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  1. Mai
    08-17-2011 03:59 PM
    2. Oh dear, more introductions. Well, I think I must reply with my own as well; it's only fair. I have no fortress; only a somewhat large vocabulary to draw on every day and thoughts that often go unshared. If you are trying to symbolize my fortress as a wall of text, well... you can't stop that at all. I enjoy it too much. It's wonderful, writing without a sense of when to stop. "Is this paragraph getting too long? That's ridiculous; I should make it longer!" I am ready to fight with every word I know, writing walls of text that could stretch the world. You say Kratos? Well, other than the mod he's not that intimidating. You see, nothing trumps Egyptian Mythology as the best archiac religon. I will cause more chaos than Set himself, showing you the wisdom rivaling Thoth, ruining your time with Osiris by feeding you to Ammit. I must conclude that it is ridiculously interesting and satisfying, even more than Greek Mythology. I was jumping at the chance to research those dieties, wishing that there was more information about this odd mythology. Why? I'm not particularly sure, but it's much better than Greek mythology by far. I'm sorry, but your Kratos is trumped in my opinion. If we must be violent, then I will kill you verbally and dismember your corpse; not even Isis could save you after that.

    3. Ah. For myself, "server is too busy at the moment" messages are my biggest problem. I don't know why; but they are and they seem to happen at the most inconvenient moments. Luckily my posts can often be saved--but several times they cannot be. It disappoints me severely whenever I lose a part of my work. It often makes me reluctant to try again, sometimes even delaying a reply for days or even a week. I often use quick reply as well. It is often a pain, because many times I have accidently pressed "send" when I did not mean to do such a thing. Or, even worse; have it accidently deleted or eaten. It is quite a pity, that. I noticed little of the half-heartedness, if you meant it showed in the reply. Although I don't have much of an eye for good fiction or not, as long as the grammar and spelling are fine as well as the characters not being horribly bad. >_< That's a creative metaphor. I have had several in the past, but not that many in close range; I've began to save every large post I plan to make in Notepad as it progresses. However, I have had a glaringly terrible one; I once was going to summarize Tides Under Siege for Exo. Several miserable paragraphs in, my computer had a BSOD and I lost everything. It was horrible, to say the least. I ended up not summarizing him (obviously). SE&F handled that quite well.

    4. Oh well. At least we are both able to talk via the forums; in a similar way I am almost always online here. And although our visitor messaging has become a tedious process to waddle through, there's always PMing. I might come online to #tcod soon, if I manage to get enough things done. You see, even behind this I have two reffings to do and a mafia to update. Obviously all of those things being accomplished along with this is not of the highest priority, but I at least plan to make up my lateness in my one mafia I actually /like/ updating with a beautiful goodbye. Once you finish up Homestuck, go and read it; I love how everyone played their characters and it almost makes for a believable AU (if I may say so myself). It really is. How odd, the comfort of anonymity that allows us to give out such pieces of information to almost total strangers. I mean, think of this; I haven't even told my family I'm atheist and on my profile if you look it's shown for all to see. Sometimes it just feels better to say such things to people to won't necessarily be able to look down on you for it, I suppose. I might be able to come on there later.
  2. Mai
    08-17-2011 03:58 PM
    1. You hate it? Well, that's disappointing. It's time-consuming, sure, but I enjoy this literary activity. It lets us get to know each other, and also helps me concentrate on one thing at a time (sort of). I do admit it has kept me from doing a few things, but at the same time I look forward to rambling on and on. Admittingly some of those things had a large chance of not getting done anyway. Personally, I would continue this until I'm incapable--if I wasn't so invested in winning. I'm sorry about the whole "dread" thing; I honestly do enjoy this and thought you would too. I sort of am still in the competitive phase, but mostly because of my earlier cockiness (sorry about that). After all, I wouldn't just lose the competition; I would have bragged for nothing and look like a complete fool. I can't allow that, sadly; I've been ridiculous enough in the past and I'm tired of being annoyingly overconfident. In an ironic way, that makes me much more confident. Facing this wall of text is no longer an issue, because as demonstrated by my earlier thing I have become able to make them as well. These past few messages may well have been the longest continuous (sort of) message I've written. I'm rationalizing this as practice for the future, because I'm hoping I'll become a much better writer by doing this. I know I started out horribly (everyone does, really), but I feel I've become a much better person /and/ writer in the past two years I've been on TCoD. I'm still hoping in a vague way I can look at my posts a year from now and facepalm from how incredibly frustrating I was--it would show I've improved since then. I understand your pain, because I was confused about the same thing earlier today. Problems like that are typical when talking about so many subjects; this is why I try to put additional add-ons (bluh bluh so redundant) in several parentheses or brackets to show that they are seperate from the current topic. I understand your joy about the topic, even if it is my defeat you are happy about. I do need to apologize about that; at the time I was just so relieved to have finished that visitor message and kept my sanity that I thought I was in the clear. Now that it's obvious I'm not, I think what I'm feeling is a bit of shock; am I really commiting myself to this? (I would make a new paragraph, but that might get confusing.) Oh hell yes. Of course I am. I'm listening to Doctor Horrible right now, enjoying the chorus of my favorite song in the musical and my words are pumping out like clockwork. My competitive spirit is rising (spoilers for Doctor Horrible!), and I honestly believe that if I tried to write something else I'd get a block. I probably don't take my own pieces of writing as seriously as you (although bad punctuation and such makes me want to do a facepalm and headdesk), but I still enjoy it and therefore have at least a slight interest in making sure it makes a point. It annoys me slightly when my characters get ignored after typing a huge post (I am the worst attention whore), and having what might be my largest accomplishment yet drowned in your sea of words would be infuriating. (Not really, it's just the fact that I /really/ don't want to lose this. I am a Blood Knight of words.) You see, I protest mightily to your claim that my "challenge accepted" face adds nothing to the discussion. It really, truly was what I feel, and it only needed a few characters to express. It didn't take more than a sentence or two of words to display that, and I think that was worth it purely for the lulz. Haven't you ever heard of Stylistic Suck? When I do read rage comics, I enjoy them very much. I see, so you're as determined as I? That's great, it really is. Because I'm prepared to keep this up as long as I have enough time to keep a higher wordcount than you.
  3. Skyman
    08-17-2011 01:51 AM
    Damn, bad news: Mai has never played Kingdom Hearts. There goes trying to get her to help out =/.
  4. Mai
    08-14-2011 05:05 AM
    (And however many times I need to take for me! I have no idea.)

    Well, I can do it if it doesn't really matter, but I have a problem with distuinguishing the important from the unimportant when the summary recipient (HOW DO I GRAMMAR; OH WAIT I DON'T CARE) has to live with what the summary contains and post about it or something similar. No, I'm not going to bother to top that particular paragraph. I beat you already and honestly it would take too long. I've delayed this reply long enough, you see. I apologize for the wait.

    It's pretty good, yeah! Too bad you never even mentioned Hermione specifically. :P

    I have no idea either, but I checked in Word and have defeated your textual acclomplishment quite easily. I'd like to take this moment to brag, and also tell you that I'm officially giving up on having larger paragraphs than you. Woo! ~I'm still furthering my cause with filler, though~

    ... Just a few days, actually. D: And wait, writing about a blade? Is it going to be sentient or something? I'm afraid of school starting, myself; it's intimidating and also I fail at real-life socializing. :P

    Well, we're planning on a TV Tropes page now, which is /much/ more official and awesome. In fact, it might even attract more people to the roleplay itself!

    And: Holy shit Rebecca actually got Sayne to /admit he was wrong/. This is ridiculous, and I think with her new-old move she'll become quite the Magnificent Bastard for Well Intentioned Extremist purposes. If she even realizes what she's going, of course. :D
  5. Mai
    08-14-2011 05:05 AM
    No, not like that. xD Homestuck has been running for over two years, and I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. If so, well... I'd be pretty upset. Also, I'd be out one very large time-waster! I /might/ be able to withstand it going forever if it didn't get repititive. Which it really would! And also, I really love the Strife music. Especially Rose's, which you may not have heard yet but I don't care. It's not that big of a surprise, really. Have you gotten to a part where the flashes are playable? That's really the amazing part, to put so much effort into a webcomic. I know. So many things could be combined that it's just silly. What about combining a computer with a lie detector and maybe a tablet to make a thought-controlled computer? That would be so amazing, especially considering the art you could make. Everything would turn out perfectly! Also, I'd love the idea of combining an aquarium with a globe. Think of it: a mini world, that you could travel to and look at anytime! Maybe it's a bit far-fetched, but. They are sort of lucky, but keep in mind the world is being destroyed by meteors while they're playing the game. :P Ugh, I know. I fled to the wiki for that, but considering by then I was already over my head in spoilers it was only because I had to. Depending on /how/ inconvenient it is, I might actually choose a weirder modus because it's fun. However, I'd definitely switch to the infinite one if I could. Besides, you have to remember something; John is a derp! I don't know what you mean by that, actually. >>;; If you respond, can you clarify?

    Urgh, I know. :( I'm glad I still picked up on the comic, though. It was a bit disappointing, though; a huge event was lowered to "oh, this really happened?" pretty much. At least it allowed me to not be completely terrified. You're welcome, I guess. :) Just remember not to highlight the spoiler tags, because I actually said something revealing this time. It's not /that/ bad, but it still says something that might come as a bit of a shock. Not much (I don't want to invoke the wrath of having a major thing go flat), but still. Oh, I will reply. May I just say that my reply is already longer than yours, and most likely will continue to become longer and more huge by the second until I have replied to and inflated everything you happened to say? Unless I get bored and just make a one sentence reply to everything and still beat you just to be irritating. I think that would be /hilarious/! Anyway, yes. The special was a free move thing, that allowed you to give your character a move that it could not normally learn in-game. Also, if you had joined past a certain point you could get an experience boost or even a rare candy if you had won enough Point Days. Of course, most of those things are obsolete now after the experience system was axed, but there still might be some sort of replacement. Oh no, I have not resigned. I have not given up either; in fact I have done the opposite. Your amount of stuff has not discouraged me at all. Sure, I'll tell you. I have a sort of odd taste in music. I don't listen to most "normal" music, simply because I find it sort of boring. Nevertheless I require music in almost every form of writing that I do (at the moment I am listening to a version of Kokoro). Even after my normal boredom in vocality I do have a few that simply grate my nerves, such as country and occasionally rock or metal (it depends on the song). As it is, though, it really depends on the single song. If it's tied to a fandom I tend to like it, so it mostly depends on where I encounter the song. And even so, that doesn't even guarantee I'll like the band as a whole. For example, I ended up liking this song purely because I saw a particarly good video of it with a fandom I happen to follow. Very similar circumstances led me to Doctor Horrible, and I love every song on there. However, I have no will or intention to listen to any of their other songs, and unless I happen to see another good AMV about it I don't think I'll try to listen to any of their other songs. I'll often listen to fandom-things that are in no way related to what I'm writing about, actually; it's just that the song /means/ something and therefore it's much more interesting. TL,DR; I'm a weird hipster and only listen to things involving Pokemon, Vocaloid, Homestuck, My Little Pony or any other thing I like when I want to hear a song.
  6. Mai
    08-14-2011 05:03 AM
    It really is far too easy to ignore a character with no spine, even if you really don't mean it. :| That's why I don't play passive characters anymore--I always end up neglecting them and never posting. Twisted characters get attention, and they're fun to play as well. I really enjoy the depth it adds; characters are really much more interesting when they have something under the surface. Yep, Skyman and I /are/ adding tropes to several characters! A social group would be interesting, but this is even better: making a trope page for Sanctic itself. It'd be a nice experiment, and maybe if we put a link to it on the TCoD page more people will join because of that. It would certainly show we're devoted. Ah, so you want him to be more nasty than just The Guy Who Complains A Lot (that's probably not the trope name, but I don't want to look it up). Sure, sure; we'll be happy to change it once he becomes The Sadist. I'd love to mess with him once he Takes A Level In Badass. You know, absolutely none of them have any moves that could affect each other? It would be wonderful. I don't want to sound degrading, but I kind of agreed with that too. *Shrug* I mean, he hasn't demonstrated /anything/ to suggest that, except extremely needed amounts of Blood Night/Jerkass compared to Rebecca the (currently) Actual Pacifist and Heart. Wait, Midnight is thirty?[/Did Not Do The Research] But yeah, Midnight has used much more plot control. However, Sayne has affected everyone else much more and we would've gotten to St. Faspiliere /somehow/. I don't think Psy would have let Anna die, considering his insane crush on her. In fact, I could truly imagine him teleporting Anna (and possibly only Anna) to the hospital and then falling into a coma or something.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a wonderful show, and if you watch it you /will/ become a brony. Have you not seen the community on here? I will not stop or cease my prodding until you have watched at least three episodes of this show (the two opening episodes, and then one really good one). You see, it is a very awesome and influential piece of entertainment that it is impossible to hate. It has great characterization that more than makes up for its girliness, if that is the drawback to you. :| I believe I might have to introduct you once more, at the end of this note. Why? It's quite possibly the only way to stress my seriousness on this issue. Wait, when did Animorphs get a reference in Homestuck? :OOO I think you /may/ be talking about Jade's antro pictures, and if so that has absolutely nothing to do with Animorphs. It's a book series, and a very long one at that. Still, it's easy to pick up and read; at most a single book takes me an hour to finish up. You must try it some time, because in /my/ best fangirl voice it is the greatest book series I have ever read ever. I am being completely serious here; nothing can top the Animorphs. I can give you an idea of what it's like if you want; at the very least it is an amazing sci-fi/fantasy novel about kids and growing up. In fact, I think I have to tell you at least a bit more; there's five kids (Rachel, Marco, Cassie, Jake, and Tobias) who gain the power to morph into animals (obviously!) by a dying alien. Said alien is an Andalite, who is fighting a parasitic alien species called the Yeerks. The Yeerks take over their host's body and can read their mind. They're targeting the humans next, and no one knows except them that anyone is invading the planet. It is so, so much Better Than It Sounds. Act three, eh? Well, you still have a long way to go. No need to worry; many things will be revealed later. I went through much of the story not knowing what was going on too! When you get to Hussie's summaries (which are huge), everything will make so much more sense. I can't truthfully claim to remember what exact moment you're talking about, but either way it's assuredly great. No [S] update can really be a disappointment. Which flash? I'm geniunely interested now. (SPOILER) It will come up again! Chekhov's gun, remember? Pay attention~ Oh, I know. The carapaces sure are weird, aren't they?
  7. Mai
    08-14-2011 05:02 AM
    (I am in fact on #tcod! Irregularly. By which I mean almost never, because I don't have an IRC account or anything. I use Mibbit. You'd be very lucky to catch me on, but even if you did I may not say much. Some of the mods are very intimidating, okay? >_>;; I'm sort of nervous about/terrible at joining conversations, which explains my inactivity there in a way. I've heard of Generator Rex, although it sounded overall cheesy and silly to me. *Shrug* I suppose you can't really know unless you've watched it, which accounts for your despicable claim of not liking the idea of My Little Pony. xD Watch a few episodes, and soon you'll be a member of the herd. /SOON/. You will not regret it. It will be the new Generator Rex. It will be even better than Generator Rex!)

    Oh, yes. I have a tendency to drown in links, so I suppose it's a good thing you didn't do that. Nevertheless, I still have a few trope tabs open to scroll over and examine. Addiction is a powerful thing, you see. And browsing TV Tropes is an easy thing to get addicted to. I am drowning not only in a sea, but an ocean, a planet, a universe of trope addiction. I am deeply submerged in its pull, a black hole of Genre Savviness and Fridge Logic mixed with some vaguely interesting characteristics that may or may not apply to people. I sometimes cannot tell whether I am browsing of my own will, however it is enjoyable nonethless; in a mindless way that aids my compulsive behavior. Human nature is an odd, philophical thing isn't it? I HATE THIS WEBSITE. I don't know why I am referencing tropes nearly every other sentence, but I do suppose it proves my increasingly odd inclination to that time-wasting website. I suppose this is getting a bit lengthy, so I think I just might have to move on in order to save you from dying in a veritable aquatic standing of water. Of tropes! I could have linked to something in that sentence, but honestly that would be a lengthy process that I don't quite feel like doing right now. So therefore I think I will just move on and answer the rest of your paragraph; that will certainly be a relief! I was in fact in total knowledge that it was your opinion, but it was an interesting essay don't you think? It is such a shame we cannot discuss the true value of textual websites, though. I was actually slightly intruiged about the subject by the time I finished my rant. It was fun to write, at the very least. I wish you did have time to write and debate that, because if you did that might've been the end of me. Now I have already written a few very large paragraphs, and locked myself into this project due to my own words. Sometimes I can be quite illogical, you see; I can never back down now. In fact, if you responded to this I think I would just have to keep up this little charade of textual ability; I would do so until I'm incapable. Such inability to create long rambles would probably be caused by a lack of time; school is coming, and that will obviously take a large toll out of my activity levels. I've seen/heard of stumbleupon before! In fact, it actually sounds very interesting. However, I don't think I'll be trying it out anytime soon, mostly because I'M IN WRITING MACHINE MODE and cannot do much other than write. Yes, not everything takes a massive amount of time. However, I can make it take twice as long as necessary very easily. >_> I do see the reasons and agree with them slightly; maybe I'll try it later. Sorry for dismissing it, but. I'M IN THE REPLY ZONE.

    (I see that, you did have to split it up thrice. I hope my reply takes at least four, a quadrant of victory to spell doom over you. If not, that's disappointing. I suppose I will most likely have to split it up several times, but at this point I'm not counting and have no idea how many split-ups I will need. All I know is that every single one of my paragraphs is longer than yours. :D?)
  8. Mai
    08-14-2011 04:59 AM

    Well, it's quite unfortunate you haven't heard of /any/ of my recommendations. Yet, you must try them sometime; they are quite awesome I assure you. I would never recommend or suggest anything in jest, unless it is completely and utterly obvious. By which I mean crossed out with the [s] tag. Of course, I think I might have to make this statement erroneous later with a rickroll or something. However, that would be truly uncreative considering how old that meme is. I hate that song, I really do. I am of course drawing this paragraph for comedic and/or stalling purposes, and I am saying this just as openly as you were/are. I may or not be able to create a win without things that are useless, but if not at least I will win. You see, I /am/ determined to do this. I have time on my hands, pride on the line, and various songs playing in my headphones. I'm doing this. I'm making it happen. I wasn't aware you are almost out of school! Either way, I must concur that writing is my talent as well. Like I said, we both have our ego on the line and I will not allow this nonsense to continue. There is no need to apologize; we both knew and understood where this was going from the beginning. When you admitted that this was a competition to you, my inner competitor-person (whatever, this post is going to have a lot of awkward phrasing anyway) needed to continue the battle. I couldn't allow you to one-up /me/! I had a large ego about by rambling potential, but now I have an ever more gargantuan respect for yours; that doesn't mean I won't beat you though. I'm glad I almost got you to resign; at least I came close to defeating you so thoroughly you couldn't continue. I will admit that you did "crush" my last visitor message--that doesn't mean this one won't be better. I'll try until win, or at least until I run out of enough free time to continue this ridiculous, crazy literary olympic. Oh, I believe that sentence must be a lie; I swear to Athena, Anubis and what other hypothetical god or goddess that could exist that I will make this happen. I shall recover from your wound, and counter with my own lethal shot. I suppose this must mean that once my victory is complete this conversation will fall to pieces; how could we both possibly respond to this quantity of words without it becoming dull? You're right, it wasn't an question or even an accusation; it was a lie, fib, or perhaps even slander. This is reminding me my rap battle with Blade, who I kept waiting. It's probably been too much time to continue it, but at the beginning I did admit that I may or may not lose the will to make such rhymes and drop off suddenly. Oh well. I hope we are still friends by the end of this conversation~

    It was rather melodramatic, wasn't it? Over-the-top, but still fairly interesting and fun to read and reply. I am easily satisfied with filler, as long as it increases length. And what filler doesn't add length? It must be very terrible filler if it can't even fill. I have many a time been kept from TCoD. The Cave Of Dragonflies have been neglected attention by this Mai when they intended to post. Why? The reason differs, from family to internet connection problems to writer's block to pure laziness; however, the fact stands that I probably have had a similar if not the same problem. Not very surprising, that. You see, quite a few members here have had problems connecting some way or another. The internet is a fickle being, yet really the only thing that truly connects us. It is a medium that increases and allows talking between people via textual words and images, sometimes even videos. It must be irritating, doing such things while TCoD does not allow you to access its wonders. However, I do thing I recognize the symptoms of your ailment; does the thing that plagues you so happen to be "server is too busy" messages? Those things happen to everyone, sadly; I suggest when it does you find something else to do while you wait. Perhaps writing a particularly long message to someone? That's what I do on occasion, and also just browse other sites. It is a common, uncurable thing that happens so I suggest you get used to it. If that happens to be what you are talking about, of course. If it is not I may not be able to help you. Could you specify? If not, that is fine. You see, all of this has been servicing my goal of having a higher wordcount than you. Yes, I knew all along. (And no, I actually do care. That sentence was created to justify the creation of this sentence and all of it in its wordy entirety.)
  9. Skyman
    08-12-2011 01:24 AM
    That would make my head asplode from the sheer awesomeness of that happening.

    ....dear god, are you and Mai having some ridiculous who-can-type-the-longest-VM contest? Whenever I visit either of your user pages after posting/editing a VM, one of you has some new, ungodly long VM posted.
  10. Skyman
    08-11-2011 08:29 PM
    Somewhat random, but me and Mai are classifying everybody in Santic by one defining troop. Would you like to help with this? So far we have these people defined for sure:

    Psy-Power of Love
    Emile-Roaring Rampage of Revenge
    Leo-(ATTEMPTED)Magnificent Bastard
    Matthew-Heroic BSOD/Go Mad From the Revelation


    Midnight-Deadpan Snarker?
    Rebecca-(Slowly becoming)Beware the Nice Ones
    Sayne-Genius Bruiser(once he evolves)

    We're also feeling in the rolls for a 5-Man Band(realistically, it's much larger due to having to include pretty much everybody). We've come up with some ideas, but nothing concrete:

    The Hero- Psy/Arylett/Anna?
    The Lancer- Midnight?
    The Big Guy- Emile?
    The Smart Guy- Sayne?
    The Only Sane Man/Woman- Anna/Siol/Sayne
    The Team Pet-
    The Chick- Rebecca
    The Medic-
    The Tagalong Kid- Matthew
    The Sixth Ranger- Leo

    Yes, this is all very silly and random, but hey, I like random.

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