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  1. Cynder
    11-13-2017 03:07 AM
  2. Porygon2
  3. Green
    11-03-2017 01:14 AM
    i'm alive! putting in a fair amount of effort to stay that way lol college is awful
  4. Porygon2
    11-02-2017 10:03 AM
    Hey thanks!

    And sure, it seems like an interesting battle!
  5. Negrek
    10-28-2017 11:46 AM
    Haha, "interesting and stressful," for sure! Doing "daily life" sort of stuff is definitely the best way to get a feel for a place, yeah. And often the coolest experiences on a trip happen when you're just kind of futzing around and stumble across someone or something that you weren't expecting, which is eternally frustrating when you're laying out a lot of money to schedule the things that are supposed to be the coolest experiences.

    It's always interesting to hear how people fund their travels, especially hanging around in hostels which is where you get more long-term travel types rather than people who are doing quick trips using their normal vacation days. Some people working as they go, including one guy who just started traveling but plans to do it continuously while ghostwriting as a source of income; some people who work on and off to finance their travels (one woman who's a nurse who says she'll work for a few months, then quit and travel, then look for a new position, because nurses are in such high demand that she doesn't have to worry about finding something); and one guy who previously worked as a sushi chef ("So did you have to go to school for that?" "No, I'd never actually made sushi before.") and is thinking about taking a position as a tour guide in Hawaii ("Do you... know anything about Hawaii?" "Nope!").

    Best of luck with all your job apps. And yeah, it sounds like you really ought to try something new, so I'm glad you found somebody who can help you with that transition. I'm curious, what kind of engineering work do you do? Or would you like to do, I guess.

    Good luck with your side projects too, then! It's awesome that you're trying to keep up with the creative stuff on the side. Even if you don't manage to make a ton of money off it, it's really satisfying to be able to make something and put it out there, you know? Though of course I hope you make plenty of money, too. :P You haven't posted much online, have you? I don't recall seeing much of your stuff.

    I know what you mean about freelancing. I feel like I have so many different interests that it would be nice to be able to say "I feel like programming today" or "I feel like writing today" and be able to go find something that appeals, a small project that you can finish in a few sittings and then go pick up something else when you feel like it. Unfortunately, yeah, like you say, it tends to not work out quite that neatly. :P

    That would be awesome! You're certainly welcome to join any future expeditions I do, heh. At this point I'm thinking the next one may be some sort of road trip, maybe from Alaska to Patagonia, but that might also be an overreaction to the fact that I've been frustrated at times by not being able to get places I wanted to go using public transport/tourist transport options. We'll see!
  6. Butterfree
    10-25-2017 06:28 PM
    Well, in my case I just can't go very nonlinear because I post as I go, so whatever I've already written is more or less set in stone! My own impatience becomes a surprise advantage, haha. The main reason I've been sticking with the ILCOE for a while now instead of doing more revisions is that the ILCOE was actually getting to the good parts and I wanted to write those more than I wanted to write all that previous stuff yet again. So really, there was no cool trick of self-discipline involved here, just an accident of my own whims happening to come together in a way that works. I imagine you could force yourself to proceed more linearly too if you resolved to post it somewhere as you went along.
  7. Negrek
    10-20-2017 05:02 AM
    Also, thanks for the reffing for the team battle! I noticed your little note about getting paid to do this... if only, right? If only. =/
  8. Negrek
    10-20-2017 12:45 AM
    Yeah, sometimes the best/most interesting days are the ones where you don't do any touring and are just trying to live your life in a different place. Especially with the language barrier, heh. Today I got to figure out how to buy a metro card after the machine swallowed my only five and gave me a cryptic error message. There were a lot of angry commuters in line after me this morning. -_-;

    Ooh, definitely worth it. Probably just a few years of work and I'll be able to do it all over again! :)

    Oh, cool! I'm trying to work on being able to make some money off of creative stuff, too. It is... a slow process, heh. But best of luck if you want to keep exploring it! And yeah, part of the terror of job apps is the idea that if you end up in the wrong position then you get to be miserable and potentially may not be able to easily quit/move on to something else (she says, not really having had to engage with it yet). Not to mention all that pressure about what you ~want to do in life~, like you don't want to start in on the "wrong" career and ruin your ability to maybe change to something else later. Just, yeah. Job stuff sucks. :( Best of luck getting through yours okay.
  9. Green
    10-12-2017 07:03 AM
    i can't believe you're still active here, shit's wild. how have you been?
  10. Negrek
    10-05-2017 06:05 PM
    Whoops, yeah. Unfortunately I didn't get back in time to prevent confusion with the commands, but thanks for letting me know! And thanks for getting your metronome commands in, too.

    I did end up having wonderful weather for the hike--not a single drop of rain! It was a great time, but now I'm ready to take a couple days off to rest my aching muscles, let my bug bites heal, and reconnect with some of the other important things in life (INTERNET INTERNET INTERNET *cough*). And yeah, haha, at times it can be difficult to balance going out and ~doing stuff~ in a foreign country with the other stuff I want to do, namely hole up and talk to no one while I write/code/read/whatever. I try to take breaks and give myself enough time in a place that I don't feel like I'm missing out by taking a little time out to enjoy things that I like besides travel, such as, for example, video games. Just getting outside to buy food or arrange to do things on a later day can be enough of an adventure, sometimes.

    Congrats on getting out of a bad job situation, and best of luck finding a position that you enjoy. It sounds like you deserve a break after what you had to deal with at your last job. I know what you mean about how anxiety-inducing it is to see your savings evaporate without any intake to counteract it. *cheerfully throws a few more thousand dollars out the window*

    What kinds of businessy things were you thinking of trying? Even if you don't get a chance to put them into action, they sound like fun!


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