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  1. Saith
    07-15-2011 02:03 AM
    I knooooow. But no, it's a cultural thing. As in, sheepshagger's been a slur for about a hundred years. More, maybe. :)

    Pffft, and ou call yourself an Anglophile! (I also don't know, but I don't like England, so nerr)
  2. Saith
    07-15-2011 01:41 AM
    But there are lots of dogs in Wales, too! D:

    And taffy is inferior to toffee, fyi.
  3. Saith
    07-15-2011 01:25 AM
    Sheepshagger, because every Welshman loves bestiality!
    It's actually the worst racial slur, imo, because now that I live in England, everyone literally, with no hint of irony at all, thinks I've shagged a sheep. Not good, friend, not good.

    And no, taffy isn't a thing here. I've never even tasted taffy! :D
  4. Saith
    07-15-2011 01:16 AM
    That is like incredibly offensive! :D
    Well, it's not really offensive to me, but Taffy is a racial slur for a Welshman. :) Also sheepshagger~

    There's the River Taff, which is what the word is named after. :)

    Also, Britain doesn't have taffy. Like, at all.
  5. Saith
    07-15-2011 01:02 AM
    I'm still laughing! But yeah, that went way over my head. :)
    I didn't even realise we Brits cared about tridents. Fuck it, I'm welsh. we're into daffodills, leeks and sheep. :)
  6. Saith
    07-15-2011 12:51 AM
    Haha, is that a reference to something? :D
  7. Saith
    07-15-2011 12:40 AM
    Well yeah, the UK is just that good. It can solve everything, given enough time! :D
  8. Saith
    07-14-2011 11:28 PM
    Well I mean, 4chan is just a bad place. Then again, I've never been to 4chan other than in /b/, so I'm probably wrong. :)

    And well, that explains eeeeeeeeeverything!
  9. Saith
    07-14-2011 10:45 PM
    4chan in general is just absolutely terrible. :D SA is where all the cool kids go. Also here.

    You're British? Huh, I thought you were Amurcan.
  10. Saith
    07-14-2011 10:37 PM
    Ah right, yeah. That's wise. I, uh, probably should have gone that route. x.x;

    Haha, no problem... You!

    It's cool in some places, but a lot of the time it's basically organised /b/. GBS, for example, will hate you and everything about you. e/n is a lot more forgiving. :)
    Also, Lets Plays are totally rad.

    I've heard it said that Americans view New York in the same way the rest of the world view Americans. Being British, I have no idea how y'all view NYC, though, so eh~

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