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  1. Negrek
    07-22-2018 12:23 AM
    Aaaaa, I totally hadn't heard! Thanks for letting me know. I'll definitely grab some old posts I remember fondly.

    RIP Kutho. Haven't had more fun in an RP before or since.

    Edit: JFC, there are over twenty-seven thousand posts on that board? It used to be so lively back in the day. :(
  2. Kratos Aurion
    07-14-2018 02:26 AM
    Kratos AurionMOD
    Yo, kinda weird thing to mention out of the blue, but in case you hadn't heard (wouldn't be surprised, apparently communication has been terrible), some kind of buyout clusterfuck is happening over at ZetaBoards/Invisionfree, and if nothing else it looks like IF boards are going to disappear forever if they're not converted to some janky new forum software. IDK if there are any posts from Kutho that you remember fondly and want to save, but apparently the changes are happening this month and you may want to save those posts/threads now, if you want to hang onto anything for nostalgia or whatever.
  3. Negrek
    05-09-2018 10:20 PM
    Huh, I'd never have thought from buying from a rental company. I'll file that tip away for if I ever get over my crippling fear of driving, I guess!

    Yeah, doesn't sound bad at all! Congrats again, and I hope the job keeps treating you well.
  4. Kratos Aurion
    05-04-2018 04:18 AM
    Kratos AurionMOD
    I think... I hope? that we're done with the Car Time, at least. The offending vehicles have been replaced. If you ever decide you do want to be on the road, buy your car used from a car rental company, I guess? Apparently they're all really late-model cars for not a lot of money, which was nice.

    I don't really do a lot of coding of my own, no, aside from untangling people's themes to figure out what to display: none. I don't remember enough PHP to be doing any WordPress plugin development, heh. It's mostly a mix of question-answering and plugin-unfucking. Not bad overall, though!
  5. Negrek
    04-27-2018 06:55 AM
    Yeah, same, I'm willing to do crowds if there's something I'm actually interested in going on (cfe squeezing down the street during Dragocon...). It was definitely worth it in this case!

    Durian was pretty weird for me. I did try actual durians in Thailand, and they really... weren't that big a deal? From everything I'd been hearing it seemed like people either find them to be MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER or SIN AGAINST GOD, FRUIT MOST FOUL, but when I ate them, they were... okay? I didn't think they were disgusting, but not my favorite flavor, either. I wouldn't go out of my way to get one again, definitely not worth the expense imo. They do smell pretty strongly, and not pleasantly, but it also wasn't bad enough that I felt like it was going to be sick or anything, and it wasn't anywhere near as lingering as I'd expected.

    Part of it might be that there are a lot of different varieties of durian with different characteristics, and the Thai varieties are supposed to be more mild, I think. So perhaps I wasn't getting the full durian experience. All in all it was kind of an underwhelming experience. Those specific durian desserts tasted pretty authentic, although they didn't smell too much. They weren't bad, but I was disappointed they weren't actually mango.

    That's awesome! Really nice to be able to work from home, too. I'm just really crossing my fingers for a position in a place where I can take public transit; seriously nobody wants me on the roads, least of all me. =/ I hope your family's car situation improves, though. As tech support, are you strictly answering questions for people, or do you also do any coding or, like, general unfucking of plugin stuff if people screw it up somehow? Like, if someone e-mails you like "help I can no install" do you walk them through how to install, or can you log in and do it for them?

    Anyway, I hope that it all goes well for you. It's great that you're working with nice people; that definitely makes a huge difference.
  6. Kratos Aurion
    04-25-2018 03:27 PM
    Kratos AurionMOD
    Oh, wow, that sounds so cool! I'd really love to go visit someplace during a huge celebration, like China during New Year's or Rio during Carnivale or something. Being surrounded by all those cool traditions and events and festivities would make having to deal with the crowds worth it, I think, haha. Glad to hear you had such a good time! (Did the durian snacks actually taste good? More importantly, how did they smell? :P)

    Yeah, I did finally manage to land an actual job—just part-time for right now, but on the plus side it's remote so I can work from home. All the jobs I had to ignore because I don't have a car, smh. (Not that I could've really done much even if I wasn't terrified of driving, haha... too many other people who need them at conflicting times of day, and also we have had... A Time... with cars lately.) But yeah, it's technical support for this premium WordPress plugin for selling online courses, which is not a product I knew anything about or expected to be working with but hey, I'm getting paid and the bosses/coworkers have been super nice so far, so I'm content.
  7. Negrek
    04-19-2018 07:00 AM
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I was in Hong Kong at the time; visited Japan a couple weeks later.

    I did get to do something cool! I wanted to be in Hong Kong for my birthday, because Chinese New Year fell two days before it, and the celebrations go on for several weeks. So I got a parade as a pre-birthday thing (and stood around for three hours to make sure I had a good spot on the route, haha) and then on my actual birthday I went to a well-wishing festival, the centerpiece of which is writing a wish on a piece of paper tied to an orange and throwing it into a tree. If your wish catches on a branch, it'll come true!

    These days they use plastic oranges instead of real ones, and you're not allowed to throw them at the actual wishing tree, because so many people attend these days that the tree would get damaged. They set up a fake tree for people to use:

    It turns out it's prett hard to throw a hollow plastic orange up into a tree, but I did eventually get mine to stick! Aside from the tree there was a market, lots of stalls with new year's decorations, good luck charms, that kind of thing, and best of all traditional new year's food! Most of it considered to be lucky one way or another. I got to try souffle pancakes for the first time (admittedly not a traditional food) which are basically the best thing ever and I'm sad now that you can't get them around here. I also bought some yellow rice treats thinking they were mango flavored, and they turned out to be durian flavored instead, which was a surprise! Aside from food and gifts there was a shrine where people could pay their respects and wish for good luck, lion dancers going through the crowds periodically, and performances from some of the groups that had participated in the parade. Some of the parade floats were parked there, too. I spent the whole day there and had a fantastic time!

    What's up with you? I saw in the mafia thread that you got a new job. Congrats! How's that going?
  8. Kratos Aurion
    02-19-2018 06:43 AM
    Kratos AurionMOD
    Hey so guess who totally knows what day your birthday is but somehow managed to not realize that yesterday was actually that day? Happy slightly belated birthday, anyway! Where did you spend it (are you in Japan yet?), and did you treat yourself to anything cool?
  9. Negrek
    02-07-2018 02:30 PM
    Great! Amazon pulled a bit of a fake-out on me, since originally it said the mat would come with the figures and the markers would be by themselves, and I just tried to picture you getting the markers, only the markers, first and going "wtf is this." Glad you got some nice minis and they were decent quality, since that does seem to be a problem with prepainted miniatures. Was kind of tempted to throw in one of those giant lots of horrible knock-off pokémon figurines that could also serve as enemies in a campaign, but if you didn't want to do that then you'd just have this giant box of horrible ugly pokémon knock-offs and nothing to do with them. :P
  10. Kratos Aurion
    02-03-2018 03:23 AM
    Kratos AurionMOD
    Hey so the other part of the package came yesterday, and thanks! The mini box was especially cool—the big one was a big fancy otyugh I might actually have a use for, and I got a dude with nice shiny armor, a winged sorcerer and a genuinely slightly upsetting lemure. The paint job on these is really quite nice! Certainly better than the last pre-painted single I bought, haha. Thank you so much!

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