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  1. Sandstone-Shadow
    12-27-2017 03:51 AM
    ASB idea! Some people have a lot of pokemon that they maybe don't want. What if there was an event where people could release their pokemon into like a safari zone type of thing, and then other people can re-catch that pokemon with an extra experience point, since they've been released into the wild and had to fend for themselves kind of thing? Not sure what the mechanics would be of transferring pokemon/fair entrance fees to catch a pokemon/etc, but I mentioned it to Eifie and she suggested I mention it to you :D Something to incentivize taking an unused pokemon off of one person's hand instead of buying a new one!
  2. Sandstone-Shadow
    12-26-2017 03:29 AM
    Ahhh thank you for Venus!! :D I shall take good care of her, and woah that is a cool name for a Litwick :D Hope your holidays and travels have been great!!
  3. Sandstone-Shadow
    12-12-2017 12:35 AM
    Ahhh thanks so much for the sleepy dragon compliment :D I drew him while at my friend's place (I tend to wake up before my hosts do, so I needed something to fill the time :P)

    I definitely feel like I'm doing the thing that those self-help articles tell you not to do: I've been saying things like, "after I get a job, THEN I'll focus on my art, THEN I'll be more active in ASB, THEN I'll start working again on my story," which is super dangerous because I'm sure once I start working, I'll still have a million excuses ("after I finish moving in, after I meet people, blah blah blah"), but I feel like this is a pretty good reason haha. As much as I'm looking forward to doing all these things, I feel like I can't settle until I've got something stable, even if I know it's temporary. I do feel like I'm wasting my time a little bit, in that when I'm employed again, I'm going to wish I spent more time working on art, travel, etc... but, that's not a long-term solution for me, so I think this is probably all for the best, hopefully? :D

    So I was applying for technical writer positions for a while, and I recently waffled back to applying for engineering jobs - probably mainly because I got rejected for one writer job that was like, "we like you, but hired someone with more experience" so maybe it's a good idea to get another engineering job, and work on writing during it if I want to take that path? You're right - there's got to be good engineering jobs that have good work cultures!

    Ooh bioinformatics sounds really cool! I think it's becoming so normal, too, to switch jobs every few years - the "work at your first job for 40 years, then retire" days just definitely seem to be gone. Honestly I feel like your year of travel will be a huge selling point in your job search - not only is that crazy awesome and fun to talk about, but that takes a lot of maturity and responsibility and research and whatnot (it's also not like you're just going to all the touristy places - you're on like a Real Sample Pack of the World kind of adventure!) - and I feel like the fact that you've been able to keep up with all the ASB writing along the way really says something too!

    All of those job ideas sound like great ones, I think, especially since you can justify how they're related to your degree/your interests/your skills. I feel like it might be tricky to get a foot in the door for something different than what your degree is in/what your resume says, but from what I hear, it's just a matter of how you frame yourself! Like if your cover letter really shows why you're applying to a particular job, that seems like a huge selling point no matter what brought you to that point. World traveler and diversity of interests play very well together :D Also ooo a portfolio! That's an excellent idea - I should really start something like that.

    Haha that is quite the job description! I'll let you know if I find anything :P Honestly, I hope someday we can create our own jobs - compared to most of the working world, I have little job experience, but I also feel like I want to just do my own thing someday and be my own boss.

    That's great that you've got an eye on a company already too! I feel like "I'm willing to cut my travel short to join your team" would be a great pitch in a job application or something haha. Good luck, Negrek!! You've totally got this!!

    Also where are you now? Any new exciting stories? :D

    Also somehow I never got added to the ASB ref list :') would you be able to add me the next time you're updating that list, please? :D
  4. Negrek
    12-02-2017 11:56 AM
    We already talked art, but that sleepy dragon pic you posted recently is super cute!

    I'm glad you're enjoying the mafia game! And yes, it is pretty much a big logic puzzle, just with more MF and Kratos posting big walls of text about their proposed solutions while you're working your way through it. ;) I hope people are having fun, it's nice to see there's some pretty vigorous discussion going on.

    As far as reffing, it's really not as much as I used to run back in 2010-2012 or so, considering that a lot of those battles update rarely (month-long DQs tend to do that). Preeeetty much didn't do any ASB stuff during November, but now that NaNo's over I'm looking forward to getting those Royal battles in particular wrapped up! Anyway, don't worry about having to focus on stuff other than reffing; real life always comes first, and anything you can contribute is always appreciated!
  5. Negrek
    12-02-2017 11:56 AM
    Hope you get the chance to travel soon, then! It's annoying how much hinges on employment, eh? But the job search itself is actually a great time to reflect on things like what you want to do with your life and such... it sounds like you've been doing a fair amount of that yourself after leaving that other engineering position, anyway.

    I have to admit you *did* make your floor support job sound pretty cool, heh. But constant interruptions would be awful, no matter what the position. Fortunately it's also something you should be able to find an engineering job without--or at least, to a greatly reduced extent. Energy and environment studies are definitely solid fields to go into, really relevant nowadays, heh. One of those growth areas. So again, best of luck! It's definitely aggravating, not being able to tell what a position will be like until you've been working at it for a while, but it sounds like you at least learned the kind of stuff you DON'T handle well, so hopefully you can eliminate those sorts of jobs up-front. And again, best of luck looking for work!

    My degree's in bioinformatics, but I'm interested in kind of... a lot of things, heh. I have the problem that there's a ton I could do, and that I'd like to do, at least in theory, but while there's a ton of stuff I could easily see myself enjoying for three, five years, for twenty or thirty or my entire life? Not so much. One way or another, I imagine my life is going to be kind of an interesting pastiche of experiences rather than any kind of straight-line career path (shhh don't tell my parents, heh). Sooo I've kind of been considering a lot of cool things. I'd love to work in something to do with conservation or the environment, for example... ideally something that would also make use of my actual bioinformatics abilities, but not necessary. I would be cool with being a zookeeper, like yeah I will muck out the monkey pens for eight hours a day just to get to hang out with tigers, it's cool. But, I also like the more programmy aspects of my work, and going deeper into that and searching for a more software engineering/data analysis sort of position. But that's so broad it encompasses jobs fields from journalism to, idk, historian (and still includes bioinformatics, even), so that barely counts as narrowing things down. I had considered for a while going into something like the FDA or the EPA, but hahaHaHaHAHAHA *ugly crying*. But something kind of similar in the nonprofit sector could be cool... It would be nice to have a job that feels useful, and/or like it's making the world a better place, you know? And then there are the days when I think that doing something in like cybersecurity or cyber defense would be super cool. Or game design! *motions to all of ASB* There are some super-cool positions out there to do with things like analyzing MMO economies and whatnot, and so that could be an awesome way of kind of combining cool machine learning statistics stuff with games, which I also love. So some of these are a lot more plausible than others, but honestly if I could I would live a thousand lives just to pursue a different career path in each of them. I just ain't got the time to do all the things I would love to do.

    So we have a mixture of jobs that are some kind of computers and no biology... or some kind of biology and no computers... or a mixture of both... in either the private or the public sector... yeah. I think my ideal job is one that involves working independently, with computers, with animals, outside, challenging, where tasks vary widely day to day, tending towards short-term solution-oriented projects rather than long-term campaigns. Let me know if you happen to hear of something that fits the bill. XD

    Or, you know. World-famous novelist. I guess I could live with that one, too!

    Anyway, the goal for this month is to really start the job search in earnest by kind of narrowing things down to some actual jobs that exist for real out there, rather than hypothetical ones. Going to be doing some alumni database-diving and watching of various job boards/listservs to get an idea of some real positions that I might actually be interested in, probably looking to do some informational interviews starting in January, and starting to actually apply in March/April, one-two months before I expect to return home. There is one company I've been watching in particular where they've already posted a couple of positions I think I would totally go for and am actually at least moderately qualified for (are they even remotely related jobs? no) that I'm kind of putting together a little portfolio for, and once that's ready I'm going to apply once a similar posting goes up, as early as Jan/Feb but that's one where I'd be willing to cut my travel a little short if necessary to get in on a good opportunity. May find other places I'd be willing to do that for during my research, too!
  6. Sandstone-Shadow
    11-01-2017 09:43 PM
    Ahh this makes me really excited to travel again! Once I am employed, that will be my first plan (along with the other first plans of doing things like figuring out my life and such - I have a lot of things hinging on "when I get a job" and that's probably something I should re-evaluate at some point, haha)

    My last engineering job was mainly floor support - if someone on the production floor was having a problem assembling their product, they would call me out and we'd work together to fix the problem. It was usually making them some kind of new tool or fixture to hold pieces - I was kind of a middleman between them and the team making the tools (although it was a bit of a struggle to insert myself into that process, since before I was hired (and probably again now that I'm gone), the floor would go straight to the guys making the tools). Honestly when I describe it like that, it sounds kind of cool, but there were two main problems with it: 1) I didn't feel very useful at first - the tool machinists pretty much knew what they needed to make and my attempts at design were usually counterproductive. Once I got the hang of it, though, it was helpful for me to go figure out what the floor needed so the tool machinists could keep going with less interruptions. And 2) I got interrupted /all/ /the/ /time/. I'm realistically assuming that I'll be interrupted occasionally at any job, but I'm optimistically assuming that this role was one particularly filled with interruptions. I could never get anything done that I set out to do, which was pretty demotivating. Part of that is something I need to improve on, and part of it was out of my control, I'd say.

    As for what I want to do... I'm not sure! I'm interested in energy and the environment and I've had internships related to those before, so that might be an option. It's weird because I (for the most part) really don't know what engineering jobs are going to look like until I've been working them for a month or two or three haha.

    What was your schooling in/what kind of job are you going to be looking for when you get back? I feel like maybe we've talked about this but I can't remember.

    And ah art stuff! Yeah I haven't been posting too much art stuff on here. I used to, but then I started using deviantart, and then deviantart got to be a pain to update, so I started using Twitter/Instagram instead. I shall send you a link!

    Yeah! I just want a flexible, whimsical life where I can do whatever I want from day to day! Ha. I guess instead I should do things like force myself to gain momentum on something... meh! Sounds boring :P

    Ooh that would be quite the road trip! I've been to Alaska before and enjoyed it quite a lot - just the road trip through Alaska part sounds appealing :D Aw, do you ever go on Google Maps or something and just... zoom in to random places way far away, and imagine going there? I do that sometimes :D
  7. Negrek
    10-28-2017 11:46 AM
    Haha, "interesting and stressful," for sure! Doing "daily life" sort of stuff is definitely the best way to get a feel for a place, yeah. And often the coolest experiences on a trip happen when you're just kind of futzing around and stumble across someone or something that you weren't expecting, which is eternally frustrating when you're laying out a lot of money to schedule the things that are supposed to be the coolest experiences.

    It's always interesting to hear how people fund their travels, especially hanging around in hostels which is where you get more long-term travel types rather than people who are doing quick trips using their normal vacation days. Some people working as they go, including one guy who just started traveling but plans to do it continuously while ghostwriting as a source of income; some people who work on and off to finance their travels (one woman who's a nurse who says she'll work for a few months, then quit and travel, then look for a new position, because nurses are in such high demand that she doesn't have to worry about finding something); and one guy who previously worked as a sushi chef ("So did you have to go to school for that?" "No, I'd never actually made sushi before.") and is thinking about taking a position as a tour guide in Hawaii ("Do you... know anything about Hawaii?" "Nope!").

    Best of luck with all your job apps. And yeah, it sounds like you really ought to try something new, so I'm glad you found somebody who can help you with that transition. I'm curious, what kind of engineering work do you do? Or would you like to do, I guess.

    Good luck with your side projects too, then! It's awesome that you're trying to keep up with the creative stuff on the side. Even if you don't manage to make a ton of money off it, it's really satisfying to be able to make something and put it out there, you know? Though of course I hope you make plenty of money, too. :P You haven't posted much online, have you? I don't recall seeing much of your stuff.

    I know what you mean about freelancing. I feel like I have so many different interests that it would be nice to be able to say "I feel like programming today" or "I feel like writing today" and be able to go find something that appeals, a small project that you can finish in a few sittings and then go pick up something else when you feel like it. Unfortunately, yeah, like you say, it tends to not work out quite that neatly. :P

    That would be awesome! You're certainly welcome to join any future expeditions I do, heh. At this point I'm thinking the next one may be some sort of road trip, maybe from Alaska to Patagonia, but that might also be an overreaction to the fact that I've been frustrated at times by not being able to get places I wanted to go using public transport/tourist transport options. We'll see!
  8. Sandstone-Shadow
    10-23-2017 09:49 PM
    Yeah! It makes life instantly more interesting. And stressful. And whatnot. Pros and cons, y'know. I feel like it probably gives you a lot more appreciation for other cultures too, even if it's just something like a metro because that hardly even exists around me! It's almost like that's the /actual/ way to experience other cultures, just do day-to-day stuff. Haha oh no, but angry commuters sound a little scary!

    And that's the spirit, getting to do it again after working for a while! I'm hoping soon I have a stable enough job where I can plan things like this. I've been applying to some more and am working on applying to one right now (writing this intermittently with a revised cover letter!) and thanks for the luck wish. There was one recruiter I worked with who seemed to keep wanting me to apply to jobs that were along the same line as the one I just left, and that had me feeling down for a while - like, only a year of experience and already I was being pigeon-holed?! But since then, I've spoken to another recruiter who basically gave me a list of all the engineering things in my area and didn't mention anything like, "only apply to this one," so that's probably good??

    It's such a slow process haha. But I love the idea of it! I plan on continuing to write/draw/etc for pretty much forever, so if there's any way to generate some passive income from it, I'm all for it. Just gotta... be patient it seems haha.

    It'd be so great to get paid to do things like that haha! I think that's why the idea of freelance is so appealing - do things like that when you have time to or when you need to. Just a lot of the time, freelance jobs don't seem as engaging as reffing fictional Pokemon battles. Go figure.

    Also hey! Maybe by the time you're ready to travel again, I'll be able to go somewhere too! :D
  9. Negrek
    10-20-2017 05:02 AM
    Also, thanks for the reffing for the team battle! I noticed your little note about getting paid to do this... if only, right? If only. =/
  10. Negrek
    10-20-2017 12:45 AM
    Yeah, sometimes the best/most interesting days are the ones where you don't do any touring and are just trying to live your life in a different place. Especially with the language barrier, heh. Today I got to figure out how to buy a metro card after the machine swallowed my only five and gave me a cryptic error message. There were a lot of angry commuters in line after me this morning. -_-;

    Ooh, definitely worth it. Probably just a few years of work and I'll be able to do it all over again! :)

    Oh, cool! I'm trying to work on being able to make some money off of creative stuff, too. It is... a slow process, heh. But best of luck if you want to keep exploring it! And yeah, part of the terror of job apps is the idea that if you end up in the wrong position then you get to be miserable and potentially may not be able to easily quit/move on to something else (she says, not really having had to engage with it yet). Not to mention all that pressure about what you ~want to do in life~, like you don't want to start in on the "wrong" career and ruin your ability to maybe change to something else later. Just, yeah. Job stuff sucks. :( Best of luck getting through yours okay.

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