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  1. Lord of the Fireflies
    07-10-2015 09:58 PM
    Lord of the Fireflies
    hey also thanks for the quick reffing! Great work as always :)
  2. shy ♡
    07-07-2015 10:46 PM
    shy ♡
    hey, so walker's post in the absence thread said they'd be away until the end of last month, which has passed... maybe you could give em a nudge regarding our battles? :c
  3. Meowth
    07-02-2015 10:52 PM
    I am getting to it I swear, my procrastination is just getting kinda ridiculous :v Apologies for the wait.
  4. M&F
    06-03-2015 05:23 PM
    Right, so this is something I'm hoping to eventually bring up in a public discussion instead of with you specifically, but just so we're settled here, 6%/round is an excessive amount of status damage, and setting Toxic up to break even with it also makes it excessive (it's kind of climbing really rapidly no matter how you look at it). There's not necessarily a problem with status conditions having relatively low damage output, anyway; I think that's an impression a lot of people get because you can deal a lot of damage fast by attacking straightforward, but, inflicting status conditions isn't supposed to be a direct substitute of attacking straightforward, it's supposed to be an entirely different approach to battle. This, just as much so in ASB as in the games (when making a compet team, you'll never be complaining about how a Garchomp deals much more damage by just using Earthquake instead of Toxic, just as you won't be complaining about how an Umbreon has not one thing in its offensive movepool that will serve it better than running Toxic -- this admitedly is in no small part because of stats, which ASB disregards for the most part, of course, but the beauty of it is that wielding a Garchomp much the same way someone would use an Umbreon now just mostly depends on whether you want to).

    This, again, is something I'll probably be talking in ASB Meta sometime soon, as it's not really an issue that's endemic to your reffing scale, but, just so I don't leave that thread of discussion hanging.
  5. M&F
    06-03-2015 04:23 AM
    It's probably best that you do at this point since fixing it by now would require going back on it again, and whether that'd be better would be... highly arguable. But yes, do try to avoid unecessary external interferences with your reffing decisions.

    I'll try to get back to you soon on the numbers discussion.
  6. M&F
    06-03-2015 04:14 AM
    I'll have to get back on the poison numbers later as I have an overpowering headache, but just to adress the other issue as I'm still up for it: appointing yourself as the judge of what does and doesn't matter or what is or isn't good for someone in a battle can be a troublesome attitude as a referee. Let's assume, more for the sake of argument than anything (and also being that I don't feel like checking whether that's actually the case in the actual battle), that at least one of the enemies of the toxic poisoned Pokémon in question has access to Gastro Acid, Skill Swap, or any other prospect of negating Magic Guard. Do they get to take advantage of your sudden policy shift in order to inflict amounts of damage to the opponent that they couldn't have planned for? You can't really account for every possibility that might aggravate irregular decisions, you shouldn't have to, and one might even argue that it's not your prerogative as a referee to do so. I hope I'm not coming off as harsher than I have to be, but you have to watch out for this kind of thing; part of the reason why we have referees at all is so an impartial party is in charge of resolving the commands, and going back on what you've explicitly put down as the battle status when you weren't obligated to isn't impartial behavior (it's not intentionally favoring any one part, necessarily, but it's still inviting the battle to be influenced by factors external to the battle).
  7. M&F
    06-03-2015 01:29 AM
    For the record, and since it's best not to clog the relevant thread further, your toxic poison scale may be broken. Toxic poisoning isn't supposed to easily catch up to the damage dealt by other continuosly damaging status conditions -- it's infinitely more available and shouldn't outclass status conditions that are harder to inflict (being that almost everything learns Toxic while regular poisoning and burn can only be reliably inflicted through relatively uncommon moves, or unreliably inflicted by secondary effects that activate rarely). Additionally, tying it to that standard tends to make its damage output climb too rapidly.

    Additionally, even if it doesn't change the immediate battle conditions, retroactively changing your reffing methods tends to be a major faux pas as it interferes with the battlers' ability to command based on wha's happening and what they can expect to go on to happen. I don't know that retroactively changing it back would necessarily be a solution, but I do advise you to avoid doing this as strictly as possible in the future.
  8. Keldeo
    06-02-2015 05:02 AM
    Apparently I've missed your birthday, so happy late birthday! I'd just like to say the new addition to your signature made me literally laugh out loud.
  9. Emperor_Evulz
    05-27-2015 10:43 PM
    Hey, happy birthday!
  10. I liek Squirtles
    05-27-2015 06:16 PM
    I liek Squirtles
    Happy birthday, man! You, too, can vote and drink (the latter if you come to Puerto Rico)! :D

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    Hi. I'm Superbird, the resident bird lover here at The Cave. Now you're obviously here to learn about my personal life. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to tell you. What a shame.
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    Visit my art website - Monitors of Modern Art! Updates weekly.

    If I'm reffing your ASB battle, you can find my reffing scale in this document. Mostly it involves details on stat modifications and status conditions, as well as my interpretation of the damage formula, other clarifications regarding the specifics of certain attacks.
    Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
    [20:47:57] +Superbird: quick someone what's the integral of tan(x)
    [20:48:07] +Tomsta17: 857
    [20:48:08] @dingram: -lncosx
    [20:48:12] +Superbird: wrong
    [20:48:16] +Superbird: -lncosx + c
    Superbird was muted by dingram for 7 minutes.
    [20:48:20] +Tomsta17: ya
    [20:48:23] +Squidero: rekt imo
    Superbird was unmuted by dingram.
    [20:48:28] +Squidero: unrekt imo
    [20:48:28] +Destinylife: Aww
    [20:48:32] +Superbird: lol
    Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
    [23:53:13] +0riginalTrainer: This is a direct result of the patriarchy.
    [23:53:51] +J.D.Deuce: feminism is awesome
    [23:53:52] +Viscereal: uh please address me by my pronouns
    [23:53:59] +Viscereal: loom/looms/loomself
    [23:54:35] +0riginalTrainer: You white male cis scum, check you privilege. No matter how many documents you throw in front of me, the wage gap is real.
    [23:54:58] +J.D.Deuce: you've been warned lol
    [23:55:14] +B1SHARP: So you believe that fathers deserve the same leave after they have an at home newborn as mothers?
    [23:55:40] +0riginalTrainer: So you believe that women should be drafted too?
    [23:55:45] +B1SHARP: Yes
    [23:55:45] +Viscereal: yes, when they have a baby shove itself through their dick they can get work off
    [23:55:47] +Takron Galtos: I'd settle just for at-home leave actually be guarunteed without penalties for mothers.
    [23:55:51] +Superbird: you know what we need right now
    [23:55:53] +Takron Galtos: That's not even standard yet.
    [23:56:00] +0riginalTrainer: What I hate about feminism is that it turns a lot of male issues into female issues, then calls it feminism.
    [23:56:02] +Viscereal: challenge cup round robin?
    [23:56:03] +Superbird: a tourney to distract everyone from controvertial discussion
    [23:56:03] @amr97: another tournament
    [23:56:06] @amr97: hurry hurry
    [23:56:08] +Superbird: NAILED IT
    [23:56:11] +KillerOrcas: woah there what happened here
    Battle Spot Doubles (VGC 2015) Single Elimination Tournament created.
    Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
    [02:22:35] +Superbird: ok seriously tho can I get some opinions on modern art
    [02:22:42] +Superbird: its important
    [02:23:18] @amr97: Modern art includes artistic works produced during the period extending roughly from the 1860s to the 1970s, and denotes the style and philosophy of the art produced during that era.
    [02:23:20] @amr97: The term is usually associated with art in which the traditions of the past have been thrown aside in a spirit of experimentation.
    [02:24:26] +Superbird: opinions, amr97, not definitions
    [02:24:49] @amr97: oh
    [02:24:52] @amr97: i don't get it
    [02:24:56] @amr97: is my opinion
    [02:25:04] +Superbird: oh ffs
    [02:25:28] +Superbird: maybe i should give up and try a different room
    [02:25:32] @amr97: probably tbh
    [02:26:19] @SamVGC: i think this chatroom
    [02:26:22] @SamVGC: is an art form
    [02:26:26] @Dog-for-Dinner:
    [02:26:47] +Superbird: dong-for-dinner that is not a thing to be goggled
    [02:26:50] +Superbird: *dog
    [02:26:51] +Superbird: *google
    [02:27:02] @amr97: dong-for-dinner lmao
    [02:27:07] @amr97: that had to be intentional
    [02:27:18] +Superbird: 100% wasn't
    [02:27:28] +Superbird: i'm so used to typing dingram's name that
    [02:27:45] +Superbird: anything starting with the same first letter
    [02:28:17] @Dog-for-Dinner: why is it not a thing to be googled
    [02:28:23] @Dog-for-Dinner: google is the story of my high school
    [02:28:33] +Superbird: you dont google opinions
    [02:28:36] +Superbird: you google facts
    [02:28:52] @Dog-for-Dinner: seems like a science student is trying to study humanities
    [02:28:56] @Dog-for-Dinner: and is having a hard time
    [02:29:00] +Superbird: ^
    Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
    [00:31:16] @dingram: makiri an you make someone a driver real quick
    [00:31:19] #makiri: why
    [00:31:19] @dingram: just so they can say something
    [00:31:21] @dingram: and demote them
    [00:31:26] +Superbird: inb4 demotes dingram to driver
    [00:31:26] @dingram: i want to see if my bot logs the message
    [00:31:32] @dingram: no it cant be me
    [00:31:45] #makiri: who am i drivering
    [00:31:47] +AnotherDimension$$: Me
    [00:31:49] @dingram: uh Superbird
    [00:31:51] +Kirito11: me lol
    [00:32:12] +Superbird: wait rly
    [00:32:18] @dingram: i just chose a random active user
    [00:32:23] @dingram: just say something
    Superbird was promoted to Room Driver by makiri.
    [00:32:24] @dingram: anything
    [00:32:32] %Superbird: cool
    [00:32:34] %Superbird: yay
    [00:32:34] @dingram: ok done
    [00:32:36] %Superbird: this feels awesome
    [00:32:37] @dingram: ty makiri
    [00:32:38] %Superbird: while it lasts
    [00:32:41] +z2porygon: lol screen shot
    [00:32:54] @dingram: you can demote now :3
    [00:32:57] +AnotherDimension$$: Superbird
    [00:32:59] +AnotherDimension$$: Warn me
    Superbird was promoted to Room Voice by makiri.
    [00:33:02] @dingram: just doing testing with bot
    [00:33:05] +Superbird: well that was fun while it lasted
    [00:33:12] @dingram: im glad you didnt like mute anyone
    [00:33:13] @dingram: or anything
    [00:33:16] +z2porygon: lol
    [00:33:21] +Superbird: i shouldve though
    [00:33:24] @dingram: no
    [00:33:24] +Superbird: ill make a note for next time
    [00:33:25] @dingram: ;-;
    Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
    [23:36:02] ConcertofMadness: Shrekt
    ConcertofMadness was muted by BoTTT Junior for 7 minutes. (Contained banned phrase)
    [23:36:15] +Chuppa Cross: oh dingram
    [23:36:20] +Chuppa Cross: can we ban rekt too
    [23:36:25] @dingram: but i use rekt :(
    [23:36:32] +Chuppa Cross: you shouldn't :(
    [23:36:52] +Chuppa Cross: you cant ban shrekt and then still use rekt lol
    Chuppa Cross was muted by BoTTT Junior for 7 minutes. (Contained banned phrase)
    [23:37:00] Superbird: #REKT
    [23:37:01] @dingram: noobs getting muted
    [23:37:02] NeuroRapter: lmao
    [23:37:03] @dingram: get rekt
    [23:37:06] stealthfox2: lol
    ConcertofMadness was unmuted by dingram.
    Chuppa Cross was unmuted by dingram.

    [23:37:13] ConcertofMadness: Freedom
    [23:37:18] +Chuppa Cross: i walked into that
    [23:37:20] paintcanz: chuppa was muted?
    Chuppa Cross was muted by makiri for 7 minutes.
    Actually the best match ever|||... ||| ...[/random]


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