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Meowth 03-07-2017 05:08 PM

<>({(°~o~ vs Sandstone-Shadow
<>({(°~o~ vs Sandstone-Shadow


Format: 2v2
Style: Set
DQ: 3 weeks
Damage Cap: 30%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOes, Direct Recovery moves, Chills 3/Pokemon
Arena Name: Actually Just a Giant Clam
Arena Description: We are on top of a giant clam. A clam so enormous that the miniscule battlers actually just think it is a very, very blue and very, very well tilled field. The clam is also so uncircumnavigably broad that it seems to have, on occasion, collected rainwater in the grooves. The grooves themselves are quite far apart, about 10 meters, and so most things of moderate to shameful extent of voyagibility are pretty comfortable.
Additional Rules: The giant clam will occasionally bellow, causing smooth and relaxing reverberations across its endless shell. Some say that the clam contains all upon its back, as if it were some kind of turtle myth. The clam simply laughs at the ideas formed by those of inept wordshape.
<>({(°~o~'s active squad

piplup Aquaman the female Piplup <Torrent>
joltik Nanovolt the female Joltik <Compound Eyes>
rufflet fufflet the male Rufflet <Sheer Force>
mareanie Phosphatidylethanolamine the female Mareanie <Merciless>

Sandstone-Shadow's active squad

horsea Pertina the female Horsea <Swift Swim> @ Metronome
ivysaur Sana the female Ivysaur <Overgrow> @ Toxic Plate
fennekin Nefi the female Fennekin <Magician> @ Fire Stone
gastly Dolon the male Gastly <Levitate> @ Scope Lens
wooper Itero the male Wooper <Water Absorb> @ Zoom Lens
pidgey Valiance the male Pidgey <Keen Eye> @ Bright Powder
chinchou Ursoula the female Chinchou <Illuminate> @ Shell Bell
natu Xyan the male Natu <Synchronize> @ Lucky Egg
zubat Churain the male Zubat <Inner Focus> @ Black Sludge
abra Psyfox the male Abra <Inner Focus> @ Leftovers

<>({(°~o~ sends out first, Sandstone-Shadow sends out and commands, <>({(°~o~ comands.

<>({(°~o~ 03-07-2017 10:08 PM

Re: <>({(°~o~ vs Sandstone-Shadow
Thanks for picking this up!
I'll go with the spoderman himself, Nanovolt.


Sandstone-Shadow 03-19-2017 10:04 PM

Re: <>({(°~o~ vs Sandstone-Shadow
Thanks for picking this up, Meowth, and good luck, sir man-eating catfish!

Let's go, Ursoula!

Compound Eyes is going to be a problem, so let's start off with a Flash. That and your Illuminate should level the playing field a bit. Then let's start off strong with a Waterfall, or Double Team if you don't think you can hit her for whatever reason. End the round with a Water Pulse, spreading it out if she has any of her own clones on the field. If you're not going to be able to hit her with Water Pulse, use Double Team if you haven't already, or Agility if you have.

Flash ~ Waterfall/Double Team ~ Water Pulse/Double Team/Agility

(Sorry for my delay!)

Negrek 02-04-2018 12:28 AM

Re: <>({(°~o~ vs Sandstone-Shadow
DQ warning for <>({(°~o~. Forty-eight hours for commands. (Sorry, I totally noticed you asking about this forever ago and then totally forgot. >>;)

Negrek 02-07-2018 12:24 PM

Re: <>({(°~o~ vs Sandstone-Shadow
<>({(°~o~ is disqualified. Nothing happened, so no one wins anything.

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