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  1. Zhorken
    11-11-2017 04:14 AM
    Done! I did that a few days ago and forgot to say so, whoops.
  2. Porygon2
    11-10-2017 07:19 AM
    Yeah I think I have ref powers, I can start battles up on the battles page
  3. Porygon2
    11-08-2017 04:17 PM
    Hey just a gentle reminder that its your turn to give orders in your battle against Gzhoom
  4. Slythe
    11-02-2017 04:26 AM
    I figured out the button problem. I just had to allow Google :D
  5. Sandstone-Shadow
    11-01-2017 09:43 PM
    Ahh this makes me really excited to travel again! Once I am employed, that will be my first plan (along with the other first plans of doing things like figuring out my life and such - I have a lot of things hinging on "when I get a job" and that's probably something I should re-evaluate at some point, haha)

    My last engineering job was mainly floor support - if someone on the production floor was having a problem assembling their product, they would call me out and we'd work together to fix the problem. It was usually making them some kind of new tool or fixture to hold pieces - I was kind of a middleman between them and the team making the tools (although it was a bit of a struggle to insert myself into that process, since before I was hired (and probably again now that I'm gone), the floor would go straight to the guys making the tools). Honestly when I describe it like that, it sounds kind of cool, but there were two main problems with it: 1) I didn't feel very useful at first - the tool machinists pretty much knew what they needed to make and my attempts at design were usually counterproductive. Once I got the hang of it, though, it was helpful for me to go figure out what the floor needed so the tool machinists could keep going with less interruptions. And 2) I got interrupted /all/ /the/ /time/. I'm realistically assuming that I'll be interrupted occasionally at any job, but I'm optimistically assuming that this role was one particularly filled with interruptions. I could never get anything done that I set out to do, which was pretty demotivating. Part of that is something I need to improve on, and part of it was out of my control, I'd say.

    As for what I want to do... I'm not sure! I'm interested in energy and the environment and I've had internships related to those before, so that might be an option. It's weird because I (for the most part) really don't know what engineering jobs are going to look like until I've been working them for a month or two or three haha.

    What was your schooling in/what kind of job are you going to be looking for when you get back? I feel like maybe we've talked about this but I can't remember.

    And ah art stuff! Yeah I haven't been posting too much art stuff on here. I used to, but then I started using deviantart, and then deviantart got to be a pain to update, so I started using Twitter/Instagram instead. I shall send you a link!

    Yeah! I just want a flexible, whimsical life where I can do whatever I want from day to day! Ha. I guess instead I should do things like force myself to gain momentum on something... meh! Sounds boring :P

    Ooh that would be quite the road trip! I've been to Alaska before and enjoyed it quite a lot - just the road trip through Alaska part sounds appealing :D Aw, do you ever go on Google Maps or something and just... zoom in to random places way far away, and imagine going there? I do that sometimes :D
  6. Eifie
    11-01-2017 05:57 PM
    Heh. I'll sound the alarm for some other people who probably also haven't been online for a month on Telegram.
  7. Zhorken
    10-28-2017 03:21 AM
    Done! It should have given everyone $32, so I gave Zero Moment another $32 (I didn't actually remember to check before/after, but I set it up and tested it again on my test copy, and it did indeed give everyone $32).
  8. Umbramatic
    10-26-2017 05:23 PM
    Your Reshiram avatars please me greatly.
  9. Superbird
    10-26-2017 03:30 AM
    Thanks very much for the reminder re:battle royal. I'll have my commands in shortly.
  10. Sandstone-Shadow
    10-23-2017 09:49 PM
    Yeah! It makes life instantly more interesting. And stressful. And whatnot. Pros and cons, y'know. I feel like it probably gives you a lot more appreciation for other cultures too, even if it's just something like a metro because that hardly even exists around me! It's almost like that's the /actual/ way to experience other cultures, just do day-to-day stuff. Haha oh no, but angry commuters sound a little scary!

    And that's the spirit, getting to do it again after working for a while! I'm hoping soon I have a stable enough job where I can plan things like this. I've been applying to some more and am working on applying to one right now (writing this intermittently with a revised cover letter!) and thanks for the luck wish. There was one recruiter I worked with who seemed to keep wanting me to apply to jobs that were along the same line as the one I just left, and that had me feeling down for a while - like, only a year of experience and already I was being pigeon-holed?! But since then, I've spoken to another recruiter who basically gave me a list of all the engineering things in my area and didn't mention anything like, "only apply to this one," so that's probably good??

    It's such a slow process haha. But I love the idea of it! I plan on continuing to write/draw/etc for pretty much forever, so if there's any way to generate some passive income from it, I'm all for it. Just gotta... be patient it seems haha.

    It'd be so great to get paid to do things like that haha! I think that's why the idea of freelance is so appealing - do things like that when you have time to or when you need to. Just a lot of the time, freelance jobs don't seem as engaging as reffing fictional Pokemon battles. Go figure.

    Also hey! Maybe by the time you're ready to travel again, I'll be able to go somewhere too! :D

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