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TruetoCheese 02-25-2015 07:22 AM

Damage and Utility Calculator
A while ago I made a simple damage calculator for TCoD's ASB(Though I kept it to myself). Now I've gone back to it and gave it a few once-overs, and I was wondering if people would like to use it or maybe provide some improvements on it.

Here it is(Google Docs link)
EDIT: You'll have to download all three of the sheets to get the stats and energy calculations to work.

All the calculations are done using the formula and the order specified in the Damage and Energy Guide.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, as my Excel is a bit rusty. One thing I'd like confirmation on is the accuracy of energy values for Status moves(there are 225 of them and I may have messed up one or the other somewhere, as well as there being moves such as King's Shield where I assumed an energy value based on similarities to other moves). I'm not too sure about the layout of it either, as I've tried to place everything on one accessible screen, but if it's too cluttered I'd like to know. Suggestions are welcome!

Currently working on adding move selection tools and type chart, selecting specific Pokemon/Abilities are after those.

1 MARCH 2015: Calculator updated to reflect recent changes to critical hit chance and damage.

2 MARCH 2015: Added Offensive Moves. You can now calculate values without downloading the calculator.

TruetoCheese 03-02-2015 06:31 AM

Re: Damage and Utility Calculator
I've added in offensive move selections with base powers, accuracy and effect chance. The energy and damage are calculated from these now(I rationalised that it's easier to remember the name of a move than its base power. The calculator in the Google Sheet has autocomplete/search for it as well, so it shouldn't be much of a hassle).

Many, many moves have secondary effects that are not considered secondary effects in ASB(eg. Fake Out) and add on an extra energy point. I'm not entirely sure if this idea is valid, but if it isn't then reports of which moves are messed up are appreciated. As before, of course, feedback is welcomed.

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