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  1. blazheirio889
    02-20-2012 05:50 AM
    By the way, for Group Three judging, I've finished two of the three I've been assigned; not sure about the others. Haven't gotten around to grading just yet though.
  2. blazheirio889
    02-10-2012 09:44 PM
    One day I should renickname my Absol Kanye, just because.

    also yes bees
  3. blazheirio889
    02-08-2012 11:06 PM
    Heh, thanks. I honestly didn't expect high scores, let alone a 28.

    I liked Windyragon's better too! BEES
  4. shy ♡
    02-08-2012 05:42 AM
    shy ♡
    :D No problem! (am still disappoint though!)
  5. Mai
    02-04-2012 03:43 AM
    Swampert are still amazing, though. All of the Hoenn starters have their own perks. I think at some point I was planning to stick to seven pokemon (oh wait it was for some challenge here), but then I decided I wanted to try out Taxxon in-game and it kind of deteriorated.

    That sounds about right.
  6. Mai
    02-04-2012 02:29 AM
    I'm still flailing around on my appeal there.

    Sceptile, while horribly inferior design-wise to grovyle, was always the best starter. It's fun catching everything when you don't keep in mind the pain of grinding them all to the same level.
  7. Mai
    02-04-2012 02:03 AM
    Ah, well, thanks for that. You were right though, I probably could've fleshed it out more and relied less on the music. At least I have the Math Contest?

    Swalot is bigger and faster. No real problem there.
  8. Mai
    02-04-2012 01:56 AM
    That's because he isn't evolved in ASB yet. If a swalot, he would've been much more impressive. (And also with theme music, perhaps?)

    You also frowned upon actually going through with threats. In confrontation like this, though, it's fair game.
  9. Mai
    02-04-2012 01:34 AM
    Same here, of course.

    Not when swalot!Taxxon shows that he's the least uguu 'Tina you could imagine and eats Dusclops first.
  10. Mai
    02-04-2012 01:09 AM
    Too late! I already have the cut HM, and while your base is safe against wild pokemon it has no defense against trainers. >D

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