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Conversation Between Erindor the Espeon and Teh Ebil Snorlax
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  1. Teh Ebil Snorlax
    10-13-2011 06:50 PM
    Teh Ebil Snorlax
    Ha, the feeling is mutual.
  2. Erindor the Espeon
    10-09-2011 07:07 AM
    Erindor the Espeon
    Wow it has been a while. Good to see you're still alive though.
  3. Teh Ebil Snorlax
    06-16-2009 07:40 PM
    Teh Ebil Snorlax
    Don't give it a second thought, I'm just glad to be back.
  4. Erindor the Espeon
    06-15-2009 11:06 PM
    Erindor the Espeon
    Oh actually, about that... ^^;
    Well, my sig was a bit big, and it was still a little unsure about whether you were going to stay or not...

    But seriously, I love it! I'll put it in my signature. Thanks a ton!
  5. Teh Ebil Snorlax
    06-14-2009 07:21 AM
    Teh Ebil Snorlax
    I made a new psychics banner;

    I know FMC put a lot more work into the banner that's currently in your sig than I did with that one, so it's totally cool if you just want to keep using FMC's one.
  6. Teh Ebil Snorlax
    05-08-2009 05:47 PM
    Teh Ebil Snorlax
    If I'm brought up to speed very well, I might be able.
  7. Erindor the Espeon
    05-08-2009 12:26 AM
    Erindor the Espeon
    You sure you want to quit the RSP? We still could catch you up, you're going to miss the best parts! D:
  8. Erindor the Espeon
    11-22-2008 04:54 AM
    Erindor the Espeon
    Sorry that this is kinda old:

    But I was thinking... a better word for disexistence (though that sounds amazing) could perhaps be Illusion?

    After all, that is widely acclaimed as a part of psychicness.
  9. Teh Ebil Snorlax
    09-14-2008 12:35 PM
    Teh Ebil Snorlax
    Why don't we call it shrouding? Erindor can use his powers to refract light so as to make himself invisible, Vendetta mentioned doing to the ferry, but Erindor can be the expert in mental...what's a good word? Mental disexistence? I know it's not a word but by making sure no waves/rays/beams/mental signals can come near something, he essentially removes it from noticable existence. Then the schools of psychic powers can be called assault (Vendetta), defense (Twilight), disexistence (Erindor) and empathy (Atnura; in case you haven't seen, Atnura is able to read Lila's emotions, which I had actually planned for the whole psychic theme...maybe Arylett is psychic!).
  10. Teh Ebil Snorlax
    09-09-2008 11:43 PM
    Teh Ebil Snorlax
    Hey, I was wondering, it was mentioned before in the RP that Vendetta specialises in using emotions as weapons and that Twilight is the expert on mental defenses. If so, what is Erindor's speciality?

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