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Conversation Between Emperor_Evulz and Meowth
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  1. Emperor_Evulz
    10-29-2015 04:27 AM
    Well, I mean most are designed pretty well, and are for the most part fair to fight, the exception being the motherfucking Maneater
  2. Meowth
    10-29-2015 02:23 AM
    Who can forget such charming characters as Leaky Shoe Knight and Fat Fuck With Bird On Head

    SoulsBorne never tells you how to feel, it just strongly hints at how you should feel by being depressing as shit
  3. Emperor_Evulz
    10-29-2015 02:16 AM
    I feel like the HP thing could have been done better, but it definitely has a quaint charm and has some pretty nice bosses/levels.

    Also the hp loss in DS2 bugged me for a different reason; it's supposed to simulate the character slowly going hollow, but I don't like it when a game tells me how to feel.
  4. Meowth
    10-29-2015 02:13 AM
    Yeah, I'd only done 1-1, 1-2, 2-1 and 3-1 until today and always felt it lacked the polish of later Souls games, but it actually feels really similar to Dark Souls 1. Though everybody who complains about the HP deterioration in DaS2 should be directed to the DeS system. Oh, you died once? That's half your health gone until you beat the next boss, have fun! (yes I know stones of ephemeral eyes are a thing but seriously they're scarce as shit and ring of binding doesn't make it much better)
  5. Emperor_Evulz
    10-29-2015 02:09 AM
    It's actually really good
  6. Meowth
    10-28-2015 10:54 PM
    I've been playing Demon's Souls
  7. Emperor_Evulz
    10-28-2015 07:33 PM
  8. Meowth
    10-28-2015 06:54 PM
    having triggers is my trigger
  9. Emperor_Evulz
    10-28-2015 05:13 PM
    I'm shotgunkin and not being triggered is my trigger
  10. Meowth
    10-28-2015 05:06 PM
    I'm so triggered

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