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Conversation Between Chief Zackrai and Ulqi-chan
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  1. Chief Zackrai
    05-02-2012 02:14 AM
    Chief Zackrai
    thats what i thought...

    but masque is pretty awesome! too bad it died a little...
  2. Ulqi-chan
    05-02-2012 02:00 AM
    Yeah, I'm... not entirely sure what that is. :/ But Yoshi and I think that this guy must've really liked Masque! :3
    ... Or not, but hey, let's assume the best.
  3. Chief Zackrai
    05-02-2012 01:51 AM
    Chief Zackrai
  4. Chief Zackrai
    03-05-2012 07:25 PM
    Chief Zackrai
  5. Ulqi-chan
    03-05-2012 06:42 AM
    Sure! :D Whatever helps make it the best.
  6. Chief Zackrai
    03-05-2012 02:39 AM
    Chief Zackrai
    is it alright if when we fight him we control him for the post?
  7. Ulqi-chan
    12-26-2011 03:14 AM
    If Connor can't, then God help us all.
  8. Chief Zackrai
    12-26-2011 02:44 AM
    Chief Zackrai
    Muwahaha suicide induced suicde.

    Sorry if Connor can't help Celest, though.
  9. Ulqi-chan
    12-26-2011 02:43 AM
    Yay! On an unrelated note, I'm resorting on Yoshi to make her not kill herself, so. Lol, this'll be veeeery interesting.
  10. Chief Zackrai
    12-26-2011 02:37 AM
    Chief Zackrai
    Oooh, drama *munches popcorn*

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