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Conversation Between Superbird and mewtini
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  1. mewtini
    05-31-2019 01:09 AM
    also only just realized i never answered your message from a year+ ago! (college is going alright! hope you're doing well dude!)
  2. mewtini
    05-31-2019 01:08 AM
    LOL. yes. i fixed it! got mixed up between that and servine. sorry!
  3. Superbird
    05-30-2019 11:23 PM
    Hey, before I command in our battle, I wanted to make sure - you commanded your Scyther to use Magical Leaf, but given Scyther can't normally learn that move, I feel like you probably meant to put down something else. Can you confirm that before I post commands?
  4. Superbird
    03-11-2018 07:21 PM
    Ah, then I think you might have made a better decision than me, heh. You finding college to your liking so far?
  5. mewtini
    03-10-2018 06:50 AM
    similar deal! ai/machine learning, probably. i applied everywhere as a neuroscience/cs major but then switched to computational neuroscience (and then again to comp bio because the consortium i'm in as a better comp bio program)
  6. Superbird
    03-10-2018 06:26 AM
    Oh, cool! I'm actually a compsci major as well, though my double major is in psychology - the intent was to do AI-type stuff, but then I learned Psychology isn't really the best combination for that. Can I ask out of curiosity what you plan to do with your combination?
  7. mewtini
    03-09-2018 08:00 AM
    comp sci, probably double majoring with computational bio

  8. Superbird
    03-09-2018 05:12 AM
    Ah, cool. What're you majoring in, if I can ask?

    yeah, hang in there! You can do it!
  9. mewtini
    03-08-2018 07:24 AM
    oh i'm a college freshman now

    oh nice! my break runs through next week ... so ... close ...

    ugh, i just don't think about that tbh
  10. Superbird
    03-08-2018 02:56 AM
    Ahaha, yeah, midterms. I forget, where are you in the school system again? I know high schools tend to do every test in the same week or so, while my college doesn't do that except for finals.

    As for me, I'm surviving, at least. It's spring break, which is of course nice, and so I've been trying to relax this week. Still have yet to file taxes, though, and have some lingering homework I haven't done yet, so there's that. Also, quickly facing down the not-so-distant future of actually having to be an adult, which is scary.

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