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Conversation Between Butterfree and Spatz
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  1. Butterfree
    05-02-2019 12:42 AM
    A chat program! We've got a group chat there. There's a thread about it here if you want to check it out.
  2. Spatz
    05-01-2019 10:02 PM
    If I can ask, what's Telegram?
  3. Butterfree
    05-01-2019 07:03 AM
    Pretty good! We mostly hang out on Telegram these days, you can check that out if you like. But there's also some mafia and ASB reviving going on.
  4. Spatz
    05-01-2019 06:40 AM
    Heya Butterfree, it's been a while since I was last here (something like 6 years ago).

    How's things been?
  5. Spatz
    02-19-2011 06:07 AM
    Birthdays are good, so you best be having a good day!

    Plus, Voltic/ Bachuru is a personal fave, too!

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