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  1. Dachét GTS Guidelines/Format
  2. Wanted: Modest Feebas and TM30 Shadow Ball
  3. Roxxor's Trading Post
  4. Crazy Weavile's Emporium [SHOP]
  5. Wanted: Male Jolly Sneasel with Ice punch! [closed]
  6. [SHOP] Box 18 Trading Store
  7. WANTED: Female Gible. Details in thread
  8. WANTED: Jolly Synchronizer
  9. Lita's trading shop
  10. [Shop] Lacuna City Marketplace
  11. [WANTED] Female Jolly Dratini. Details inside
  12. [Shop] Sparkly Things
  13. [WANTED] Payback TM
  14. Wanted: Female Feebas (preferably modest)
  15. [Shop] I have EEVEEs. Too many.
  16. [SHOP] (1) Rare Item(s) and Good Pokemon!
  17. [Wanted] Shaymin!
  18. [Shop] Free Eevees!
  19. LF and Trading
  20. Larvitar Wanted
  21. GTS Trading- Requests open!
  22. [WANTED] Female Milotic
  23. Catch-22's Shop.
  24. [SHOP] Silversky City Marketplace [Last updated 9-28-08]
  25. [Wanted] Shaymin (Hacked is fine)
  26. [SHOP]Starters 'Я' Us
  27. Butterfree's Quest for Diamond Pokédex Completion [COMPLETED]
  28. [SHOP] The Lovely Shop of FMC
  29. [Wanted] A Clamperl swap!
  30. Objection's Pokedex christmas Wishlist
  31. Grim's Christmas List
  32. CB's wishlist
  33. I need...
  34. [CLOSED] TRU Regigigas w/ Event Berry
  35. [SHOP] Arcanine's Ensemble
  36. [WANTED] Shiny Stone
  37. [WANTED] Male Cyndaquil (no shiny)
  38. Wanted list of Bakun's.
  39. [WANTED] Azelf with a good nature
  40. [WANTED] Adamant synchroniser.
  41. [SHOP] Shiny Objects
  42. WANTED: Trade-and-back to evolve?
  44. shop
  45. i need a porygon-z
  46. [Wanted] Ditto
  47. [wanted] Pichu with volt tackle
  48. [wanted] ridiculously requirement-laden togepi
  49. [CLOSED]Ditto
  50. [SHOP]Grim's New Beginnings
  51. [shop] The breed shop
  52. [Wanted] Pinch berries
  53. [Shop] Little Shop of Horrors
  54. [Shop] Poké-world Wal-Mart!
  55. Pokemons is us (My shop)
  56. [OFFERED] Oak's Letter Shaymin
  57. (shop)Twiggy's breeding shop
  58. [Offering] Shiny Machoke.
  59. [Wanted] Jirachi
  60. [Offered] Extremespeed Dratini
  61. [W] TM51
  62. [Wanted] Japanese Pokemon.
  63. [wanted] shiny stone
  64. Wanted- Kyogre
  65. [wanted] A ton of Pokemon
  66. [wanted]Berries
  67. Pokérus infections! Get 'em while they're hot! ~Pokérus and other things here~
  68. [Wanted] Help with trade evolutions
  69. Looking to trade with anyone, really
  70. Looking to Borrow & Clone Interesting Pokémon; will give foreign entries & clones~
  72. ...im getting impatient with this breeding thing... So I'm cheating and asking for a Jolly Sneasel
  74. [Shop] I like trading, also I have French Pokémon (and other assorted curiosities maybe)
  75. [shop] I have a BUNCH of stuff I don't need anymore
  76. [Shop] This and That Daycare
  77. [Offering] 2 B/W Shinies
  79. Starters and Phione
  80. SNAAAAAKEs for pretty much free
  81. Thingies
  82. Setting Up Shop
  83. [wanted] Rufflet
  84. A Few Requests
  85. Fighting weasel... things... are cluttering my box (and other various assorted Pokemanz)
  86. Shinies for trade, if anyone wants.
  87. Eevees, anyone? (they're pretty much free.)
  88. [Wanted] Ditto with Imposter
  89. [Wanted] Jap. Ditto, other shinies
  90. Need a few berries + other items
  91. [Shop] Alvyren's Dream Shoppe (CLOSED)
  92. needing a few starters
  93. [Shop] Skyman's Corner Trade Shop
  94. Some Gen IV requests
  95. [Shop] Cypher's PokeGen Shop
  96. needing help evolving some pokemon
  97. Some sort of competitive shop
  98. Looking for Dream World Stuff
  99. Final Requests!
  100. ColoursGTS [Featuring Mystery Egg Swaps!]
  101. Mowtom`s Variety Store! (For Hg, Ss, Plt)
  102. Mowtoms Variety Store (for Hg, Ss, Plt) Continued!
  103. [Wanted][HGSS] Metal Coat and help with trade evolutions
  104. [Wanted][Black/White] Seeking Bulbasaur and others
  105. [Wanted] Shiny Stone
  106. [WANTED][BW2] Melloetta
  107. [Wanted] [Black and white 2] Looking for certain Pokemon.
  108. Mohacastle's Black 2 Boxes
  109. Mohac's Party Shop [GEN V ONLY]
  110. [Wanted] Genesect
  111. [Shop] xxashxx's My Player Thread
  112. [WANTED] Korean Dream World Pikachu
  113. [Wanted] Someone with two DSes to Pokétransfer for me
  114. Anarchist's Gen 4 Shop
  115. [Shop] Legends Shop
  116. [Wanted] Inkay
  117. [Wanted]Fenniken and version exclusives (Y)
  118. [wanted] Froakie and Chespin, Vivillion forms
  119. [Wanted] Aromatisse and Slurpuff
  120. [Wanted] Togepi/Shroomish
  121. [wanted] Larvesta and Chlorophyll Bulba/Ivy/Venasaur
  122. [Shop] Protean Froakies + others for trade
  123. [WANTED] Venomoth and Gen II Starters
  124. [Wanted] Vivillon Forms and Heracross
  125. [Wanted] Vivillon Forms + Yveltal
  126. [Wanted] Charizardite Y
  127. [Wanted] Female HA Larvitar/family
  128. [Wanted] Non-English Vivillon
  129. Vivillon giveaway!! [Finished]
  130. [Completed]
  131. [For Trade] Extra Mega Stones
  132. [WANTED] Contrary Serperior
  133. [Wanted] HA Fletchling
  134. [WANTED] HA Buneary
  135. [For Trade] Various Pokémon for trade
  136. [WANTED] Ponyta / Rapidash
  137. [Wanted] Leaf Stone
  138. [GIVEAWAY] Free HA, High-IV Grass Pokémon!
  139. [Wanted] Mawile, Zangoose, and Nosepass
  140. Sun/Moon Version Exclusive Trading
  141. [Closed]
  142. [GIVEAWAY] Breeding Galvanize Geodudes!
  143. [Wanted] Poke Ball and Fancy Pattern Vivillon
  144. [Wanted] Vivillon
  145. [WANTED] Justified Absol