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LuckyLapras' Duck is an unknown quantity at this point

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Those tomatoes are rancid.

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  1. Keldeo
    06-16-2018 04:51 PM
    Hey dude, I was Absoul/Alligates/some other names back in the day. I'm glad to hear you're alive and doing okay, and thanks for putting up with my xd random phase back in 2012 lol.

    Have a good day, whenever you read this.
  2. LuckyLapras' Duck
    04-01-2018 12:56 PM
    LuckyLapras' Duck
    hi im still alive.
    if you've been sitting here for the past four years wondering where tf i am, you're in the wrong place lmao
    iirc i did try to come back a lil bit back in 2013 but that kinda didn't last long. since then we've been evicted, i've had two brain tumours, actually had a girlfriend, got hit by a car, cried in school bathrooms and applied to uni.
    i don't really have any plans to come back to the forums full time. i just don't really have the energy to anymore. if u still wanna talk to me, twitter (@_kobe_san) or discord (@Kobe-san#7093) are prob the best places
    i mean im assuming the people who were around in 2012 are still around but w/e
  3. Keldeo
    02-14-2014 02:14 AM
    LL?? D:
  4. Sparda the PikaMur
    10-05-2013 02:16 PM
    Sparda the PikaMur
    Noooo, that wasn't really my intention :/
  5. Keldeo
    09-28-2013 05:11 PM
  6. Keldeo
    09-18-2013 12:37 AM
    artificial gooses?
  7. Keldeo
    09-14-2013 09:28 PM
    duck duck goose?

  8. qva
    09-08-2013 09:02 PM
  9. Keldeo
    09-07-2013 08:47 PM
    Whoa i haven't posted in like a month wow

    ...I should really post or something but.
  10. Phantom
    09-07-2013 01:57 AM
    ... Quack?

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  • About LuckyLapras' Duck
    Yeah. I'm back. Huzzah. Rejoice. You know, all that good stuff people do when they're happy.
    Anyway, I'm a guy. I play games. The "Interests" section says more about me than here.
    Somewhere, over the rainbow.
    Internet surfin', failin', playin' Pokeymanz, other stuffz
    Doing things
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    Blastoise Fortooate
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    [RANDOM]Dance to the beat, wave your hands together
    Come feel the heat, forever and forever
    Listen and learn, it is time for prancing
    Now we are here, we're Caramelldansen!|||Bow chicka bow wow That's what my baby says
    Mow mow mow And my heart starts pumping
    Chicka chicka choo wop Never gonna stop
    Gitchie Gitchie Goo means that I Love You!|||Hold me, we're lone or together
    Catch me, I'm flying over Denebola
    That selfish precession looks like yours
    Chase me on the floating panorama
    Shooting stars on the score
    Now I'll sing
    So light me up, SPiCa|||
    Originally Posted by Harvest Ty View Post
    What should Trainer Forum Members do?

    Originally Posted by Harvest Ty View Post
    Maybe I'm a ninja and I just avoided all the greetings? :3
    Originally Posted by Absoul View Post
    HARVEST TY restored HP!
    Originally Posted by Harvest Ty View Post
    ABSOUL defeated HARVEST TY.
    ABSOUL gains 500Xp and 300poke.
    -insert victory theme-
    Thanks! :'D
    |||More adoptables! Yay! Many thanks to guy standing behind you! =D
    Herbasaur Pipi M! AAH! FUUU-!
    Richie made this! =D|||
    Richie also made this! =D||||||
    Richie made this too! =D|||
    What does Richie not make? =D|||
    So a certain Fangirl is either suffering from Withdrawal or Cravings, or maybe both.

    White Treehollow Progress: A) Beat it on Challenge Mode in White 2, like an absolute boss. B) Area 9 in Black 2, regular mode.


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