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Conversation Between qva and Cynder
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  1. Cynder
    03-02-2018 09:55 PM
    Happy Birthday!
  2. qva
    05-24-2016 11:40 AM
    aight thanks
  3. Cynder
    05-23-2016 09:46 PM
    I've posted some info in the Sign-up thread. Just thought you would be interested.
  4. qva
    05-23-2016 05:47 PM
    that's technically right!! as far as Rosseaux goes, though, it was more like... the legendary quartet of palkia, dialga, giratina, and (primarily) arceus. the hall of origin and all that good stuff. that's why he's on mt. coronet.
  5. Cynder
    05-22-2016 08:15 PM
    Rosseaux's in. Could you describe the Sinnohi faith? Are they the ones who built the legendary golems and Snowpoint Temple, or am I getting the religions confused?

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