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Conversation Between Chief Zackrai and 1. Luftballon
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  1. Chief Zackrai
    03-26-2012 12:54 AM
    Chief Zackrai
    No, half lost interest and half just got lost :/

    Sorry about that
  2. 1. Luftballon
    03-25-2012 11:57 PM
    1. Luftballon
    ask a stupid question, ...

    hm you don't really participate in bfa anymore, do you?
  3. Chief Zackrai
    03-25-2012 11:34 PM
    Chief Zackrai
    I thought you might say that...
  4. 1. Luftballon
    03-25-2012 11:21 PM
    1. Luftballon
    for a while now.
  5. Chief Zackrai
    03-25-2012 10:03 PM
    Chief Zackrai
    Zomg you have an avatar

    Since when was this allowed?

    /probably late to the party
  6. Chief Zackrai
    02-01-2012 01:39 AM
    Chief Zackrai
    well then.

    I'm over it.
  7. 1. Luftballon
    01-31-2012 07:54 PM
    1. Luftballon
    endure degrades with use, just like protect and detect. They run on the same counter, too. you have half of faint on action two, three quarters on three. chance of surviving is an eighth.
  8. Chief Zackrai
    01-31-2012 01:25 AM
    Chief Zackrai
    how not?

    I figured it gave me three turns of safety?
  9. 1. Luftballon
    01-30-2012 10:23 PM
    1. Luftballon
    endureX3 is ... what. that accomplishes nothing.
  10. Chief Zackrai
    12-14-2011 02:35 AM
    Chief Zackrai
    yes, i did as soon as i saw Negrek's DQ post.

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