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Conversation Between QueenBee and Loco Mocho
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  1. Loco Mocho
    08-06-2009 06:01 PM
    Loco Mocho
    You gota point there
    whats you favroite flying pokemon
  2. QueenBee
    08-06-2009 05:31 PM
    Yeah scythers okay. It looks a bit too fierce for my liking. I'd much rather my gorgeous Heracross. Plus Scizors icky, he doesn't even look like a bug type (or anything like scyther for that matter)
  3. Loco Mocho
    08-06-2009 05:01 PM
    Loco Mocho
    But no scyther ;-;
  4. QueenBee
    08-06-2009 05:00 PM
    Bugs all the way for me.
    Vespi, combee, Beedrill, Butters, Ledian and Heracross are simply the best pokemon ever.
  5. Loco Mocho
    08-06-2009 04:52 PM
    Loco Mocho
    i like most flying types
  6. QueenBee
    08-06-2009 08:38 AM
    I just like them for the pokemon themselves. I got my new platinum and I ditched my Chimchar to go train a Combee :D
  7. Loco Mocho
    08-06-2009 02:19 AM
    Loco Mocho
    Ya know where a great example of the slogan lol
  8. Loco Mocho
    08-05-2009 11:13 PM
    Loco Mocho
    intresting arent they
    i like combee's ability the most!
  9. QueenBee
    08-05-2009 07:44 PM
    Cool. Vespiquens AMAZING. Then again I like all the bee pokemon, Beedrill and Combee too. Actually ALL bug pokemon are cool. Except for wurmple. :P
  10. Loco Mocho
    08-05-2009 06:59 PM
    Loco Mocho
    Queen bee? I love vespiquen im have 3 one @ 38 one @ 26 and one @ 62

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