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Conversation Between Erindor the Espeon and Lili
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  1. Erindor the Espeon
    04-17-2010 07:17 PM
    Erindor the Espeon
    Sorry it took me a while to respond...

    Yeah, we just go on hikes and stuff like that. Nothing super special. It's cool seeing some of the wildlife though, like those caterpillars that all live in that communal web thing...if you break it open, they spazz out. That's pretty funny stuff right there.
  2. Lili
    04-14-2010 09:21 PM
    I actually haven't been camping in a while. The last time was when I went to Utah last year. But I did go on many camping trips with my father when I was younger and I did enjoy them(somewhat).
  3. Erindor the Espeon
    04-14-2010 08:53 PM
    Erindor the Espeon
    The natural beauty of least there's still some left. Do you go camping? My family goes at least once a summer, and that's pretty fun.
  4. Lili
    04-13-2010 11:16 PM
    I've been to both Yellowstone and Bryce(for which my darling cousin was named after). I remember hiking though the canyon and spilling two bags of sunflower seeds within three hourse. Good memories~
    And Yellowstone was yeeears ago, I think the first time I met my Utah cousins, uncle, and aunt. Those are pretty places, too.
  5. Erindor the Espeon
    04-13-2010 10:57 PM
    Erindor the Espeon
    That's too bad. I love National Parks. As hyped up as it is, Yellowstone really is beautiful. And Bryce canyon too. You ever been there?
  6. Lili
    04-13-2010 09:49 PM
    Ah, I knew it was something that had a 'P'...
    I hope we go again sometime soon, but my paternal side of the family is very, uh, 'testy' with each other. So it might not be for a while.
  7. Erindor the Espeon
    04-11-2010 11:30 PM
    Erindor the Espeon
    Ah yes, I got back and here's the report! It was really beautiful, like you said. Weeping Rock and The Court of the Patriarchs (there are three though). I loved it. I'll probably go back again.
  8. Erindor the Espeon
    04-08-2010 12:56 AM
    Erindor the Espeon
    Yeah, Utah's pretty sweet when it comes to National Parks. I've been to most of the other ones before, I've just missed out on Zion, which is why we're going now. I'll have to get back to you about the rock names. :D
  9. Lili
    04-07-2010 11:56 PM
    I've been to Zion before. Beautiful place, especially Weeping Rock(or is it Crying Rock? or something like that..). And the Three Prophets/Disciples. I very faintly remember the names of the formations, but I remember them being very pretty.
    And I remember roasting hot dogs near one of the cliff tunnels, right over a cliff itself in the middle of the night. It was magical, I tell you. You'll never see a sky brighter with stars here in good old polluted/crazily-populated Sacramento.
  10. Erindor the Espeon
    04-07-2010 05:26 AM
    Erindor the Espeon
    Nevada/Zion National Park. I'm actually in Mesquite right now. Seems like a different world down here. They have these perfectly manicured golf courses that are greener than any grass in Utah, but then Red dirt and rock dry as hell three feet away...It's pretty crazy.

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