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  1. Chief Zackrai
    07-05-2011 03:16 AM
    Chief Zackrai
    Good. I thought the thing I suggested with Sigyliph would work decently.

    And with Gorebyss, I'll just start with Amnesia, to boost its Sp. Defense first. And I'll teach it Surf. Or maybe Aqua Ring. And give it the Leftovers. I'LL MAKE IT WORK GEEZ.

    Oh! and by my calculations, Persion's Swift attack will have 240 power with Technician, STAB, and Life Orb. And it will never miss. I'm laughing just thinking about it.
  2. Chief Zackrai
    07-04-2011 12:20 PM
    Chief Zackrai
    If you plan on running Analytic, why not just run Choice Specs instead? This way you can trick your item away to a physical pokemon and give it an item that won't even help, much like the extra speed would.

    I like your Sigyliph idea, and if you really only plan to defend with him its perfect. But something I would like you to think about is running it instead with Life Orb and Charge Beam. Even with Charge Beam's mediocre power, it does have like a 50% chance to increase your Sp. Attack, which will not only boost your power by itself, but it will increase the modifier on your Stored Power even further than you plan to, along with a 30% increase, free of charge. While your plan just might be better, think about it.

    I wrote that BEFORE I realized you had a Skarmory already, so you can ignore it.

    Yeah, that sounds good. I find that Ground-types on the switch works pretty well at fending it off (at least for a bit) for specs/scarf Jolteons. But, you're getting rid of your ground type, so.

    Even though Ground will do 4x damage on Heatran, I think you'll still find that Choice Scarf is the most common set for it, because it outruns unboosted Infernape without even trying, so.

    Oh, well I was thinking of modifying the Smogon special set, but yeah. Set it up with a chain of baton pass boosts, and then send this guy out

    <Technician> @Life Orb
    252 Satk 128 HP 128 Spe
    -Water Pulse
    -Icy Wind
    -Rest/other filler

    See, I plan to do Gorybyss Iron Defense x3 and Amnesia x3 then Baton Pass to Girafarig/other Agility x3 to Togetic/Togekiss/other Nasty Plot x3-6 then Baton Pass to Persian, where I continue to rip through everything like it's wet paper towel. Good or what?
  3. Mendatt
    07-04-2011 03:10 AM
    ... Why?
  4. Chief Zackrai
    07-04-2011 03:01 AM
    Chief Zackrai
    Oh wait you have a skarmory already

  5. Chief Zackrai
    07-04-2011 02:46 AM
    Chief Zackrai
    Smogon has fifth gen? since when?

    What all were you thinking of running on Sigyliph? And the last slot on Starmie? Personally, I find Trick works nice on Starmie if its holding the Choice Scarf/Specs, because you can reap the benefits if you don't need to Trick your item away, while at the same time you can cripple a Spikes/Stealth Rock user for a short period. And for Sigyliph, definitely go with Magic Guard @Life Orb because while Sigyliph doesn't really need the 30% increase, it's almost stupid not to accept it if you can get it for free, like he can.

    And actually now that I think if it you might want to throw Hidden Power (fire) on either Sigyliph or Starmie because you'll want it to deal with Scizor/other things like it. I actually find that the only realistic way to deal with Scizor is to get yourself a Magnezone with Magnet Pull and Hidden Power (fire), because it gets it out of the way so you don't have to think about it.

    I actually forget if you lead with Aero or Swellow. But, if you think you could deal with it, I could almost suggest you ditch Aero for Skarmory and lead with it. They can do the same exact things, but it eliminates your weakness to Water completely, and also lessens your weakness to Ice, which is nice considering Swellow's pathetic Sp. Defense.

    What are your plans for dealing with Heatran? Thinking about it now, Aero might still be smarter than Skarmory because not only does he resist fire, he gets earthquake for the swift kill. If you do it right, you might be able to pull a Aero that is faster than most scarfed Heatrans out there.

    And don't forget about Blissey. Do any of your pokemon get fighting moves? I feel like not only will Blissey's popularity not wane, but Chansey's popularity will skyrocket due to eviolite.

    So some things to consider. But before I go, I have recently been drawn to the pokemon Persian, and was thinking about making a normal mono for it. Thoughts on that?
  6. Chief Zackrai
    07-03-2011 01:55 PM
    Chief Zackrai
    Okay, that makes sense.

    And to figure it out one simply adds or subtracts from the GMT depending on what time it is where they are? Like if it were 8:00 AM here, but 12:00 GMT, it would be GMT-4, yes?
  7. Chief Zackrai
    07-03-2011 01:36 PM
    Chief Zackrai
    how does one derive their Time zone code thingy? (like yours is GMT-5) and I want to say mine is GMT-4 but I'm not sure. And why do I feel like we've discussed this before?
  8. 1. Luftballon
    07-02-2011 07:48 PM
    1. Luftballon
    then they're seriously underestimating the damage confusion does!
  9. 1. Luftballon
    07-02-2011 07:39 PM
    1. Luftballon
    still shouldn't have done a mere 2%!
  10. 1. Luftballon
    07-02-2011 07:39 PM
    1. Luftballon
    you're right, it is 40.

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    Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
    [20:47:57] +Superbird: quick someone what's the integral of tan(x)
    [20:48:07] +Tomsta17: 857
    [20:48:08] @dingram: -lncosx
    [20:48:12] +Superbird: wrong
    [20:48:16] +Superbird: -lncosx + c
    Superbird was muted by dingram for 7 minutes.
    [20:48:20] +Tomsta17: ya
    [20:48:23] +Squidero: rekt imo
    Superbird was unmuted by dingram.
    [20:48:28] +Squidero: unrekt imo
    [20:48:28] +Destinylife: Aww
    [20:48:32] +Superbird: lol
    Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
    [23:53:13] +0riginalTrainer: This is a direct result of the patriarchy.
    [23:53:51] +J.D.Deuce: feminism is awesome
    [23:53:52] +Viscereal: uh please address me by my pronouns
    [23:53:59] +Viscereal: loom/looms/loomself
    [23:54:35] +0riginalTrainer: You white male cis scum, check you privilege. No matter how many documents you throw in front of me, the wage gap is real.
    [23:54:58] +J.D.Deuce: you've been warned lol
    [23:55:14] +B1SHARP: So you believe that fathers deserve the same leave after they have an at home newborn as mothers?
    [23:55:40] +0riginalTrainer: So you believe that women should be drafted too?
    [23:55:45] +B1SHARP: Yes
    [23:55:45] +Viscereal: yes, when they have a baby shove itself through their dick they can get work off
    [23:55:47] +Takron Galtos: I'd settle just for at-home leave actually be guarunteed without penalties for mothers.
    [23:55:51] +Superbird: you know what we need right now
    [23:55:53] +Takron Galtos: That's not even standard yet.
    [23:56:00] +0riginalTrainer: What I hate about feminism is that it turns a lot of male issues into female issues, then calls it feminism.
    [23:56:02] +Viscereal: challenge cup round robin?
    [23:56:03] +Superbird: a tourney to distract everyone from controvertial discussion
    [23:56:03] @amr97: another tournament
    [23:56:06] @amr97: hurry hurry
    [23:56:08] +Superbird: NAILED IT
    [23:56:11] +KillerOrcas: woah there what happened here
    Battle Spot Doubles (VGC 2015) Single Elimination Tournament created.
    Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
    [02:22:35] +Superbird: ok seriously tho can I get some opinions on modern art
    [02:22:42] +Superbird: its important
    [02:23:18] @amr97: Modern art includes artistic works produced during the period extending roughly from the 1860s to the 1970s, and denotes the style and philosophy of the art produced during that era.
    [02:23:20] @amr97: The term is usually associated with art in which the traditions of the past have been thrown aside in a spirit of experimentation.
    [02:24:26] +Superbird: opinions, amr97, not definitions
    [02:24:49] @amr97: oh
    [02:24:52] @amr97: i don't get it
    [02:24:56] @amr97: is my opinion
    [02:25:04] +Superbird: oh ffs
    [02:25:28] +Superbird: maybe i should give up and try a different room
    [02:25:32] @amr97: probably tbh
    [02:26:19] @SamVGC: i think this chatroom
    [02:26:22] @SamVGC: is an art form
    [02:26:26] @Dog-for-Dinner:
    [02:26:47] +Superbird: dong-for-dinner that is not a thing to be goggled
    [02:26:50] +Superbird: *dog
    [02:26:51] +Superbird: *google
    [02:27:02] @amr97: dong-for-dinner lmao
    [02:27:07] @amr97: that had to be intentional
    [02:27:18] +Superbird: 100% wasn't
    [02:27:28] +Superbird: i'm so used to typing dingram's name that
    [02:27:45] +Superbird: anything starting with the same first letter
    [02:28:17] @Dog-for-Dinner: why is it not a thing to be googled
    [02:28:23] @Dog-for-Dinner: google is the story of my high school
    [02:28:33] +Superbird: you dont google opinions
    [02:28:36] +Superbird: you google facts
    [02:28:52] @Dog-for-Dinner: seems like a science student is trying to study humanities
    [02:28:56] @Dog-for-Dinner: and is having a hard time
    [02:29:00] +Superbird: ^
    Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
    [00:31:16] @dingram: makiri an you make someone a driver real quick
    [00:31:19] #makiri: why
    [00:31:19] @dingram: just so they can say something
    [00:31:21] @dingram: and demote them
    [00:31:26] +Superbird: inb4 demotes dingram to driver
    [00:31:26] @dingram: i want to see if my bot logs the message
    [00:31:32] @dingram: no it cant be me
    [00:31:45] #makiri: who am i drivering
    [00:31:47] +AnotherDimension$$: Me
    [00:31:49] @dingram: uh Superbird
    [00:31:51] +Kirito11: me lol
    [00:32:12] +Superbird: wait rly
    [00:32:18] @dingram: i just chose a random active user
    [00:32:23] @dingram: just say something
    Superbird was promoted to Room Driver by makiri.
    [00:32:24] @dingram: anything
    [00:32:32] %Superbird: cool
    [00:32:34] %Superbird: yay
    [00:32:34] @dingram: ok done
    [00:32:36] %Superbird: this feels awesome
    [00:32:37] @dingram: ty makiri
    [00:32:38] %Superbird: while it lasts
    [00:32:41] +z2porygon: lol screen shot
    [00:32:54] @dingram: you can demote now :3
    [00:32:57] +AnotherDimension$$: Superbird
    [00:32:59] +AnotherDimension$$: Warn me
    Superbird was promoted to Room Voice by makiri.
    [00:33:02] @dingram: just doing testing with bot
    [00:33:05] +Superbird: well that was fun while it lasted
    [00:33:12] @dingram: im glad you didnt like mute anyone
    [00:33:13] @dingram: or anything
    [00:33:16] +z2porygon: lol
    [00:33:21] +Superbird: i shouldve though
    [00:33:24] @dingram: no
    [00:33:24] +Superbird: ill make a note for next time
    [00:33:25] @dingram: ;-;
    Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
    [23:36:02] ConcertofMadness: Shrekt
    ConcertofMadness was muted by BoTTT Junior for 7 minutes. (Contained banned phrase)
    [23:36:15] +Chuppa Cross: oh dingram
    [23:36:20] +Chuppa Cross: can we ban rekt too
    [23:36:25] @dingram: but i use rekt :(
    [23:36:32] +Chuppa Cross: you shouldn't :(
    [23:36:52] +Chuppa Cross: you cant ban shrekt and then still use rekt lol
    Chuppa Cross was muted by BoTTT Junior for 7 minutes. (Contained banned phrase)
    [23:37:00] Superbird: #REKT
    [23:37:01] @dingram: noobs getting muted
    [23:37:02] NeuroRapter: lmao
    [23:37:03] @dingram: get rekt
    [23:37:06] stealthfox2: lol
    ConcertofMadness was unmuted by dingram.
    Chuppa Cross was unmuted by dingram.

    [23:37:13] ConcertofMadness: Freedom
    [23:37:18] +Chuppa Cross: i walked into that
    [23:37:20] paintcanz: chuppa was muted?
    Chuppa Cross was muted by makiri for 7 minutes.
    Actually the best match ever|||... ||| ...[/random]


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