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  1. Eifie
    12-11-2015 03:03 AM
    Hmmm, I think you'll have to ask MF about that, since it's his arena. But I'm sure that especially since your active squad is so small, he'd be fine with figuring out some way for Horsea to be able to participate. :D
  2. Zhorken
    11-18-2015 04:35 AM
    Ah, I'm guessing it got marked as spam. Google and Yahoo both seem to have decided that emails from my server are spam recently. 9_6

    Anyway no problem, I'll just PM you a temporary password!
  3. Autumn
    08-20-2015 04:46 PM
    Absolutely! :D
  4. Phantom
    08-17-2012 10:12 PM
    Hey, it's pretty cool you're with Defenders. I've donated a lot of money to them over the last few years. I've been giving since I was 15. They're a good group. (I love their calendars)
  5. Cerberus87
    06-19-2012 02:04 PM
    Oh hey! What's up? I've been a little away from the forums because I couldn't find anything worth posting, but I'm ok. What about you?

    (BTW I know I should've replied to your last PM but I couldn't find anything to say...)

    Oh I've been dreaming with my characters a lot. Fun stuff. :D

    I've applied for a national exam in hopes that I make it to university again. It's been, like, 8 years since I've done it for the last time, but I'm confident since the exam is pretty easy. The differentiator is writing and I'm pretty good at writing about political issues!
  6. Monoking
    05-30-2012 11:06 PM
    Absol's Moonlit Cave is down, it seems.
  7. Cerberus87
    05-18-2012 04:25 AM
    Actually her element is "life", but I gave her a limited ability to control water as well because water is the most important element that constitutes life. She can't conjure or transform water, though. I might delete this ability in the future because it's not making much sense with the story.

    The Mary Sue thing is being hard for me to avoid because she's a protagonist so it's natural that the story will gravitate towards her. Well at least she doesn't have like three love interests!

    I write in my native language which is... not English. So I don't know if you could read it. But we could exchange info.

    I'm looking forward to reading some of your stuff!
  8. Cerberus87
    05-17-2012 04:10 AM
    Well, competition makes things hard but, as long as you're good, you should find a spot in the sunlight. About the jobs... I don't know about your situation, but isn't it a bit early for a full-time job? In my country the engineering undergraduates apply for trainee jobs, since they can't work as engineers until they receive their license upon graduating.

    The environment seems to be one of your biggest concerns. I regard myself as a little guilty because I like petrol-powered cars and those pollute more. I'm really not fond of electric cars for example... I wish we found a very clean source of fuel that still generates a good amount of power and is efficient.

    My novel is about a girl who's attacked by a dog and sustains severe injuries, but completely regenerates her wounds shortly after. She also has the ability to manipulate and summon "life" (mostly plants, though). I was going to allow her to manipulate all elements but that's way too overpowered even if I limited her abilities. :D I was in another forum and they called my protagonist a Mary Sue just because she heals herself very fast, also because she becomes a high-achieving student despite going through the traumatic experience of accidentally killing a classmate after defending from a bully attack, but I didn't agree with them because in the story she gets good grades due to studying hard and she studies in an attempt to forget what happened. Also, many other important characters in my story heal fast. If you like we can talk more about it, you're very understanding so I believe you'd be a good critic!

    I don't know about your written work. Do you have something posted here? I could take a look if you want. Also, nothing stops you from becoming a writer, whichever path you choose. You can always have it as a secondary occupation.

    The site... Don't worry about it, sometimes we have other priorities.
  9. Blastoise Fortooate
    05-17-2012 02:57 AM
    Blastoise Fortooate
    so jealous right now for srs (I've read Graceling before, and the second book as well. I JUST HAVE TERRIBLE MEMORY)

    Lesbianism? I really do not know.
  10. Blastoise Fortooate
    05-16-2012 04:26 AM
    Blastoise Fortooate
    hey wow i just rechecked Graceling out of the library today how odd

    never read Bitterblue though


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