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Conversation Between *~[insert name here]~* and Dark Master
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  1. *~[insert name here]~*
    09-28-2008 05:41 PM
    *~[insert name here]~*
    Considering that you fail to utilize the keys, placed on your keyboard with good reason, that represent punctuation and the shift keys, and that you do not seem to be capable of understanding the difference between can and may, and that you have only posted once, you may not be my friend at this time.
  2. Dark Master
    09-26-2008 09:25 PM
    Dark Master
    i sorry i never interduced myself im dark master im the lord of darknes
  3. *~[insert name here]~*
    09-26-2008 01:00 AM
    *~[insert name here]~*
    If you want to be my friend, you've got to give me a good reason why. And post often.
  4. Dark Master
    09-25-2008 12:11 AM
    Dark Master
    can i be your friend
  5. Dark Master
    08-01-2008 01:08 AM
    Dark Master
    can i be your friend

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