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  1. blazheirio889
    02-07-2012 10:28 PM
    So Kusari calls Negrek negtruck too? :P And Negrek seems too... ALMIGHTY to have a boy/girl/itfriend. idk. It's just... kind of woah.

    If you cut them off the /world/ will be sucked into a wormhole.

    Nope. xD; When I actually took lessons it was the pieces you needed to play for standardized testing... those were purely for piano, nothing else. And now... *shrug* idk, I just like video game BGMs more than actual song songs most of the time. And scary Pathos is scary. Or valuable soundproof room is valuable. Hrm.

    Not much of a secret now! I still thought you were older than /that/ but... it does make me feel a bit better. I mean if you could draw like /that/ and ASB like /that/ and blah blah blah at /12/ then holy crap, I'd be jelly. And you deserved to be kicked out D< Negrek was lucky to live! Look what happened to her when the Pokemon in her bloodstream called a Draco Meteor!
  2. Mai
    02-07-2012 10:01 PM
    Haha, yeah. In comparison the hydro pumps look rather small. It is! Or, better yet, change it from ice beam to ice... something, because a beam of ice seems sort of weird. Or is that just me?

    Actually looking would have been way too much work when there was a possibility that I couldn't have the special avatar! And I can't, so. Doesn't matter that much anyway.

    Well, not a whole lot, I suppose; eighteen or nineteen. ... Out of curiousity, how old do you think I am? I don't think I've ever said, here. (My answer if you ask "are you _ years old" will always be maybe, but your guess will be fascinating!)
  3. Mai
    02-07-2012 12:39 PM
    Ugh, I could imagine. I'm terrible enough at normal reffing, but with nothing happening like that... I've sort of not bothered with the anime for a long time. It still looks pretty large, though? Hydro pump is still big, but it would probably depend on the ref which is bigger. Exactly. Swapping it with aurora beam's thing wouldn't make sense, but just make it white and add the pretty colors onto one thing. Really. It looks like a toothpick or something.

    Arcanine actually has a lot of cool art! This is where my previous one was from, and it looks like it could've been pop-out of it... was. This one is small, but if I found a better resolution it could probably work.

    You're fifteen, Pathos? I... thought you were a lot older. (Stalking is fun!)
  4. blazheirio889
    02-07-2012 05:23 AM
    But then my ninjatoes will be stiff and that will make me sad and I'll pull the suit into a wormhole.

    Nope. We played those classical piano pieces with no lyrics, y'know. And what I print out tends to be BGMs from video games. And ugh I want a soundproof room. Even the practice rooms at school aren't actually soundproof and people can probably hear me and eeeep ;~;

    ... I dunno? Maybe around my age? I mean I just read over a few pages of Behind the Avatar and you said that people think you look 12 too, which seems to indicate you are not and...? ?_? I am alternatively dumbfounded and confused. And I can imagine you calling Draco Meteors from the womb D<
  5. blazheirio889
    02-07-2012 05:00 AM
    But glue makes the fluff stiff! D:

    But then sticky hands ewww. I've... never actually tried singing on the piano. I concentrate too much on the keys and then I can't sing... xD; Even if I was isolated from the rest of the family (like in the basement), I wouldn't be able to sing loud because I /know/ they can hear me and what do they think I am terrible aren't I aaa

    ... really? You don't seem like you're 12 o.o Nor do you look 12...? Or well I've always been a terrible judge of age... Still though I thought you were older! So you've been ASBing half your life?
  6. blazheirio889
    02-07-2012 04:52 AM
    But I'm all limp and when that happens I can't hold onto the fluff and I become unmooshy. And you don't want that!

    But then I'll be sticky and not fun to moosh, either! I don't have much of an understanding of belting and head voice and blah blah blah... From what I understand of belting, well. I don't do it much. 8D; Even when I'm alone I just have this fear of singing too loud, for some reason... Maybe the neighbours might hear me, haha. Anyway in choir, I was mainly given middle parts so I think I can... sortakinda sing those loud? Kind of? I don't even know.

    Also you're not really 12 are you
  7. blazheirio889
    02-07-2012 04:28 AM
    In which case I just faint. ):

    BEES. Nevermind about my previous blasphemous comment about honey. Honey is amazing. I have enough energy to work (assuming a sane workload), but other stuff? Like exercise? Hahaha no never. Also wtf why are we so similar in little ways. I'm /technically/ alto but I often accidentally sing the tenor parts OTL Other times I accidentally sing soprano because I can't hear the other altos and I'm like "what am I supposed to sing this? Wait that's soprano what do"
  8. blazheirio889
    02-07-2012 03:52 AM
    PATHOS used ROAR!
    BLAZHY ran away scared!

    I'm not a real fan of honey, really. It's sweet which is good but idk, it has an... odd aftertaste I don't really like. Actually sweet stuff usually just clogs up my throat. I'm almost always in WORKAHOLIC mode because that's just me; I work all the time to keep my mind occupied. So this school-break-mode is kind of odd. Harmonies are so fun! :D I sing alto so the tune seems kinda weird when we try it ourselves, but then it all comes together and it sounds so nice ;~;
  9. Mai
    02-07-2012 03:49 AM
    Considering how res just sort of encored itself into spite (but not), I don't see how bad it would be. It would be sort of boring, though; an interesting thing to see but it would just clog up a battle slot. Wait, how huge is hydro pump? I always imagined hyper beam being huge, but maybe I should check the Attack Guide. ... And hydro pump as being just a really powerful water hose. (Speaking or random things, I always had this odd distaste for ice beam's animation--it seems so small and fragile and unpowerful but when you look at the stats... Unpowerful is totally the word, of course.) Oh, okay.

    ... Yes. xD Dream World art, actually! Unless I just sort of decide to stand out as different (primarily due to the comparative shittiness), that'd be very hard to do.
  10. Mai
    02-07-2012 03:38 AM
    Spite the encore, maybe? Hydro pump, no. That you attempt to dodge by shooting a larger hyper beam at the hydro pump to envelop it. Wasn't your surfs' power reduced, though?

    This is close enough for now. I don't think they do either, but as shown I can improvise. Maybe just pop-out art? That would require me drawing it myself, but.

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