mystery of Faith
  37. One-Shot The Grand Battle
  38. In Progress Warriors: The Next Generation.
  39. In Progress Rose&Fang
  40. In Progress The Caster of the Wind {critiques welcome}
  41. In Progress Consumed by Darkness
  42. In Progress Yu-Gi-Oh! The Trilogy
  43. In Progress Hey, Bulldog
  44. One-Shot Love=Pain.
  45. Completed Morphic
  46. In Progress Warriors:Fight for the Star Jewels
  47. In Progress ~ The Night In The Sea ~
  48. In Progress Swordplay
  49. In Progress Series Finale
  50. Chapter One Of A Book I'm Working On...
  51. One-Shot Fire Emblem: Pelleas Gets His Game On
  52. In Progress Save your pity [pg 13]
  53. One-Shot Wake-Up Call
  54. In Progress Script for a Live-Action Digimon Movie Trilogy (Movie One)
  55. One-Shot Unfortunately Blue
  56. One-Shot No Moon
  57. Simple Grammar
  58. One-Shot Coming Home
  59. In Progress SSB Storyline: Genesis of Creation
  60. In Progress Forgiven (PG-13)
  61. In Progress The Uzumaki Live on
  62. College application essay - critiques please
  63. In Progress SSB Storyline:The Ongoing Host
  64. In Progress Something about the Unown...
  65. One-Shot Terra's Tale
  66. In Progress Operation Main Frame
  67. One-Shot Mr. Mifflin's Dummy
  68. In Progress SSBB: Tabuu's Revenge: SSE2
  69. Fossil Excavation! Games: Fossilisation and Extinction
  70. In Progress Digimon Data Squad II
  71. In Progress The Cards of Change
  72. One-Shot Breaking Bones
  73. In Progress The Tower of Scyclical Times: Eight Legends, One Destiny (Rated PG 15+)
  74. Completed String (working title)
  75. One-Shot Rasah
  76. In Progress The Galaxy Key; Remember me? (Dude... a new chapter!)
  77. In Progress The Monster of the Cinnabar Mansion
  78. [Short story] Sakura
  79. One-Shot Perennial
  80. One-Shot Rebirth [original fiction]
  81. One-Shot Gift's Story
  82. In Progress Destiny
  83. One-Shot That Blue-Haired Japanese Girl Sure Plays A Mean Guitar Hero
  84. One-Shot Black Rose
  85. In Progress Tell Me What You Think Of This Story Idea...
  86. In Progress Empty Wounds
  87. In Progress Animalia Legend I: The Metamorphosis
  88. In Progress Super Poke'-Legendary Rangers (Season One)
  89. In Progress Pokemon Demented Dungeon 1
  90. In Progress Blackwood Manor
  91. In Progress Pokémon Ranger: Almia's Untold Story
  92. One-Shot Closer
  93. In Progress Dawning of Dusk (a PokéMorph Story)
  94. One-Shot The Return
  95. One-Shot [no title]
  96. One-Shot Retriever
  97. In Progress Viesta [Original Fiction]
  98. In Progress Dante & Keima (Pokemon story)
  99. One-Shot And Then He Wept [R?]
  100. One-Shot Untitled
  101. In Progress An Untitled Naruto Fanfic
  102. One-Shot Eric Damon Chronicles: Part One: "The Feral Girl of Sinnoh"
  103. In Progress Chronicles of Naruto: Age of War
  104. The Trial of Juno I and II
  105. One-Shot Like a Bolt From the Blue (TWEWY)
  106. One-Shot Midnight Archive
  107. In Progress Tiger
  108. One-Shot She Waits
  109. One-Shot The Ultimate Question (TWEWY)
  110. In Progress The Chronicles of Dry Bones
  111. One-Shot Poe
  112. One-Shot Slavery
  113. In Progress Faith
  114. In Progress Digimon Legends (My ideas for Season Six)
  115. In Progress Connection
  116. One-Shot Guilty Pleasures (A Comedy Drabble)
  117. One-Shot Guilty Pleasures (A Comedy Drabble)
  118. In Progress Dream Realm
  119. In Progress Eric Damon Chronicles: Part Two: "Giovanni's Downfall"
  120. In Progress Hexing Smiles
  121. In Progress Hateful Smiles
  122. In Progress The Author (working title)
  123. skoot's delicious flashfic dump
  124. In Progress Departure Song
  125. One-Shot The Adventures of [A Cliched Mary Sue Named] Jenny (AKA How to NOT Write a Story)
  126. One-Shot Guardian Angel
  127. One-Shot Bitter Tea
  128. Touch [slightly naughty and pretty weird in an ew way]
  129. Dread Seal
  130. One-Shot Failed
  131. hey look it's a drabble
  132. In Progress Pokemon Gold adventures (working title)
  133. A Collection of One-Shots
  134. Completed Counting Reasons (Tales of Symphonia)
  135. Watch Me Disappear
  136. In Progress The Legend of Trogen
  137. In Progress The Great Distortion
  138. In Progress Firefly's Folly
  139. In Progress To Be A Master
  140. One-Shot A Big Little Guy - a rhyming short story
  141. Completed Kalina: A combination Pokémon and Dragon Cave fanfic
  142. One-Shot Sweet Dreams
  143. In Progress Taking Sides (Exit Fate)
  144. One-Shot Healing (Tales of Symphonia)
  145. Go Me. It's Story Time.
  146. One-Shot Chimes - Yume Nikki Fic
  147. Schooled
  148. One-Shot Untitled (Bartholemiou and Kate)
  149. One-Shot Stolen
  150. In Progress Days at the Cave of Dragonflies
  151. In Progress Aku no Story [Vocaloid fanfic.] {4-part} (PG-13)
  152. One-Shot Blue Moon
  153. One-Shot Disillusioned (Disgaea)
  154. Ninjas Sister
  155. In Progress Articeon
  156. PROJECT GARGOYLE: An Extract
  157. One-Shot Café Revolution
  158. In Progress [Warriors] The Prophecy of Starlight
  159. In Progress Post Apocalypse Story
  160. Mew's Last Chance: The Golden Stone
  161. In Progress Outlaws [Pokemon Fanfic]
  162. In Progress Malice
  163. In Progress Untitled - Rated R
  164. In Progress Welcome to Insanity!
  165. Silent Elegy
  166. In Progress The First Galactic War- a tale of science fiction and war
  167. In Progress Haku and Moonwing - A Soul Split In Two
  168. Warriors // Rising Moon and Sky
  169. In Progress Train: An Animal Crossing Fanfiction
  170. In Progress Cubicles
  171. In Progress ... (Just Another Trainer Fic?)
  172. In Progress Tales of Acceptance (Rating: T)
  173. In Progress Omawari [rating:M]
  174. In Progress The Cloud-Capped Towers
  175. One-Shot Sweet Nature's Song
  176. One-Shot Scarred
  177. One-Shot Maggots
  178. Burn Stains
  179. In Progress Acolyte
  180. One-Shot Wishful Thinking
  181. In Progress Blood of the animals [Rated R]
  182. One-Shot Escort Mission
  183. In Progress Interdimensional: The Pokemon's Tale
  184. The Chosen: Stolen Element
  185. One-Shot Tablets
  186. One-Shot Untitled (or: I write weird things)
  187. In Progress Battle to the Ban!
  188. One-Shot Day [PG:14+]
  189. Blackwood Manor Shorts
  190. In Progress Runaway Tales Prompts
  191. The (After)life and Times of Cardiff Archer
  192. In Progress Chromatic
  193. Jirachi, Celebi, and Dreamis
  194. In Progress The Sea Of Flowers[still working on first chapters]
  195. In Progress Following Footsteps- a Poke-FanFic
  196. One-Shot Dissonance
  197. One-Shot The Disappearance of Kris
  198. In Progress Prismatic Maelstrom {Pokefic, PG-13}
  199. In Progress The Madness Inside Them All
  200. One-Shot Red
  201. In Progress The Adventures of Chris
  202. Random writings
  203. One-Shot Home
  204. In Progress POkéTUS
  205. One-Shot Homo sapiens incruentatus
  206. One-Shot Snow Porn [T]
  207. One-Shot Curse
  208. One-Shot The Science of Nothing
  209. In Progress The Hokone region (PG-13)
  210. One-Shot Fear
  211. One-Shot Kiss in the Blizzard
  212. One-Shot A Kiss
  213. In Progress Plause
  214. In Progress Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Exo War
  215. In Progress Beyond [Working title; mild language warning]
  216. Noir Theatre (take two - comments and criticism appreciated!)
  217. One-Shot A Thousand Fronds
  218. One-Shot Imitator
  219. One-Shot Reflections
  220. One-Shot Dolls
  221. One-Shot A Simple Plan
  222. In Progress The Pokemon Abduction
  223. In Progress The Egg Hatcher
  224. In Progress Lunalunem Bellum
  225. One-Shot The Stalker and his Boy
  226. In Progress Pokémon Academy: Dedication Through Light and Darkness
  227. One-Shot Freedom
  228. [In Progress(?)] The World Some Years Later
  229. One-Shot No Man is an Ocean
  230. Just another trainer fic, sort of. Looking more for "kind" criticism.
  231. In Progress Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Sky: The Pokemon Team Of Friendship
  232. Completed After Life
  233. In Progress The Journey
  234. In Progress War inside the machine
  235. In Progress Pokemon Brass and Bronze
  236. In Progress Breaking The Shell. ((Warriors Rip off))
  237. In Progress Operation Iron Curtian
  238. In Progress Rainbow Light
  239. In Progress The Midnight Hound
  240. In Progress Abstractions
  241. One-Shot Born Screaming [horror]
  242. In Progress Journey of the Pokemon Cards
  243. In Progress Waiting in Earth (Original)
  244. Completed Family
  245. Completed [Mature for Gore] Famine
  246. In Progress [T] Secret of Relique
  247. One-Shot Beasts Like Us
  248. In Progress Lucario and the 10 Ordeals
  249. In Progress Stages [TF2 Fanfic]
  250. In Progress Final Loss