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  1. blazheirio889
    02-07-2012 12:55 AM
    I've only been around for... 3 years? Actually, it's my 3rd ASB birthday on the 9th. :P Time goes fast.

    Ugh spoilering it just makes me curious D: It is a bit TMI but... idk, I'm kindasorta used to it because one of my classmates likes to tell me that sort of stuff even though I don't really wanna hear. Ugh. Anyway I dunno, I can't say I've heard of weirder things because I don't hear about such things often, but I'm pretty sure there are weirder things out there. :P

    I may be getting /close/ to vibrato but I have no idea because... well I don't know much about singing at all. I can't even do a proper vibrato on the violin so I'm not really sure what it /sounds/ like - I mean it's different for every person, right? I've been trying to develop it but it's hard and... yeah I don't see how anyone could actually teach it. As for runs, I... just sing exactly like the original, and I prefer calmer songs that typically don't have runs, I think. So I'm not entirely sure if I can do those. Probably not!

    I actually don't have the faintest idea how universities work (should look into that; going into grade 12 next year), but as I see it right now it's... my mom has the money. If I go for an art major and only an art major, she won't pay. I'm not sure if that's how it actually /works/ but...! I also do not like my voice. D< It gets rather high-pitched and really... up and down? idk how to describe, but my tone changes a /lot/. At least when I don't control it; when I speak I usually try to speak lower.
  2. blazheirio889
    02-07-2012 12:18 AM
    A bit of the same deal here. But it's mostly to write and less to not be bored - it's a nice side effect though. And it's ASBucks, yes.

    Two years back or so I often had mild headaches. That was bad enough. I'd probably gouge my brain out if I had migraines on a regular basis x.x I also do not want to imagine gallstone attacks! I generally have a high pain tolerance, but once it gets past the "oh this actually hurts" line, then I don't deal with it nearly as well.

    I can't imagine how people do improvisation solos (man it seems like I can't imagine a lot these days!). And I mainly sing for fun. I don't think music is for me outside of a hobby - I'm pretty bent on going into visual arts when I grow up. Unfortunately my mom doesn't want me to take an arts major. Either I take it on the side, or I do a double-major. Neither I'm too keen on, but... ah, there's still a year to convince her, I guess. ._.
  3. blazheirio889
    02-06-2012 11:56 PM
    Eh, I actually ref because I like reffing. More specifically I love writing, but plots always elude me so I write reffings to fill the author-shaped hole in my soul. And then I toss the money everywhere. :D

    I saw one of my classmates get a migraine before, but I didn't think it was that bad o.o Sounds like a vicious cycle... buh it's not like I can offer advice or really sympathize or aaa. (can you tell I'm terrible with giving advice and stuff like that) I also had to search up what gallstone attacks were and... ow. And ew. Gallstones look like rocks I'd buy from stores except bigger, and those don't belong in organs.

    Bahaha, I can't improvise at all OTL And I am guilty of singing songs exactly like the original. I just... don't have a single improvisation bone in my body. My violin teacher tells me I have good ears, and I can tell what does or doesn't sound good upon hearing it right away, but when it sounds bad I cringe. I'm really sensitive to sound - anything that is unpleasant literally makes me shudder and feel a bit nauseous. So I'm not very keen on improvising because what if it sounds bad :U Man I really gotta break out of my comfort zone but... Anyway, when what I play sounds bad, I just hate it a lot. Sigh.
  4. blazheirio889
    02-06-2012 11:23 PM
    Sorry, max I'd give is $50, and that's on Christmas. I normally give $20 on birthdays. :P Otherwise I can't blow money on other people!

    ... oh wow, that must suck. Not sure if backaches or migraines suck more. ... but together they suck doubly. Hm.

    I clearly know nothing about electricity bills and appliances and blah blah blah :D Oh well, it was worth a try.

    Actually, music in general kinda stresses me out, even though I do like it. I just never live up to my expectations because I keep screwing up and it really frustrates me. :U
  5. Mai
    02-06-2012 10:23 PM
    Okay, so! It actually was pretty good. (SPOILER) But if it wasn't a dream, wouldn't the kids grow in the ten years he's been away from them? The whole thing *is* what if the whole thing was a dream but. I might be forgetting things because at some point I realized how weird and even more confusing it would be if it was crossed with Homestuck so then it was just random crossover thoughts but you don't read Homestuck do you.

    Oh, so like res' thing except slightly different? You should totally use gligar, though! Kill Moltres first (although ground type moves are still pretty unsafe hrm). It's fine. I only really decided "this is taking too long and I'm actually okay with it ending" just then, so. It happens... often enough with me. Maybe you'll end up hating grumpig! Hahaha they're great and I got him for $5 off the Black Market why are there not a dozen of them. I mean the fact he doesn't have 900% energy just is sad but he has everything useful! Everything!

    Obviously. :P Even though we're losing by a bit, it's not completely lost or anything. Also, I should probably ask Kratos this, but since I'm already talking to you was this some form of foreshadowing?
  6. blazheirio889
    02-06-2012 03:53 AM
    It was mostly a way to blow my money since I had no idea what to do with $1000+ 8D;

    Yeah, that's pretty much me but on a smaller scale. I don't attend parties and gatherings much at all, but when I have to and I have to interact with a lot of people, I usually feel so tired I have to take a nap when I get home. :U

    You don't have a mini fridge/freezer thingy in your room? D:

    Voice lessons :0 I've been wanting to try that since I like to sing but my voice is terribly thin and I have no idea how to get around that... but violin lessons are stressful enough for me as it is.
  7. blazheirio889
    02-06-2012 02:40 AM
    I just took a look at their wishlist and bought stuff from there that amounted to $50. And if they didn't have a wishlist, then I just gave them $50. :D

    I hate group chats too x.x I'm always the person who sits back and only says stuff if directly spoken to. It gets confusing pretty quickly. As for IM, unless I'm good friends with the person, it's usually just talking about homework, stuff like that. And... I dunno, I /think/ I seem to act different with different people. I almost mimic them? Or act in a way that I know they're okay with or they like. That way I hope they won't think I'm annoying or dislike me... but on the inside I feel like everyone feels like I'm annoying to some extent. *sigh* Anyway, that way the fear of how they'll react is somewhat lessened, but not completely gone. It's also a bit exhausting to act different for each person, which is why I'm okay with some face to face interaction, but not too much every day.

    No local pet store? I dunno if they sell /baby/ snakes; I know my pet stores sell snakes, though. Haven't looked too closely at the equipment section though.

    And that sounds like an awful cold o.o Mucus-y stuff stuck in your throat? That happens to me every time I have a cold, but I just have to clear my throat and then talk.
  8. blazheirio889
    02-05-2012 11:00 PM
    I uh... I spent at least $50 on each person, and I bought gifts for a lot of people 8D;

    Talking over the internet is fine, right? As long as it's not face to face? But yeah, animals are much simpler. At the same time I think that it's nice every once in a while to talk to a more complex thing (human) so they can understand your more complex problems, etc. Unfortunately it's rather difficult to find a suitable complex being to talk to. And that is the perfect opportunity to get a snake! You won't even need to be stealthy. And if no-one comes to your room they'll never find out >:0

    D: I can sympathize. I had a cold a week ago - a pretty mild one, just had to blow my nose a lot. But no tissue can be soft enough so it doesn't rip at my nostrils D<
  9. blazheirio889
    02-05-2012 04:40 AM
    Ahaha also your usertitle is amazing.
  10. blazheirio889
    02-05-2012 12:58 AM
    I usually have eye-explodingly large amounts of money because I ref too much, haha. But then I spent over $700 on gifts this Christmas and my bank account hasn't really recovered since xD; And... really? Hm! Maybe I'll go get some lucky eggs after all.

    Ah, I see. I don't really feel lonely in my room because I'm almost always talking to someone. And if my bird is in my room she just gets restless and starts chewing things. She chewed my sketchbook once ;~; (and if no-one is allowed in your room then you can smuggle that snake in there can't youuu)

    I just had a cold and slight fever and my mom practically chained me to the bed. I'd rather not imagine what'd happen if I got /really/ sick.

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