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Conversation Between Cryssie and Espeon
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  1. Espeon
    02-19-2009 12:13 AM
    Cryssie! :<
    How are you?
    How's life?
  2. Espeon
    12-14-2008 10:42 PM
    Ahhh! You replied! 8DDDDD
    I was beginning to think you'd forgotten me, stranger. :P
    Ahhh! xD

    It's been too long since we last had a good and proper convorsation. I'm going to Nottingham mid-week and coming back late on friday. I hope we can talk properly again soon. Whenever you have the time, give me a poke and I'll give you some links to compositions of mine. 8D
  3. Cryssie
    12-14-2008 10:28 PM
    AHHHH, sorry for not replying. I meant to, I just completely forgot.

    Life's been interesting recently. And by "interesting" I mean hectic, filled with work and awesome things in equal amounts, tiring, funny, embarrassing, heartening, depressing, and just plain old vanilla interesting, too.

    And I shall be happy to hear your new compositions when life allows it (this is very likely to be before Christmas!). :D
  4. Espeon
    12-13-2008 11:28 PM
    Hiya, bunch of things to show you.

    ...Ookay, well only day 5 and a few half-compositions.

    How's life? :3
  5. Espeon
    12-02-2008 12:36 AM
    Cryssieeeeee? ;;

    Where did you go? :<
    It's just not the same without you around! D:!
  6. Espeon
    10-28-2008 12:46 AM
    It's fine but let's keep in closer contact from now on? Eh? xDD

    Lots has been going on! :3
  7. Cryssie
    10-28-2008 12:30 AM
    I have? Hmm. That would remove the need for me to buy a Halloween costume. One way or another.

    No, but seriously, the last few days have been horrendously busy for me for various reasons. I've barely had time to eat, I'm not getting nearly enough sleep, I have things to do before November begins and I'm in a state of perpetual exhaustion. @_@

    Feel free to drop me PMs, but I could do without the constant distraction of #tcod for a little while...
  8. Espeon
    10-28-2008 12:01 AM
    Cryssie! You've died again! :<
  9. Espeon
    10-15-2008 07:05 PM
    Cryssie! :3

    You're alive! Ack! It's so weird without you around to talk to! I haven't been able to moan to you about AS courses and all that jazz or show you music etc!
  10. Cryssie
    10-07-2008 05:41 PM
    Yeah, I'm too good at that. D: I will probably get on IRC sometime soon. "Soon" here being a relative word meaning "within a few days".

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