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Conversation Between 1. Luftballon and Gevaisa
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  1. 1. Luftballon
    02-13-2015 06:20 AM
    1. Luftballon
    well. that would still be a silly thing to do.
  2. Gevaisa
    02-13-2015 06:14 AM
    You wouldn't be complaining about me being bad at expressing myself, though, you'd be complaining about what I said, which wouldn't be what I meant, and that would be where me being bad at expressing myself would come in. Which means... Something. I was probably going somewhere with that.
    I didn't really interpret your message as conveying annoyance. It was three words long. I just reread my message, and it seemed really annoying. (It's good to hear you aren't annoyed, though.)
  3. 1. Luftballon
    02-13-2015 04:24 AM
    1. Luftballon
    ... oh wait. if you interpreted that as annoyance on my part, sorry, I'm not actually.

    and anyway it would be about as hypocritical as I could get to start complaining about other people being bad at expressing themselves.
  4. 1. Luftballon
    02-13-2015 04:21 AM
    1. Luftballon
    I'm not in rush. I am evaluating.
  5. Gevaisa
    02-13-2015 04:14 AM
    >.> I wrote that last message really badly. I figured you might have thought that Zekrom had just posted his first set of commands and I had yet to ref, since the last three posts all went down so fast. It's the sort of thing I would assume. I didn't mean to rush you.
  6. 1. Luftballon
    02-13-2015 01:17 AM
    1. Luftballon
    I am aware.
  7. Gevaisa
    02-13-2015 01:05 AM
    I'm not entirely certain that the interactions of materials made by Pokemon or that Pokemon are made of are under any obligation to make sense or even be internally consistent. It's one of those things I try to avoid thinking about.

    Anyhow, it's your turn to command in the battle with Zekrom_B0lt. So... Poke.
  8. 1. Luftballon
    02-13-2015 01:00 AM
    1. Luftballon
    no I'm just being really amused by the fact that since steel is immune to poison

    evidently none of them metal-acid reactions

    this has implications for their materials y/y
  9. Gevaisa
    02-13-2015 12:56 AM
    I'm confused suddenly
  10. 1. Luftballon
    02-13-2015 12:52 AM
    1. Luftballon
    also given that acid spray does not dissolve metagross

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