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Conversation Between Stryke and Sandstone-Shadow
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  1. Stryke
    04-27-2018 12:24 PM
    Thank you!! I tried our yesterday and I think I did pretty good, but I guess time will tell haha.
  2. Sandstone-Shadow
    04-26-2018 11:29 PM
    re: your grr post: GOOD LUCK! I hope it goes well and that either way you still get to have classes with your friends and stuff :D
  3. Sandstone-Shadow
    01-03-2018 04:03 AM
    Ahh you are welcome, merry belated holidays!
  4. Stryke
    01-03-2018 12:10 AM
    Thank you so much for the Zap Plate! It'll be perfect for my Elekid!
  5. Sandstone-Shadow
    12-27-2017 02:28 AM
    Friendly reminder for commands in your double battle!
  6. Sandstone-Shadow
    07-05-2017 06:41 PM
    A week sounds good to me, if you can! I'm not in a hurry to DQ anyone or anything, and it's probably going to take me a while to ref anyway :) Thanks!
  7. Stryke
    07-04-2017 08:11 PM
    When is the absolute latest you want my commands in? I originally thought July 9th, so a week since you gave me the message, but if that's not what you want, let me know
  8. Sandstone-Shadow
    07-03-2017 04:06 AM
    Yo! It is your turn to command in your battle with RedneckPhoenix/Cynder/Keldeo! (credit goes to Negrek for being active in ASB and inadvertently reminding me ha)
  9. Stryke
    03-21-2017 08:24 PM
    Thank you!!!
  10. Sandstone-Shadow
    03-21-2017 01:52 PM
    Happy birthday!!

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