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Conversation Between Darksong and DarkAura
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  1. DarkAura
    06-09-2011 01:48 AM
    in kekkaishi, well, i'vve been watching it on saturday nights (anime night =P) on adult swim. i've watched the last 10 episodes (then it repeats) and i've watched the first 10 episodes.
  2. Darksong
    06-09-2011 01:41 AM
    Yes, I was reading the Nuzlocke Challenge thread.

    How far are you into the series? I didn't start at the beginning -- I started at book 8/episode 25 -- but I've gotten through all the books and episodes since then.
  3. DarkAura
    06-09-2011 12:44 AM
    Tokine. she may always treat yoshimori like a baby, but she is a very experienced.

    wait, did you see that Tokine on the nuzlocke challenge. i named my pokemon white character tokine and my male tepig yoshimori. Cress killed em. >=V
  4. Darksong
    06-09-2011 12:31 AM
    You watch Kekkaishi, too? Cool! I thought that your signing up for Another as a character named Tokine was just a coincidence.
    Who's your favorite character? I can't choose between Tokine, Atora and Shu (though the latter appears in a later section of the series).

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