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  1. BOOM! Headshot
    06-07-2014 10:21 PM
    BOOM! Headshot
    When Tingle first showed up in Majora's Mask, he had a few lines which seriously bugged most of the Zelda fandom outside of Japan. To be honest, Japan is about the only place where he's liked and taken in the context he was meant to be taken. Everywhere else, he seems to be a bit...

    Hmm. 'Unpopular' is the correct word for this, but it understates the venom which accompanied his debut. It's unfortunate, but there you are. I tend to refer to Tingle in the same vein as a Tolkien fan might refer to Sauron, simply because I find the reaction of most hard-core zelda fans hilarious.

    Okay. Zelda has a -bit- of humour, but it doesn't centre around the main characters for very long, if at all. You certainly don't get Issun referring to the priestess and her wonderful bouncing friends in the middle of an otherwise serious plotline. At no point do any of the minor mooks you fight turn around and smack their own behinds at you, as if inviting you to take a shot, for example.

    Ah, Lorule. I will assume that Hilda of Lorule has already given you her introduction to this shadow of Hyrule. You should know that if you want to get to most places in Lorule, you'll have to find a crack in reality to take you back to Hyrule and travel to the corresponding place in Hyrule before finding another crack to take you back to Lorule.
    The broom can travel through dimensions and take you to any place in Lorule, so long as you've found a weather vane, so don't be afraid to use the bell.

    Have you found Mother Mai(however you spell her name), the weird octopus-whelk thing? If you have, and you find her scattered children, she'll power up your weapons for you. Some tips for this:
    Children stuck to the walls need to be pushed, rather than pulled. You need some way of slipping between them and the wall.
    Children on the rooves in Kakariko need to be reached with a cucco from a high place.
    Children on top of a pillar need to be knocked off somehow. Perhaps there's a way to run at something and jolt it at high speed?
    Invisible children might be using the terrain to hide. Perhaps they're stuck, like some kind of shell-wearing cat?

    Lastly, if you want the Sand Rod, it's hidden somewhere in Lorule's version of Kakariko Village. You'll need to listen to a song to gain access to the place you need to be. You should power it up by doing someone a favour before you tackle the desert. If you don't, your sand pillars will crumble before you finish doing what you need to do.

    I think that's all the hints you need for now...

    Oh! Hang on. There's a man in Kakariko Village who likes bees. He'll give you 50 Rupees every time you catch one and give it to him, or 300 Rupees for a Golden Bee. Don't go buying stuff from Lorule; the shops there will try and rip you off.

    And -that's- all the hints I think you need for now. There's a few things you can pick up from hidden chests in dungeons which can let you power up the Master Sword, so leave no chest unturned. But that's more relevent when you get on a bit further.
  2. qva
    06-03-2014 12:45 PM
    What's wrong with Tingle?

    Zelda does have humour! It's just rather... different from most forms of humour, as is the case with most Nintendo games. They have a rather silly sense of humour, but The Legend of Zelda is certainly not an entirely serious franchise!

    I am wandering around (SPOILER) the reverse Hyrule place, trying to figure out what to do. I take it that you need certain items to get places, but I don't have them all yet, nor do I have the funds to rent them all, so I'm just running around on a Rupee fest at the moment. I think I've acquired one painting so far. I'm not very deep in.
  3. BOOM! Headshot
    05-31-2014 12:49 AM
    BOOM! Headshot
    Of course I have! I've played almost every game in the Zelda franchise, starting with Ocarina of Time. To be honest, I like Majora's Mask because any game which unleashes Tingle on the world has to be slightly evil, which adds to the overall disturbing-ness.

    Additionally, I don't pay attention to Zelda continuity: I take each one as a separate story except for Majora's mask, which was a blatant follow-on from OoT. Even on that basis, Okami is still better than Zelda, though. The reason is that Okami takes all of the things that drew me to Zelda in the first place, and then adds a brushwork of humour to it, which Zelda has never had.

    Okay. Back to ALBW.

    I'm not going to spoil the plot for you, so it's essential that I ask you where you are in it if we're going to talk about it.
  4. qva
    05-31-2014 12:33 AM
    Howdy. I've been meaning to message you; you're certainly an interesting character, all right.

    I haven't played Majora's Mask! I have only played a few Zeldas, actually, if only because of my utter lack of necessary consoles; I really liked the concept of Majora, though (I have read up, even if I haven't played them all), hence my username. I have played ALBW! I am not very far, because I am juggling a lot of games at the moment, but so far it is very fun! Have you played it?

    Okami might be better than Zelda, since Zelda's stories are formed on an individual basis, and a continual plot isn't even possible. The suggested timeline barely makes sense; the developers have even admitted to not really giving a crap about fluid franchise-wide story!

    Have you played A Link Between Worlds?
  5. BOOM! Headshot
    05-31-2014 12:10 AM
    BOOM! Headshot
    So, a few years ago, I was playing the original PS2 version of Okami, and I ended up thinking to myself "This is better than Zelda". Of course, I immediatey felt guilty about even thinking such blasphemy, but there you go.
    It... kind-of bumped Majora's Mask into joint-number-one, because I've always liked the slight disturbing-ness of that particular Zelda game.

    Anyway, enough about me. What do you think of A Link Between Worlds? Have you gotten around to playing it yet?

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