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  1. Kinova
    04-18-2011 11:44 PM
    What's this an extraordinarily late reply? So late you've skipped the country already? Oops a daisy. /ashamed

    Uni gaaaah. I am excited and kind of terrified in equal parts. The terror is mostly due to the fact I've not sorted out any funding or housing or any of that preparation stuff, though. Ooooohh my crumpets. I've set my first choice as UWIC (University of Wales in Cardiff, and the fact that it's basically Doctor Who central has nothing to do with my decision, nothing at all), which I got interviewed for and they offered me BCC conditional - which is a pretty low requirement I suppose, so I'm hopeful. Also the course seems nifty and the guy who runs it was nice, and writes crime novels. It's English and Creative Writing, which I'm looking forward to - there's a unit involving Sherlock Holmes in the first year. Yesssssssssssss.

    (My brain exploded a little looking back at all this Who-stuff. My excitement for the new series is close to stopping me getting anything else done.)
    Yeeeah badass Mickey! I loved that he managed to look after his gran and kick some Cyber arse and generally take control of his own existence and be awesome. One of my favourite character resolve-ings (so a word) - aside from the fact he ended up married to Martha, because while it fits for him I swear she was married to Tom Milligan from the S3 finale and there was no explanation of that whatsoever. Tom. ;;

    Frobisher - that was the politician guy, yes? Uggh - his whole storyline made my skin crawl and it was so sad but - it made the most sense and I can't help but really like it for that, in a sick kind of way.
    ... I haven't seen Children of Earth since it aired and now I kind of want to see it again, but I know it will reduce me to a gibbering wreck. I still get mad about Ianto.

    I've never seen any of old Who, so I didn't know much at all about Sarah Jane's relationship with the Doctor - though it's nice to know that someone other than Donna had no romantic undertones with it. 'Uhhh, we're not together.'

    Yup, he's George in Being Human (which is excellent, by the way, if you haven't seen it - Series 3 just finished and agh, there aren't masses of shows where I want to hunt down the writers afterwards and gurgle incoherantly at them in admiration for their excellent writing) but if only. A few episodes wouldn't hurt.
    Who was Lois? I don't remember... sure I can remember Mfanwy, but people? Of course not. (It's been a while.)

    Whaaa - oh American television people. You worry me. I do confess Gwen falling over was a particularly large part of the entertainment value of each episode. :P She was also in this - thing - I think it was called 'Framed', it was a one off TV-movie-esque thing set in Wales (surprise surprise) but she was good good in that, and got to be a little more lighthearted than in Torchwood.

    Aaaand we're back to the new series. The fact that we're actually going to find out who in high heck River Song is, is blowing my mind. Also the trailers have been giving me the creeps, because... there are creepy things in them. Things that look like Voldemort on crack. And that's scary.
  2. Mhaladie
    04-08-2011 02:37 AM
    opal linked me your post in the Fwee thread about you coming to America (and seeing two of your best friends?! :D :D You know, I remember way back when I started talking to you and you talked about Sarah, who you introduced as your best friend, and I remember thinking "I hope that I'm good friends with her someday~") and I saw your avatar and got hit with a wave of nostalgia. Oh Raine!

    Just thought you should know. I appreciate Raine. Also I felt it was appropriate to bother you in yet another venue. :P
  3. Not Meowth
    04-06-2011 05:18 AM
    Not Meowth
    I'm doing pretty origh 8D Should probably be doing uni-based things myself, actually. Like maybe going to class now and then :p
  4. Not Meowth
    04-05-2011 03:02 AM
    Not Meowth
    Oh my god your slang is incredible.
  5. Spoon
    03-30-2011 11:13 PM
    It's so odd to see your old avatar again. I haven't seen it in years. :D
  6. Phantom
    03-29-2011 04:50 PM
    oh here is your free imaginary cookie *hands cookie*

  7. Phantom
    03-29-2011 04:37 PM
    I mentioned the Count the Shadows mafia to Butterchuru, she said it wouldn't work. grrr.
  8. Kinova
    03-27-2011 02:50 PM
    Haha, the half-hearted Facebook friending blues. I don't know whether to purge all the people I don't talk to before I go to uni and become too nostalgic to remove them, hrm.

    Yeah, that phase is one of my principle problems with her. :c Rhys is lovely and most of the time she seems to be juggling him with whoever else on the TW team takes her fancy, even after they get married. I got annoyed at Rose for doing the same thing to Mickey, though since it was DW it was more PG rated. Also Gwen seems to fall down a lot for no reason! Oh, Gwen.
    XD The problem is, when they kill somebody off properly you're half going 'Okay... get back up now? No? Next episode? This is the series finale? NOOO TOSH' or was that just me. Did the same thing with Ianto. :'( Denial is what it is.

    Heh, Who is un-toppleable as my favourite of the bunch but I will admit that sometimes SJA wins out over Torchwood because darnit, it's just nicer. And having simpler storylines (well, mostly) does leave room for fun characterisation! And cheese, but whatever.
    Rani is cool. I was half set to dislike her for her blatent replacing-of-Maria, but she won me over. And her parents make me giggle.

    I suppose. Then Jack could have people to talk to over his immortality problem! He has a lot of issues that need sorting. (Also maybe he could bring Alonso along for an Earth holiday! Though he'd have to not stay long or he'd likely get bumped off, it is Torchwood.)

    Oh, darn. XD But the return of Doctor Who is exciting enough for now (even if it is only half the series! The Beeb and their cliffhangers). The trailer is interesting - I'm not all that clued up on American Presidents, but the alien thing at the very end kind of brings the whole Roswell shiding to mind. Also I'm terrible at identifying accents, so what did the kid on the phone sound like to you? To start with I thought it sounded like little!Amy, but then the accent went a bit wibbly in the middle.

    (It happens. :D)
  9. Not Meowth
    03-27-2011 03:52 AM
    Not Meowth
    Sadly I can't really procrastinate at the moment because I don't really have anything constructive to be doing :( I got another essay on Friday, and I have a Contract Law one from a few weeks ago, but the due date for both of them is miles off :p

    Really? I'd heard Auron was about the only interesting character in the whole game :v In fact I've heard several people say the whole game should have been based around him/told from his perspective. In any case Tidus really shouldn't exist at all, I really can't see a single way the story has anything to do with him except that he happens to end up in the party. (Not that I can talk about bad stories anyway, looking at the utter failure of one I've hashed together for the RPG Maker project I insist on doing for some ungodly reason :v)
    You'd have thought at least at some point somebody from Square would have chucked a football into a pool to check if it'd go under the surface for even a second before going ahead with that idea.

    Uni accommodation. We were given a microwave and oven but no kettle. No kettle in an English university. I had to get a Ł5 one from Argos that inexplicably turns itself off a few seconds before actually boilig unless you hold down the handle.
    Also, the oven has a dial on it that I have no idea what its function is but the oven doesn't work unless you set it to something so maybe that's why I burn things.
  10. Blastoise Fortooate
    03-26-2011 09:00 PM
    Blastoise Fortooate
    Sorry, are you talking Scottish, now?

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