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oh man, good times.

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  1. Keldeo
    09-22-2015 11:37 PM
  2. JackPK
    09-22-2015 10:57 PM
    So just to double check, the within-a-week bonus for extra reffing pay cuts off at exactly a week, no rounding, right? So like, I posted the latest round of LotF vs Lilycolo basically more-or-less a week after the last commands, but technically it was like 5 hours before an exact week was up, so I could still get the bonus, right?
  3. TruetoCheese
    09-22-2015 03:22 PM

    Also the thing about my Solosis help I need to devise a sig trib that does stuff rather than FLAVOUR.
  4. Vipera Magnifica
    09-22-2015 03:13 PM
    Vipera Magnifica
    I had Keldeo offer me some ideas. The volunteer thing came to me while lying in bed last night though.

    And yeah, if there's anything unclear, I'll change it now.
  5. TruetoCheese
    09-22-2015 03:02 PM
    woot secret alliances in VMs

    *goes to check all other VMs*

    Also yes it was because Littlefoot was taught to be kind by his mother, and then she was eaten by a Sharptooth.
  6. TruetoCheese
    09-22-2015 02:59 PM
    Also thinking of a sig trib for my Solosis where he and his Life Orb form a binary star system. He also draws a Solosis face on the orb and calls him Grandson (his own name is Grandpappy).

    Now I need to figure out what that would do in battle...
  7. TruetoCheese
    09-22-2015 02:55 PM
    Just enough to make it seem like I was awakish...

    Oh god I hope everyone just attacks each other and doesn't try to swap abilities and items and friendship bracelets.

    Oh god I hope we do the 3v1 partnership thing each round.

    But not this round. Oh god.
  8. TruetoCheese
    09-22-2015 04:23 AM
    dear god what kind of clusterfuck have I thrown Littlefoot into...commanding hurts me, and will most likely hurt him too.
  9. Vipera Magnifica
    09-22-2015 02:49 AM
    Vipera Magnifica
    Would you mind looking at an arena I'm writing and giving me some ideas?
  10. Keldeo
    09-22-2015 02:49 AM
    Hmm, why not just give Tail Glow for Bug and Belch-but-no-berry-required for Poison? Then we could have up to 18 players (if anyone's even interested haha.)

    Format: 1v1v1v1v...1 (setup can accommodate up to 18 players)
    DQ: a really long time
    Damage Cap: none >:(
    Banned/Restricted Moves: idk, Mud/Water Sport? Splash?
    Arena Description: A brawl pit made for mini luvs (basically a really big open-air pool I guess.) Could this sea more adorable? Which luv will reign stew-preme?!

    Additional Rules:
    -Luvdisc only, commands will be sent in by PM, etc.
    -I mean all these moves will actually do more than, like, 8%, so we should probably just stick with 100/100? 100 also feels kind of high, though.
    -Upon accepting the challenge, each player should post a type, a thematically related costume, and a link to the Luvdisc they're going to use (if someone has more than one for some reason?) Their Luvdisc will then dress up, gaining the chosen type as a secondary typing for the duration of the battle and also obtaining access to a move of that type, as detailed below - for example, if someone chose Flying their Luvdisc would be Water/Flying type for the battle and gain Dragon Ascent.

    Normal: TECHNO BLAST
    Grass: SEED FLARE
    Electric: I think Volt Tackle would be better here? idk
    Fighting: (High Jump Kick though)
    Poison: Belch!
    Ground: I think Precipice Blades is more on par with the other moves here
    Psychic: Maybe just Psystrike?
    Bug: Tail Glow, sure!
    Dragon: ROAR OF TIME
    Steel: DOOM DESIRE
    Fairy: LIGHT OF RUIN
    Ice: ICE BURN
    edit: whoops, forgot Water: STEAM ERUPTION

    edit 2: Also, I'm updating the SBO right now and marking everything MF approved tentatively as going through since no one's spoken up to object, in case you have a beef with it?

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