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  1. Regarding the Lost RPGs...
  2. Role Playing Character Trends
  3. Idea Center
  4. Aid Required.
  5. Prisoner! Interest/OOC (closed)
  6. Rules of Good Roleplay Etiquette [7/19/08]
  7. Griefshire - OOC Thread
  8. What RP's Do You Prefer?
  9. Zari Island
  10. Underworld - OoC/Sign-ups
  11. Bad Blood - OOC Info and Profiles
  12. The Elemental Mountains~Registration and OOC
  13. Leaving Freedom Fighters to Die
  14. Star Wars: The Dragon Wars Profile Thread
  15. [OPEN] The USS TCOD: Intrepid-class Federation Starship
  16. [CLOSED] Heaven and Hell OOC Thread
  17. [OPEN] Legends of Nisdharil OOC
  18. The Wrath of Mewtwo: Sign-ups.
  19. Tokyo Mew Mew- The Legend's Real- Sign-ups~
  20. Underlegend OOC
  21. [Open] Dead Men Shambling, the OOC thread.
  22. [Open] Electronic Malfunction OOC
  23. [Open] Charamon! A Crossover- OOC
  24. Summoner OOC/Sign-up
  25. Roleplaying 'pet peeves'
  26. Disgaea: Corruption of Order [SIGN UPS]
  27. The Music People -SIGN UPS-
  28. Pokémon: Detectives Sign up/OOC
  29. Guardians of the World - Sign Ups
  30. [Open] Final Fantasy: Black Dawn OOC, Sign-up here!
  31. Dreams of the Past Signups!
  32. [Closed D=] Dawning of a New Era OOC and Sign-Up thread
  33. Rift in the Dimensions: Signups/OOC!
  34. [open] Act One: OOC
  35. Tension : A Final Fantasy RP (Sign-ups and OOC thread)
  36. Paradise Island: The Starters' Tale ((Sign-Up and OOC Discussion
  37. The Cave of Dragonflies Dressing Room (HI TCOD LJ RPERS HI)
  38. Pokemon: Domination of the New Land (PG-13) (sign-ups and discussion thread)
  39. Land of Twilight (OOC and Signups)
  40. [open] The Great Viridian Party Mystery
  41. [OOC + Signup] Flight of the Dragon Kyn (Open)
  42. Keepers of the Stones-Signups
  43. [OOC and Signup] Turbo: Rundown
  44. (OOC and Signups) Blood Games (Open)
  45. [OOC] Call of Judgement (OPEN)
  46. Tales of TCoD OOC/Signup thread
  47. [OOC] TCG Tournament: Pokemon-ex
  48. The Great Race
  49. Room 50 Signups & Voting
  50. Foul Tempers OOC [not signups]
  51. Things you look for when making/joining an RP
  52. The Miasma: A Crystal Chronicles RP
  53. [OOC] Animal Crossing: It's a Wild World
  54. Earthbound/MOTHER RP: Signups
  55. [OOC + Profile Storage] Creeping Darkness
  56. [OOC] and that's all there was
  57. [Closed, OOC and Sign-ups] Somewhere a Clock is Ticking
  58. If I... (Please look, RP lovers)
  59. Seven Stars-A Redwall RP- OOC and Signups
  60. [open] Shadowlands OOC
  61. [OOC and Sign-ups] The Broken Calendar
  62. [OoC and Sign-Ups] Prehistoric Pokemon
  63. Which RP should I start?
  64. Possessed By Legend: OOC and Signups
  65. Xoxis: Quest for the Blade (OOC + SU's)
  66. [Closed] The Program (OOC + Signups)
  67. The Super Smash Bros. RP Planning Committee
  68. [Open] State Of Bliss [OOC + Signups]
  69. *Closed* [OOC] Semi-lit: PG-13: The Order of the Dragon Knights
  70. Twilight Water
  71. [Invite Only] [OOC] The Chimera Project III: Primal Fury
  72. (OOC and Sign-ups)Demons and Deities - Guardians of the Planet
  73. ((OOC)) [closed] PMD: The Aijou Glitch
  74. An RP Idea
  75. Dreams of the Past [OOC - Signups]
  76. Legend of the Fifth OOC/Signups
  77. [OOC/ Sign-ups] Land of Twilight II
  78. [OPEN] The Land of Opportunity [OOC/Discussion/Planning]
  79. The Evolution Core (TEC)
  80. [OOC + Signups] Curse of Arcais
  81. (do not post here) Natrelmon Blog
  82. The Eight Blades Signups/OOC
  83. Gauging Interest for an AU multifandom LJ RP
  84. Signups & OOC for Pokemon: Attack of the Perfects
  85. The Original Story [OOC]
  86. Safe Haven (OOC and Signup thread)
  87. Shades of Grey
  88. [OPEN] State Of Bliss II: The Final State [OOC]
  89. [Open] Yu-Gi-Oh: War of Darkness and Deities (OOC)
  90. Yu-Gi-Oh: Theifs in Shadow
  91. [OOC & Sign-Ups]Darkness Rising
  92. [OOC + Signups]The Bloody Ones
  93. [OOC/ Sign-ups] Grimoire of Dragons
  94. [OOC /Sign-Ups] Legend of Fanistia
  95. [OOC/Signups] Plain Sight
  96. [OOC/signups]The Pokeformers
  97. [Open] The Program: Season Two [PG13+]
  98. [OOC/Signups] The Mindscape
  99. The Chimaera Project IV
  100. [Open] Super Smash Bros.: Conspiracy (OoC/Signups)
  101. [OOC/SIGNUPS] The Sound's Specimens II
  102. [OOC and Sign-Ups] Secrets of the Clow
  103. [OOC/SIGNUPS] Power Plant Pokémon RP
  104. [Open] Cosmic War (OoC/Signups)
  105. [OOC+Signup] Wellspring Village (OPEN)
  106. Troubled Tribes [OOC/Signups]
  107. The Ones Who Devour- [A Soul Eater RP] Sign-Ups & General Talk
  108. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rebirth
  109. [OOC/Signup] Rise of Team Galactic
  110. [OOC/Signups] New World Guardians
  111. [OOC/Signups] Rise Against
  112. Mission: Giratina Sign Up Thread
  113. [OOC/Sign-up]Sinnoh Folk Story 2
  114. [CLOSED][OOC/Signup] Shifting Sands: First Glimpse
  115. St. Ignacerta's Towers [OOC/Signup]
  116. Tales of TCOD (Remake) OOC/Signups
  117. [OOC/Signup] TF2: Faith & Misery
  118. [OOC Discussion/ Sign ups] The Destruction
  119. When the Worlds Need Us [MASS CROSSOVER RP]
  120. [OOC/Sign Up] ~ Nocturne Eternia ~ {Lit/Adv}
  121. [OOC/Sign-Ups] More Than Human [CLOSED]
  122. The Change - OOC and Sign Ups
  123. [OOC/Sign up] Birth of the Cyber Dragons
  124. [Discussion/Sign-up] Pokemon Chronicles 1: Unite
  125. [Discussion/Sign Up] War of Gerathena
  126. Pokémon Paladins
  127. Dawn and Dusk Combined - a Warriors Fanfic ((OOC))
  128. [OOC/Signup] Search for the Valley of the White Lotus
  129. [OOC/SIGNUPS] Power Plant (A Pokemon RP)
  130. Legends of the Elemental Ones
  131. (OOC/Signups) Shadowy Past (redux)
  132. The Runner (OCC and sign ups thread)
  133. [SIGNUPS/OOC] The Land of After
  134. The Tribes of Sinnoh - The War
  135. [OCC/SIGNUP] PEDamonium on Zebes
  136. [Sign-up/OOC] Hidden Chronicles 1: Destruction
  137. The Reign of the 'Gs
  138. [Open] The Original Story II
  139. [OOC/Signups] Era Of Escape II
  140. Pokemon Chronicles 2- Victory (Sign-Up/OOC)
  141. Legend Pack *OPEN* (Please sign up!)
  142. [Accepting/OOC] New Symbiote Wars.
  143. The Incredible Escape
  144. Neither Here Nor There [Closed]
  145. [OOC/Closed] The 73rd Annual Hunger Games
  146. [OOC-SignUp] Return of the Pokemon - The Egg Holders
  147. [Sign-ups/OOC] The Colony Expirement
  148. Winds of Change (PMD Dual-RP) [OOC/Signups]
  149. [Open] Return of the Elementals: Part Two of the Elementals Series (OOC/Signups)
  150. [Open] The Rebellion of the Fourth Fortress
  151. Shadow of the Day
  152. [SIGNUPS] Ten of Death, Ten of Life
  153. [Sign-Ups] Signs
  154. [OOC/Signup] Mirrors
  155. [Closed] [OOC] The Legendary Beast Pack
  156. [OOC/SIGNUPS] Pokénazis (A Pokemon RP)
  157. Search for the Spirit Animals [OOC/Sign Ups]
  158. [OOC/Closed] Awakening [started]
  159. The Creation
  160. Questing [Open]
  161. Barren World
  162. Notice: Deleting the LBP
  163. [Sign-ups Closed]~Sign-ups & OOC~Animal Inside
  164. Pokemorph Hunters
  165. Pokemon Special: Orre Chapter [The Disappearance of the Dexholders]
  166. Prehistoric Pokemon
  167. Strike Of the Dark Legion (a different type of Pokemon RP)
  168. [OOC/ Sign-ups] Grimoire of Dragons
  169. [SIGNUPS/OOC] The Amityville High School of the Strange and the Supernatural
  170. [OOC/SIGNUPS] New Liberty
  171. Johto Pokemon Master's Legue
  172. [OOC/Signups] Attack of the Chessmaster
  173. Neither Here Nor There: Hellfire
  174. Idea Center: Part Deuce
  175. Sign up: Deadly Skies (How to Train your Dragon RP)
  176. Genetic Perfection [Open]
  177. [OOC/Sign-Up] + OMEN + {Lit/Adv}
  178. {dreams of darkness} <ooc/signup>
  179. Guardians <OOC/Signup>
  180. [OOC/Sign Ups] Splices' Revolution
  181. The Great War of Hyrule (OOC/Signups)
  182. The King of Fighters: Multiverse Mashup [OOC][Open][Crossover]
  183. FFTA What is Love? (OOC/Sign-ups)
  184. Left 4 Dead2: Devil's Swamp
  185. [OOC/Signups] Era of Escape: Days of the Damned
  186. The Games [Sign-ups/OOC]
  187. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (OOC/Signups)
  188. Pokemon: World Unlimited OOC
  189. The 74th Annual International Prime Cup
  190. [Discussion/Signup] Old Habits
  191. [Open]The Sundering of the World[OOC]
  192. Symbols and Signs [Sign-up/OOC] Sign-ups closed for now
  193. DG Class End Of The World Scenario [OOC/Signup]
  194. Pokemon-Return of the shadows
  195. Pokemon: Rebel Theory Sign Ups (3 spots)
  196. [OOC/SIGNUPS] Streets Run Red
  197. Poketribe
  198. The World Ends With You: Can You Survive A Week?(PG 13)
  199. Sanctic OOC/Sign-Up
  200. [OPEN] Start of Darkness
  201. [Closed] (Signup) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
  202. Dreams of the Past OOC/Sign-Ups
  203. Unova Trainers Embark!~Sign Up
  204. Another (OOC + Sign-Ups)
  205. Turning Points (OOC/Signup)
  206. The Tale of Pokemon~Sign up
  207. Pokemon - Trapped in the Shadows SIGN UP
  208. Goodbye..Forever. A Pokemon RP
  209. The Endless Night [Sign-ups/OOC][Potential PG Rating]
  210. SGRUB [Signup]
  211. [Open] (OOC/Signups)The Soul Guard- "Genocide"
  212. Till Death Do Us Part Sign Ups
  213. [OPEN] It's the End of the World Party!
  214. pikmin: cyberwar signup.
  215. The Radiant Saviors of Palteryt (OOC + Sign-Ups)
  216. pokemon: the dex holders.
  217. Pokemon Tabletop: Candle In The Dark
  218. Final Destination Sign Ups!
  219. The legendary council 15.
  220. Tides Under Siege [OOC/Signups/Setup]
  221. In The Dust Of The World (Digimon Roleplay Sign Up)
  222. StarSaber: a StarFox RP
  223. Keta Region RP: The start [Sign Up]
  224. The Lost Days [OOC/Sign-Ups]
  225. Satellites (Catch Me If I Fall) [[SU Closed]]
  226. RBY: Generation I (OOC + Sign-Ups)
  227. Transformers: New beginings
  228. The Assassination Society [OOC/Sign-ups]
  229. pokemon mystery dungeon: the universe of pokemon
  230. Relic of the Lost God [Sign-up/OOC] Open
  231. My Little Pony FiM: Winter's Advent
  232. Left 4 Dead: Devil's Swamp (Open)
  233. [OPEN] Galactic Ascending
  234. The Dark Is Rising [Sign up/OOC] Open
  235. [Open] Concordia's Elements
  236. Animorphs RP
  237. Maeror Astrorum [Sign-up/OOC] OPEN
  238. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon~ The Time Paradox (Sign Ups Open)
  239. Thrown Into Time [Sign Ups Open]
  240. Boulevard of Broken Dreams [Sign-ups Closed]
  241. Masque Carnivalia [Sign-ups/OOC] CLOSED
  242. The Firebird Suite [Open]
  243. Johto Mew Mew Power: Chimera Rising
  244. No Turning Back [Humans in Equestria] (Humans, Ponies OPEN)
  245. Infinite Sky {OPEN}
  246. Mutations [Sign-up/OOC] [Sign-ups CLOSED]
  247. Green Hills and Blue Skies
  248. The Missing [Sign-ups OPEN]
  249. Melodies of Betrayal (Sign Ups)
  250. 9Sign-ups still accepted) Pokemon: Eevee Society: Birth of a New Darkness