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  1. Dannichu
    10-21-2010 01:00 PM
    Oh god, a Rocky-Horror-themed episode sounds amazing XD I've heard mixed things about the Lady Gaga and Madonna episodes; what did you think of them?

    I love watching TV in the company of other people, but only people who can actually put up with me keeping a running commentary the whole time. Even when I'm by myself I talk about it, though that's just usually yelling at the screen if one of the characters does something silly. I keep doing Sherlock watch-alongs over MSN with people (mostly my friends who're in different countries for the year) and that's excellent fun. But I get that big, social TV-watching isn't for everyone. My parents hate watching TV with me for that very reason, especially when I start pointing out things from a feminist perspective XD

    That's a really interesting way to look at Dexter's narratives, and I wish I could enjoy them like that, but, I dunno, too much inner monologueing disturbs me. ):
    I'll bear that in mind for later series (I don't know if/when I'll see them, though; my friend downloaded and gave me all of S1, and I've looked, but the DVD sets are expensive); is the plot still good later on, too? I hope nobody I really like dies. While not quite as bad as 24, I can imagine Dexter being a show that doesn't mind killing off major characters now and then ):

    I watched Buffy for the first time when I was 18 (I always watch things way too late), and there are some series I've only seen once (I can't bring myself to rewatch series 6 and 7), and other that I've seen loads. It's a really excellent show, cunningly disguised as a very bad one. A bit like the opposite of House at the moment.
    Have you seen anything good recently? I watched Black Books the other week and really enjoyed it, but have since been rewatching Torchwood and giggling over how lulzy it is. I still really want to watch Fortysomething, but you know what makes no sense? It's only on Region 1 DVD! What the actual hell?

    Ah, well when I went to see Les Mis, I already knew most of the songs and what would happen in the plot, which made everything a bit less sad because I knew what was coming. The second half of Wicked is incredibly sad, too, though nowhere nears as much as the book.
    Set and costume design can really make a musical, I think. I've seen Wicked twice; the first time I went with some friends to celebrate us finishing our exams, and we got some really cheap seats right at the back, and it was really good, but we couldn't see that much. Then, for my birthday, my friend took me and we sat four rows from the front and it was absolutely incredible. Aaaaah, everything was so detailed, it was amazing o.o
    I've heard really good things about Phantom of the Opera and how the musical performed on stage is a million times better than the film version (which I haven't seen either) and I really should see some of these musicals. I live an hour and a half away from London's West End, I have no excuse not to.
    I've only seen The Sound of Music on film once, and I didn't like it very much. It was very long and I wasn't feeling very well at the time, though. The Wizard of Oz is amazing, though, and one of my favourite books of all time.
    I shall definitely keep an eye out for Trick :D

    It takes me a few episodes to get used to a really old-style show, but eventually I stop noticing. Maybe it's because I watched so many black-and-white Westerns (my dad's choice) and bad anime (my choice) as a child that I don't usually mind too much when something's really old XD

    I felt so utterly bereft when a Sunday came and there was no new Sherlock ): It's so unfair that there's 52 weeks in a year and only 3 of them have new Sherlock episodes! Though, in a way, I'm glad they're short, because they can concentrate all their excellence into those three episodes. I really hope S2's as good as S1... I think they can do it. I just hope to god they don't have a lions-from-Jekyll style Hound. Though The BBC seems to love Sherlock and want to give it lots and lots of money, so hopefully their budget will be big enough that it won't come to that :p
  2. Dannichu
    10-21-2010 01:49 AM
    Hehe. I came to your page to send you a PM and realized that the last wall-to-wall message you sent me... you sort of posted on your own wall, so I wasn't notified :p
    But I've noticed and am replying now! :D

    I'm definitely going to watch Glee properly sometime. Two of my three housemates love it (the one who doesn't is a *manly man* who doesn't have time for such nonsense!), so hopefully, if I do get the DVDs, I'll have people to watch it with. I don't like watching stuff on my own, and most of my friends are overseas this year (this is what I get for making friends with language students), and my current housemates are very busy and their idea of a day consists of more than sitting there, watching endless episodes of whatever. But my sister's coming up to visit me next week, and we have plans to watch all of S6 of House. Yeah, it's not very good, but I've seen it this far and hopefully the nevest season will be the last.

    3 Kurt-centric episodes sounds fantastic :D

    Dexter is mindscrewy, isn't it? I really like it so far (I'm about six episodes in?); lots of the characters are cool (I like the sister best) and it's got a really interesting plot holding it together. I like Dexter, he's a really interesting main character, but I wish he'd stop monologuing so much. I've never really liked the first-person in literature, much less on television, and Dexter seems to alternate between "Everyone wears and mask, nobody shows their true selves!" and "I am so different to everyone else, why can't I be normal?". Not in an angsty way, but I sort of wish he'd make up his mind. It is good, I just can't help get reminded of JD from Scrubs (who annoys me deeply) every time he introduces the theme of the episode, or rounds it off with a (far more dark then Scrubs, admittedly) message at the end.

    Aww, a second season of Jekyll could've been fantastic. Or absolutely terrible. At least, with the way it ended, we know it was good and have only fond memories. Well, and a bit of helpless laughter at the lion scene XD

    Even if Willow was gay, they could've done with a scene or two explaining the hows and whys; if she realized she was gay, that's fine, people do, but not mentioning the possibility of bisexuality was just off, you're right.
    Yeah, Riley and the whole Initiative thing as a whole was pretty bad. Adam was probably the least-scary or threatening of any of the Big Bads, but for some reason, Series 4 is still my favourite. I think it's because there are just so many good episodes in there, and Spike and Giles spend the whole time being hilarious. Weetabix in the blood, indeed XD

    Oh, that show looks amazing. Glad you had a fun time! I might go look for other, related vids now...

    Rent doesn't really... have a story, does it? As a rule, I almost always prefer the first half of a musical to the second, usually because the first typically has lots of songs, character introductions and interactions, and general happiness, while the second has more plot and sadness. Wicked, Avenue Q and Les Mis (though Les Mis is pretty depressing the whole way through) all fall into this. I haven't seen as many musicals as I'd like (I has no money ;;), but I really love the energy and the sets and the atmosphere, which don't always carry across to the film versions.

    I haven't seen much of Classic Who. I keep meaning to; lots of my friends grew up with it, but my family is inexplicably anti-fantasy-and-sci-fi (my the extent to which my mother despises Tolkein and Doctor Who is actually pretty funny), so I feel I missed out a bit. I can't wait for the Christmas Special! My friend and I were talking about how there should be a Sherlock Christmas special, except the writers will want to make series 2 continue right on from the S1 cliffhanger uninterrupted. So we decided they should do a sort of flashback episode where we GET TO SEE THE CHRISTMAS DINNERS :DDDD

    We're working on our own dream castlist X3
  3. Chaon
    10-19-2010 11:46 AM
    Hey. DQ warning for [O] sometime? I'm still waiting for them to send out.
  4. Kai Lucifer
    10-03-2010 12:26 PM
    Kai Lucifer
    Hiya. Just wondering whether I should put the Zoroark-character of yours from your art thread into the reference list on the Obsessive Scribblers.
  5. Green
    09-23-2010 12:36 PM
    It is or.
  6. Green
    09-23-2010 03:26 AM
  7. shy ♡
    09-15-2010 06:11 PM
    shy ♡
    Omg I had an entire comment written out and my stupid computer erased it D< D< D< *stabs* ARHG. Stupid computers. ; ;


    The second half of Glee goes over Kurt and Sue's characters more, Kurt mostly. It seems to focus a lot more on Kurt, having 3 Kurt-centered episodes. :D Kurt's my favourite. (did I mention that)

    When you first get into Dexter it's total mind-rape. In a good way. It just... it's so good, finding this show and character that are so different, ahg. I want to rewatch it all. <<; Definitely better than Coupling. :P Though Coupling is good too.

    I think they ended Jekyll that way on purpose in case they got a second season (WHICH THEY TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE D: ). And definitely, the entire episode with the lions, I was dying. Trying to take it seriously but the effects were so bad Dx His head was tiny and they kept showing the lion roaring and ohgod. But the show makes up for it with pure awesome. And the scene with the phone. <333

    Ehhg, Riley was just so boring. ANd his introduction plot was creepy so he was always creepy, plus boring, so uhg. I just couldn't stand him. Dx I did love Tara and Willow but I hated how Joss insisted on calling Willow gay. No bisexuals? Buh.

    The show was awesome. And he played possibly the best character (though they were all awesome). <333 SO GOOD.

    I love the music to Rent, but the story itself I'm not so crazy about. The plot seemed to derail halfway through. Dx Idk, maybe it'd be different if I got to see it live, but... it was a bit over the top for me. I'm not sure why but movie musicals are a lot more cheesy for me than seeing it live. It's er, well I'm not sure why. o_O Except for when it's done really well - Gypsy is awesome, Chicago was pretty good, The Sound of Music is good and I hear doesn't work live for some reason. Hmm. Idk, I'm weird. :v

    I still have to catch up with my old DW... I have most of it downloaded but there's quite a lot to watch, lulz. Yeah but everyone always identifies the doctor with that scarf. That was one hell of a wardrobe choice.

    David Tennant in Sherlock... that would be... heavenly. I might just die of happiness. >>;

    Also: you don't HAVE to reply at all. xD It's not a homework assignment. Lateness is acceptable. :P
  8. Dannichu
    09-15-2010 05:40 PM
    Aaaaah, sorry for such a late reply. I've been getting all my stuff ready for the return to uni, and I've only had snatches of time on the Internet. Which will probably be even worse when I go back, because we won't have net net there for probably a few weeks. Bleeeeeh.

    I sort of watch Glee. I don't like watching shows out of order, but because I have no regular routine and no memory, I always forget to watch shows that are on TV at a certain time on a certain day. I usually just wait for the DVDs to come out, and that way I don't have to sit through ad breaks every thirty seconds.
    I watched nearly all of the first series (the first half of the first series, maybe?) and it was really good fun. I liked most of the songs (although someone needs to be employed to stop Shuster from rapping), but it was a little weak in the plot area and most of the characters were either annoying (mostly Rachel) or got little-to-no development in the episodes I watched. I really enjoyed Sue (I love Jane Lynch in general), and Kurt was adorable and I liked his plotline. I'd like to watch more (and in the proper order), and will when the DVDs are cheap.

    Also! Yesterday, my friend (also my Sherlock co-fangirl) gave me the first series of Dexter that she'd downloaded :D I'm planning to watch it during my period of internetlessness when I go back, and I'll let you know what I think :D

    opaltiger is coming over to visit me in a couple of weeks, and he's bringing a bunch of series of coupling with him, so I'll be watching that soon, too :D
    Daaaaamn, I want to watch Fortysomething so badly. I couldn't find it in the shops the other day, but I suppose I should look online. Even though I've got a ton of stuff to see first.

    I rewatched Jekyll the other day with a friend, and I've decided that Min and Miranda need their own show. Also, despite how scary and intense it is, I will never be able to watch the scene with the lions without laughing my face off. Also, there's one tiny scene just after the wife and kids have been taken by the Government and Hyde is raging and stealing all the electricity from the city, causing a blackout. We hear the helicopter pilot say something like "My goodness, look at that!" and the way it's said is hysterical.
    Also, that bit where Jekyll (dammit, I've forgotten his actual name) wakes up covered in blood and thinks he's killed Syme, and then his wife and he's actually killed Terrible-American-Accent-Man was extremely well-done.

    Yeah, I'm not sure if the whole nation knows, but online, it's acknowledged that just about anything the BBC does will either have gay/bi characters (Torchwood, Mistresses, Tipping the Velvet, way more I can't think of offhand), or a metric ton of gay subtext (Life on Mars, Merlin, Sherlock).

    Haha, I love how nobody likes Riley. I didn't care for him, but I don't actively dislike him. I never really cared much about any of Buffy's significant others. I spent most of the later series of Buffy liking Anya and Tara more than Xander and Willow, though.

    Aww! I follow Andrew's actor on Twitter and he's always saying where and when he's doing shows, but they're pretty much all in America so I can never see them ): Was it good? I'm jealous :)

    I always sing along to musicals. Rent is my absolute favourite, though my friends and I have watched the Buffy musical episode to have specific characters and parts that we always sing along with. It's a bit pathetic, thinking about it, actually XD

    I like the idea of actors choosing their own wardrobes. Wardrobe choices are so important in character development and expression, I think. My favourite wardrobe ever for a fictional character is Willow in the early episodes of Buffy. Those giant fluffy jumpers and brightly-coloured dungarees <3 Tom Baker (the fourth Doctor) was excellent, too. That scarf.

    I wanted to see David Tennant when he was in Hamlet at The Globe theatre in London. One of my friends went to see him twice! He's pretty excellent and should be in more stuff. Like next season of Sherlock? :D I must contact Stephen and Mark so they can make it so!

    Hope the length of this makes up for how late it is XD
  9. Dannichu
    09-12-2010 02:18 AM
    Well, Moffat wrote all 6 episodes of Jekyll, he should be able to do all three of Sherlock. Especially with Stephen on hand. You can do it, guys! \o/

    Some bits of Jekyll were absolutely nightmarish. The stalking-the-psychiatric nurse bit through the house bit was scary as hell, and the first scene with Hyde, with the confrontation with the kids in the alleyway was terrifying. The show's sense of humour shone through, though - if a show has good one-liners, my sister and I delight in posting the quotes all over each other's facebook wall, and after Jekyll, they were covered with them XD
    I distinctly remember, while watching the first episode or two, thinking that it was very un-gay for a BBC show, which usually have more subtext (or text) than you can shake a stick at, and then one of the PIs said "lol, we're pregnant!" and balance was restored in the world.

    When I first heard the BBC were doing an adaptation of Sherlock, my reaction was basically "Ho ho! Let the subtext begin!" and then I giggled over it being called 'A Study in Pink' and my jaw dropped just around Mrs Hudson's "If you'll be needing two bedrooms" comment. So good.

    Modern-day Merlin would be fantastic. I can't even think how that'd work, but they'd find a way :D

    I keep meaning to watch Dexter - I've heard good things about it, but the only bit I've ever seen is the opening sequence, which is pure brilliance.

    I really liked Buffy's 5th season (mostly for The Body and the greatest series finale I've ever seen), but 6 was very poor. I never cared one iota for the Spike/Buffy romance, and S6 seemed all about it. Plus, they killed Tara, who was my favourite, and so many of the episodes revolved around the idea of "The Trio unleash a demon with Mysterious Powers on Buffy for an episode! Wackiness ensues!". S7 was better, mostly, I thought, for Anya's character progression. I didn't care for the Potentials, though, and it was about them a little too much, I felt. And Andrew was adorable.

    One of my absolute favourite US TV shows, The West Wing (also really original and very clever), ran for 7 series, but general consensus is that anything after 4 was never that good. But the creator of the show wrote or co-wrote all of the episodes in the first four seasons, but he somehow got fired from his own show (??) after that, and the new writers were nowhere near as good ):

    What I've seen of Glee was good fun. I liked the songs, and lots of actors I love made guest appearances, but most of the kids really annoyed me. I think maybe I'd like it more if I watched it in order - I've just seen a mish-mash of episodes, and they all seem to revolve around pregnant girlfriends??
    Community is a good show, from what little I’ve seen, and is a bit like Glee, only with no singing. It still has the “group of high school misfits” thing going for it, though.

    Hee, if I'd seen something before and was watching it with someone who hadn't, I wouldn't dream of telling them how it ends, but if I watch anything for the first time, I spend the whole thing theorising out loud. It's a bad habit, I know, especially when I see stuff in the cinema XD

    Aww, listening to the audiocommentary, it was far too adorable that they let Martin choose his own wardrobe. I love his granddad jumpers <3 I like to think it was his idea for the SOS-blinking; he seems to have researched things pertaining to the role pretty well, so I wouldn't be surprised.

    Hustle is quite good fun, yeah. The acting's good, and the storylines in each episode are very clever, but, in most of the episodes I've seen (I've only seen four, mind), the writing is really quite bad, and the characters spend most of the time speaking in clichés.

    If you can't enjoy bad films, then it's definitely not for you XD
  10. Dannichu
    09-12-2010 01:14 AM
    Yes, they should definitely have Mark and Stephen write all the episodes! They clearly love the characters so much, and want to do them justice. And even the minor characters are wonderful and add loads to the series, but they were pretty much all missing from TBB - part of the reason it wasn't so good, I think.

    I watched Jekyll just last week, actually! And it is brilliant. James Nesbitt is absolutely incredible (I'd never seen him in anything else), and the writing/directing/acting/everything was just so good to keep it so intense for six whole hours. But it was really sweet and funny at the same time <3
    Moffat should just take every classic book ever written and update it to the modern day, because the results are always spectacular.

    House is fun TV, but, I think, doesn't really deserve to be called good TV. House (and Wilson, who was really only there to emphasise his House-ness) was the only good character, and while they made a brave choice to axe half the cast in series 4, he was still the only really interesting character, and I absolutely cannot bring myself to care about who he does or doesn't get with.
    Don't get me wrong, lots of my favourite TV shows are from America, but they either went on far too long and ruined themselves a bit (24, Buffy), or were cancelled early because the ratings were too low, even though they were fresh and original (Firefly, Pushing Daisies).
    Another great thing about UK TV - stuff made by the BBC is entirely publicly funded, so they don't rely on advertising, so they can take risks and make more original stuff.

    I love guessing ahead. I'd say I'm normally right, but I'll usually guess every possible outcome, so I'm bound to be a bit right (I did call Jekyll getting his Hyde-ness from his mother, though!). I'm an incredibly annoying person to watch television with. It's like "of course he's the boy's father, look at the turn-ups on his jeans!" except without any of Sherlock's charm and being right.

    I didn’t notice the blinking-SOS thing at all until some online fan community pointed it out and now I don’t know how I missed it. That was just so clever, and to have it not be commented on at all (even in the commentary) was really cool.

    I adored Life on Mars, and I really want to see Ashes to Ashes at some point, but the DVDs are still too expensive. I utterly adore Gene Hunt. I’d absolutely hate him irl, but as a character, he’s wonderful. He and Sam were fantastic, and I hope that he and Keely Hawes’ character have as good chemistry as they did.
    I’ve read the synopsis of the US version of LOM and it sounds hysterically bad. They actually go to Mars, what the hell? XD

    Sort-of related, my sister and I are watching a BBC series that aired a few years back (it could still be going, actually, but we’ve only got S1) called Hustle at the moment, and it’s pretty good and Gene’s actor (whose name I’ve completely forgotten) is one of the main characters. Anyways, in one episode we watched today, the plot revolved around a fake painting, and the word ‘pentimento’ was explained. Which made me feel a bit silly, because I kept reading your username as ‘pimento’.

    I can’t remember how the 2009 Holmes film ended, but apparently it was completely set up for a sequel, so. I’m not expecting anything great, but I’ll probably see it when it comes out. There’s a Sherlock Holmes film that was made, I think, this year, that almost defines the phrase “so bad it’s good”. It’s hilariously bad, and has Ianto from Torchwood as Watson. And, curiously, dinosaurs. And giant steampunky mechanical dragons. It’s quite impossible to describe, actually (here's the imdb link).

    I watched it with some friends when we had an incredibly geeky Sherlock Holmes night (which was basically watching all three BBC episodes and then the bad film). We’re planning another one, where we’ll watch the pilot and all the Sherlock Holmes films that Stephen and Mark talk about in the audiocommentary XD

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