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  1. Scyther
    10-11-2009 10:58 PM
    Good day.

    I just had chicken pot pie.
  2. Scyther
    10-11-2009 10:53 PM
    Chortles? :P
  3. Phyro Phantom
    10-11-2009 08:41 PM
    Phyro Phantom
    Yeah, I can be kinda over-apologetic sometimes...

    So anyway, what's up? Is college going well? I'm kinda curious about what college is like, since I'm gonna be going to college myself in a few years. Like... How specialized are the degrees? 'Cause I was hoping to go into computer programming, art, and possibly math... and I'm not sure if I can major in all that in one run through college.
  4. Tigerclaw
    10-11-2009 08:33 PM
    I think the upsidedown avtar fad is dying :p
  5. Blazie
    10-11-2009 07:47 PM
    xDDDDDDDDDDDD Mush generally doesn't taste good, I guess. It reminds me of baby food. xP

    XD Woooow…this is really entertaining. ^^

    *slaps cheek* WAKE UP!

    ^2-for-1 deal; I slap you and bring you back to consciousness. ;D

    Good point. I get really annoyed when my food falls off my fork.

    Aww, it's cute! Now I'm inspired to actually write a bit. =)
  6. Phyro Phantom
    10-10-2009 04:57 PM
    Phyro Phantom
    Oh my gosh... I am so sorry dude... I just haven't gotten around to this place in a long time. And really, you have more excuse to be inactive than I do, since you're in college and everything. Bleh...

    I need to get more active in this place again... I really wish I could get my dad to set up a scanner in our house or something - I've become kinda frustrated with my mouse drawings lately.
  7. EddyOkapi
    10-10-2009 09:08 AM
    Mhmm, le genre des mots est un point très mélant. Ma mère elle-même se trompe souvent malgré qu'elle parles français depuis longtemps. :P (Elle est née dans une famille anglophone.)

    Aeeuuh, j'ai malheureusement pas d'explication correcte pour l'expliquer. Tout ce que je sais est qu'il faut le conjuger comme cela. XD; Je ne suis pas un très bon prof pour le français, j'ai bien peur.
  8. Blazie
    10-10-2009 05:50 AM
    Haha, he must be pretty outgoing, then. xD He'd probably be a good actor, though.I get to GO GO GO for it tomorrow when I read a scene. Yay~! I love my theater classes more than dance or singing or anything else. They're just so…fun, I guess. =)

    Corn on the cob is good. It used to get stuck in my braces, though. -shudders- Extremely annoying.

    If I had a hard stick I'd beat you with it. -_- My drama teacher always says she'll do that if we skip or are late for theater. XD Thing is, you can't tell if she's serious…But I'm really looking forward to that picture.

    A…spoon. Handy for soup. Not much else. I mean, eating waffles with a spoon? Not fun, I'm guessing. xD
  9. Blazie
    10-08-2009 04:33 AM
    We've never humiliated our male actors like that before. Partly because it's doubtful that they could ever pull it off, and there are plenty of guy parts anyway. But I'm feeling good today because my theater teacher at school said that I did well in a number today. Okay, well, she really just thankedme for actually singing audibly, but I'm still happy. ^^

    Please do not show me anything to do with corn. Please. ^^; Is the second picture for me the Grovyle one? With the undetermined addition of me slapping you? xD 'Course, that part's not required if that is what you're drawing…

    Heh, I'd be a failure at verbal fights. I'm bad at improvising. Unless I accidentally say something that ninja's a person's brain…that would be cool but mean. ^^; It's a smart piece, but at the same time it's hilarious.

    EDIT: I figured I'd better tell you now (because you know I'll forget by my next reply)—I have a student teacher named Mr. Wico, and he's Filippino. =D
  10. Thanks for All the Fish
    10-07-2009 10:34 PM
    Thanks for All the Fish
    arrrright :o


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