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Conversation Between Jirachu and Hikanearylup
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  1. Jirachu
    02-18-2019 04:08 PM
    I like this forum. But I don't wanna talk via pm right now, lets just post around the boards :P
  2. Hikanearylup
    02-18-2019 11:23 AM
    I plan on posting on here some more.
  3. Jirachu
    02-18-2019 08:43 AM
    Hi :)

    I saw you and melanie posted here yesterday. I know I was gonna take a break from forums, due to what kimi told me on discord the other day, but i couldn't help logging in to respond back xD you two posting here is truly magical. ^_^ this whole site is very nostalgic of my early pokemon days, anyways (which actually i was thinking about a short whole ago lol)
  4. Hikanearylup
    02-17-2019 09:13 AM
  5. Jirachu
    10-08-2018 09:15 PM
    Remember, I can't stand drama. I just want to peacefully enjoy this forum. it doesn't have crazy amour shippers on it, and some people who go here are even old time friends of mine (like butterfree herself).
  6. Hikanearylup
    10-07-2018 06:46 AM
    Yeah, I enjoy posting on here as well.

    Yeah, a lot of Amourshippers are really toxic and annoying.
  7. Jirachu
    10-06-2018 11:34 PM
    Hey there :3

    This forum is fun to post on, its not super active, also no crazy amour shippers seem to go on here.
  8. Hikanearylup
    10-06-2018 09:02 PM
    Hi Jirachu

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