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  1. boss
    03-29-2013 05:36 AM
    i like your signature!
  2. SapphSabre777
    09-07-2012 02:40 PM
    Wow, Smogon clearly posted that legal hacks are okay so long as it is announced beforehand (F***; that means I created an unneccessary fiasco). LOL!
  3. SapphSabre777
    09-06-2012 05:47 AM
    Thanks for the post. The issue was resolved a long time ago and the comment you posted pretty much summarized their comments towards me. :p
  4. SapphSabre777
    09-02-2012 04:51 PM
    Just woke up from my little nap...Thanks for the post. I love the support the community gives to people in these sort of situations.
  5. Phantom
    07-16-2012 09:53 AM
    haha, you really need to catch up.

    But, yes, House Targaryen wootwoot!
  6. Phantom
    07-16-2012 09:33 AM
    Don't worry, I'm all for the Targaryens. I just am moving from house to house. Next is the Starks.
  7. Sandstone-Shadow
    06-20-2012 07:59 PM
    Oh, that's okay, I've been doing the same! I got a part time job for the summer, yay! It's been keeping me surprisingly busy. It's nice having a little spending money too.

    Oh, cool! Dreams with your characters are awesome; I don't think I've ever actually dreamt about a character before, my own or otherwise. Well, I'm sure there's some exception. Anyway, I recently got remotivated to continue working on my story. You know how I said the beginning was almost readable? ...I tore it apart again. Ahaha. I'm thinking that this time, I'm putting it back together the right way.

    That's awesome! Good luck, let me know how it goes!! =)
  8. Sandstone-Shadow
    06-18-2012 10:04 PM
    Hey Cerberus! How's it going?
  9. Sandstone-Shadow
    05-19-2012 01:50 AM
    Oh okay. Do what seems natural; sometimes we have to let go of pieces of our stories because they don't fit right, which is sad but necessary.

    Hmm, I think it's more so that the world doesn't gravitate unnaturally towards them. In a Pokémon fanfic, for example, a Mary Sue would probably be given some extremely rare legendary like Mew or something for a starter Pokémon, or rather Mew would come to her and give itself over, or something. Just illogical things, really. I think if your story makes logical sense, it should be fine!

    Oh haha, I only speak a very limited amount of Spanish other than English, so probably not! =P
  10. Sandstone-Shadow
    05-17-2012 06:14 AM
    Oh, yeah it is early for a full-time job; I'm just looking for a part-time job for the summer to make a little extra money. =)

    Oh that sounds cool! I think it's a good idea that you limited it to just the one element; I think it makes a better story when the character has a limited power rather than a ton of power - it makes it more interesting!

    There's a discussion somewhere in the Author Lounge about Mary Sues, I think, and the definition I liked best from it was that a Mary Sue is one who pulls the world around her rather than being in the world. Those two things alone don't make her a Mary Sue - it doesn't mean she can't be a Mary Sue, but it definitely doesn't mean she is. Have you posted your writing anywhere? I'm not very good at keeping up with long online stories, but I would be willing to read some if you'd like!

    That's what I like about writing; it never has to be my career for me to keep doing it. =D I don't have anything posted here right now (at least, nothing current; there might be one ancient thread or something); I'm kind of waiting until I get something drafted well enough that I can ask for beta readers. But nothing's really in a viewable mode yet; everything is kind of getting torn apart so I can stick it back together. =P

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