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Butterfree 01-11-2009 06:13 AM

IMPORTANT: Creating Games
Do not just create a game because you're bored and want to make a thread.

All games should have entertainment value. That means that any games where

- the post a poster will make is predetermined before they get there (e.g. a game where the first poster posts the number 1, the next posts the number 2, the next posts the number 3, and so on)
- the post a poster makes does not necessarily have any relation to what was posted before it or at least the person who posted before it AND the post that a poster makes does not have direct entertainment value for later posters (e.g. a game where you post your favorite color)
- the post a poster makes contains nothing but a number (e.g. a game where you rate the avatar of a person above you out of ten but do not necessarily include any comments)

is not allowed.

Including lighthearted discussion in posts that also further the actual game is encouraged, but keep in mind that this forum is pruned regularly; serious discussion that you would like to be archived for some time should never take place here.

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