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Conversation Between Kratos Aurion and Butterfree
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  1. Butterfree
    02-20-2018 12:13 AM
    Thank you! :D
  2. Kratos Aurion
    02-19-2018 06:42 AM
    Kratos AurionMOD
    Happy belated birthday!
  3. Kratos Aurion
    02-18-2017 04:40 PM
    Kratos AurionMOD
    Happy birthday!
  4. Butterfree
    02-19-2016 07:56 PM
    Thank you! :D I had a pretty good birthday; I ended up not having time for a lot of the stuff I wanted to do, but it was fine because the stuff I was busy doing instead was pretty great.

    My version of the conversion fanfic idea was actually basically that. Like, Jack's mom e-mailed him the link to the fanfic, and Mia was there and immediately helpfully informed him that the website the fic was on was the same one that the classmates sitting in front of her were always on on their laptops in class, reading about bands. (The ones they read tend to be about sex, but this one's labeled K+, and those usually aren't.)

    Actually, since the bit I got stuck on was writing the actual fanfic part, I could just nab Intro to Science 101 and then recycle the framing as an AU. :P
  5. Kratos Aurion
    02-19-2016 06:39 PM
    Kratos AurionMOD
    Grah I meant to say so yesterday but completely forgot, so: Happy birthday! I hope it was a good one at home in addition to all the adorable presents you got online, haha.

    (P.S. write "Dave and Mia Discuss Fanfiction" (or RPF, or even specifically "Intro to Science 101"...) you know you want to, we have to go deeper)
  6. Kratos Aurion
    03-09-2013 05:17 AM
    Kratos AurionMOD

    That should cover it, hopefully. Man, it's been so long since I looked at these things, I have no idea why the PSDs are a different size...
  7. Kratos Aurion
    03-09-2013 04:29 AM
    Kratos AurionMOD
    Hm, you're right, it is. That's what size I have the PSDs at for some reason though...? Eh, not sure why that happened, but I'll shrink it and make a "new" one to be safe, then.
  8. Butterfree
    03-09-2013 03:35 AM
    ...isn't that like twice as big as the normal icons?

    I think there may be a "new" version, but I don't think there are any others. Too tired to check right now, though.
  9. Kratos Aurion
    03-09-2013 02:57 AM
    Kratos AurionMOD
    Hm, nope. Looks like I missed it. Threw one together, then:

    Is that the only one, or are there different states for it depending on whether it was new or a hot topic or whatever?
  10. Butterfree
    03-09-2013 01:27 AM
    Do you have "thread moved" icons for Bachuru style anywhere, by any chance? They don't seem to be in the batch you sent me way back when.

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