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Conversation Between M&F and Negrek
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  1. M&F
    10-02-2011 07:21 PM
    Did you, by any chance, forget to issue commands in your battle against Grass King? Not rushing or anything like that, of course, just asking.
  2. Negrek
    09-26-2011 04:20 AM
    Well, that's still cool. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. M&F
    09-26-2011 04:16 AM
    On TV. Live would be great, but nigh impossible; while it is in my country they're playing, it's not in my state, and besides, the tickets are so hard to get, I didn't even get to see them in my hometown. But eh, on TV, it'll still be great.
  4. Negrek
    09-26-2011 04:13 AM
    You mean you'll be seeing them live, or on TV?
  5. M&F
    09-26-2011 04:12 AM
    On the other hand, Metallica is about to play, and I'll be watching.
  6. Negrek
    09-26-2011 04:07 AM
    Ohhh, wow, you're not having much luck lately, are you? No mail means no Ghost Trick for you, either. :(
  7. M&F
    09-26-2011 04:01 AM
    I lost access to my computer. It's out of battery, the charger is busted and the mail service has gone on strike, so it'll be a while until I can have a new one.

    Though, thinking about it, I might be able to interpret the night events without checking the role list.
  8. Negrek
    09-26-2011 03:54 AM
    That sucks. Kind of reminds me of what happened here in 2008, except that Butterfree got things under control and back up pretty soon, even though everything was gone.

    Also, not trying to be impatient or anything, but what's up with Homestuck Mafia?
  9. M&F
    09-26-2011 03:42 AM
    If there were any, they're gone.

    There's been many plans for rebuilding, but I've been kinda out of touch.
  10. Negrek
    09-26-2011 03:39 AM
    Ouch. :( No backups or anything?

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