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  1. Eifie
    01-01-2016 03:02 PM
    ah, is that a promise then
  2. Eifie
    01-01-2016 02:50 PM
    you spelled Exeggcute wrong, and put the secret category back at once
  3. Eifie
    01-01-2016 06:32 AM
    gdi I was already going to post puppies

    edit: also wow you really really cut down on those prizes...
  4. Eifie
    01-01-2016 06:20 AM
    I think Darmanitan is connected to a random Ferroseed who's randomly connected to Ho-oh.
  5. Eifie
    01-01-2016 01:18 AM
    I just delivered a Blast Seed to a Darmanitan, and it screamed "Great balls of fire!"

    also, a few days ago I just about died inside when a random Pokémon picked up a Sitrus Berry that was on the ground and I couldn't OHKO it and it used it to restore its HP o m g

    edit: awww, Kyurem is connected with Munna
  6. Eifie
    12-29-2015 05:41 AM
    by the way, why is your avatar a piranha plant?

    I was lying here in bed, fruitlessly attempting to fall asleep, when this great question struck my mind, and I could not rest without knowing its answer... please release me from my inner turmoil
  7. Eifie
    12-29-2015 04:57 AM
    omfg why would I ever sell my gold for such a low price (actually... depending on what fraction of an item's value you can sell it for, would I make more by exchanging it for Reviver Seeds and selling those)

    but regardless, I'm also sitting on tons of money! that I refuse to ever spend!
  8. Eifie
    12-29-2015 03:50 AM
    but... money...
  9. Eifie
    12-29-2015 02:47 AM
    they're important for monster houses and boss fights :( I don't want to pay Hawlucha a ridiculous sum of money to try to make my Chikorita fit some better niche...
  10. Eifie
    12-29-2015 02:28 AM
    I just erased Magical Leaf to get Razor Leaf back, but everyone seems to have great defense. :| but I mean, no, I'm a Chikorita. half my moveslots are occupied by Reflect and Light Screen. it's very annoying.

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