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  1. mshoakthn
    10-10-2015 05:12 AM
    trung tm tiếng anh thnh lập cng ty tổng đi tư vấn php luật học kế ton tại bắc ninh nhạc sn qun giới sau lưng mnh, rt ra mấy khẩu sng ống, hướng về pha bốn g t binh Đế Quốc, biểu tnh trn mặt vẫn cn đầy vẻ khẩn trương cng với ngơ ngẩn nm qua, sau đ lại đem thm một khẩu sng nữa cấp cho Bảo La đang đứng pha sau lưng Hứa Nhạc, trầm giọng ni bằng ngn ngữ Đế Quốc:

    - Lc trước cc ngươi ở bn trong Qun đội chnh mnh lm như thế no, hiện tại liền cứ theo như vậy m lm đi!

    Trong ton bộ ci qu trnh ny, Hng Lm Tuyền cũng khng c mở miệng xin chỉ thị Hứa Nhạc bất cứ lời no, thậm ch cũng khng hề liếc mắt nhn Hứa Nhạc lấy một ci. Bởi v
  2. Kai Lucifer
    03-27-2010 10:36 PM
    Kai Lucifer
    Yeah, 'twas a shame. But at the Expo we can pull off a great big wonder card exchange. c:
    Which reminds me, we didn't really plan much of the Expo last night, did we?

    Haha, thanks. I've also got a Fearow (Terra), Drowzee (Taboo), Flaafy (Beacon) and Nidorino (Dokingu) on HG so far. I will be getting a Magmar soon, naming her Feuerente. German for "Fire Duck". XD

    Well done, that's still one lesson that you managed to spare on the exam, eh? I just hope that I can do whatever I'm doing in 10 hours. c:>
  3. Kai Lucifer
    03-25-2010 02:24 PM
    Kai Lucifer

    :'c is a jerk and posted wrong information. No Arceus for me.

    Yup, I used to be a Cyndaquil person but Toto is just so much better.
    I came up with the name after seeing Feraligatr's mohican-spikes and thinking "punk". I've been told I come up with the best nicknames.
  4. Kai Lucifer
    03-20-2010 05:45 PM
    Kai Lucifer

    Whoa, Stan Lee, the writer of SpiderMan? He's awesome, plus he had an appearence on Heroes. I'll have to search for that, and Hiroyuki Takei at somepoint.
    It's pretty cool. Did you invert the photo and add a transparent layer of pink to it? That would be my guess just from observation.
    And yes, art teachers are tricky things to impress.

    I've checked, and it is still the 27th. I'm sure I will love it, I've seen video footage and it looks fantastic. I won't be getting it on the day it comes out, rather at the event the following day. That way, I get the figurines as well. c:

    Hooray for Toto love! I'm starting with Totodile and calling him Streampunk. I think that Jord's getting a Cyndaquil.
  5. Kai Lucifer
    03-17-2010 10:35 PM
    Kai Lucifer
    "I'll see you there"

    Wow, that art exam piece sounds really cool. Is there a particular artist that references your work?
    I'm really happy because I showed my art teacher some of my Cubism sketches and he was really impressed with them. And he's almost never impressed. I've found something that I'm good at! C:

    I thought so. But you say you went last weekend? I'll have to check the dates again if I want to go to Cabot Circus. Still, I can't wait for the event and the expo now. Did you get the Ho-oh and Lugia pre-order figurines for purchasing pokemon merchandise or not?

    And what pokemon do you plan to start with?
  6. Kai Lucifer
    03-03-2010 06:21 AM
    Kai Lucifer
    It's now the 3rd March, so you should have internet access again, right?

    D: Deadline for Art coursework is monday. I've a lot to do before then.
  7. Kai Lucifer
    02-20-2010 07:50 PM
    Kai Lucifer
    The forum seems to be upgraded now, so hopefully there'll be no more crashes. Yay!

    Remind me of the theme for your exam pieceagain, will you?

    Hehe, self praise. Thanks for letting me use it. :D
  8. Kai Lucifer
    01-30-2010 11:49 PM
    Kai Lucifer
    :c tCoD deleted my message. It's a meaniefag sometimes.

    Fantastic! and, uh, fantastic! XD

    :o omg wtf is this you are super lucky! Unlike me, ill with coughing fits this last week. Yeah, it's not fun.

    I think it's decided that we're also off to see Avenue Q while we're in London. :D
  9. Kai Lucifer
    01-30-2010 08:45 AM
    Kai Lucifer
    *looks at your latest activity thingie*

    You've got Internet? :D
  10. Kai Lucifer
    01-24-2010 06:49 PM
    Kai Lucifer
    Yeah, I saw. It really is cool, do you mind if I use it for my avatar?
    Tomorrow? Well, goodbye, I suppose, until we meet again.

    I suppose so, but still.

    If we get early entry tickets, then we all need to find a place to meet up. East entrance, prefferably. And if not, that's an hour of conversation, randomness and a hell of a lot of fun. :D
    Seriously? the things people come up with...
    I think that's the plan; lots of rainbows. And the train station's also a great idea.

    Avenue Q is... kinda hard for me to explain. Basically, It's Sesame Street for adults. And a musical. But It's fantastic.

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