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Butterfree 04-23-2018 12:01 AM

Forum Mafia Championship
Hello, TCoD mafia players! I recently received a message with an invitation to the "Mafia Championship", a kind of forum mafia tournament pitting representatives of different forum communities against each other in several rounds, with voting on the best players. The full invitation document, with details of the tournament and its structure, can be found here.

If you would potentially be interested in participating in this event, please "join" this game, and if multiple people are interested, we can discuss who goes (only one representative from each community participates). Note that participation demands daily activity; the invitation document estimates you may have to read up to 500 posts every 24 hours and post at least ten times for each in-game day. If you don't think you could keep up that level of activity, don't volunteer.

Obviously we're a small forum with low activity, and if nobody's up for it, that's fine. However, if you enjoy mafia and are ready for the activity requirements, I'm sure this is a fun event, and we'd all enjoy spectating and cheering you on.

Negrek 04-23-2018 02:02 AM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Ooh, this looks cool! No possible way I could keep up with the pace (and I doubt you'd want me repping the forums anyway, lol), but I hope someone does get a chance to do this and has fun! I'll be rooting for you all the way!

Butterfree 04-25-2018 10:35 PM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Okay, so I went and read through a game from the previous tournament and I'm actually feeling like I probably could do this, if the timing isn't too horrendous. So I guess that's three candidates. How do we want to decide who goes?

Zero Moment 04-26-2018 03:12 AM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Strawpoll to vote on who goes?

Negrek 04-26-2018 08:38 PM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Some kind of vote seems like the most reasonable option. We could just add a poll to this thread?

Butterfree 04-28-2018 01:04 AM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Okay, poll added!

Butterfree 05-01-2018 02:40 AM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Welp, looks like I'm doing this. RedneckPhoenix and/or mewtini are going to have to serve as backup if I can't manage the volume. Wish me luck!

Negrek 05-03-2018 03:45 AM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Good luck, have fun! I don't suppose there's some way to spectate this?

Butterfree 05-03-2018 02:25 PM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
The games happen on Mafia Universe! Not sure exactly where the games are going to be posted, but it's probably going to be in one of the information threads there. I'm not allowed to discuss the game in any capacity outside the game thread while it's going on, so unfortunately no commentary from me, but you should be able to spectate just fine.

EDIT: Got clarification that you also may not discuss the game publicly, i.e. where I (or other players in the game) could see it. I figured that was probably the case, but yeah. Something like a quicktopic given only to non-players (so not RedneckPhoenix or mewtini either) would be okay, though. If you felt like making something like that I'd find it deeply entertaining to read it afterwards, but up to you. :P

Butterfree 05-06-2018 11:36 PM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Just an update for anyone who's interested: the game thread has been posted here (currently just player profiles, rules, explanations of the setup, etc.), and the game starts at 7AM EDT (11AM GMT) tomorrow! Again, remember, no discussion of the game here or anywhere I, RedneckPhoenix and/or mewtini can see it.

Negrek 05-09-2018 08:48 PM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Dang, that thread's moving way too fast for me, haha. Good luck, have fun!

Negrek 05-16-2018 11:46 PM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Ouch. gg Butterfree, looked like a fun if rather crazy game!

Eifie 05-17-2018 12:05 AM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
I followed the whole thing, as well as spec chat, and oh my god I was literally (figuratively literally) crying at the end of the game it was so beautiful and I was so happy. I've always wanted to play what I have no other name for than "real mafia" (i.e. no role madness) so I finally bit the bullet and signed up because there's a hydra game in a few weeks that I wanna join. Hopefully I will get to play!

I still think Chris is a wolf.

Butterfree 05-17-2018 01:37 AM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Thanks guys! I'm just glad I just about managed to keep up with the pace, somehow, by ditching every other aspect of my life.

I could have sworn Chilly was town I still can't believe it

Who did you think the mafia was? I was really sure about Carbon/Maha/Nego/Poyser towards the end, especially Carbon. Who then turned out to be the only one I was wrong about, because of course.

Eifie 05-17-2018 01:49 AM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
Poyser and Maha from d3-ish, Nego when they were still alive d4, and I didn't really have an opinion on the fourth until the end (I did not pay attention to any of the previous talk about Carbon and I had also had the idea that Chilly was tracker for a long time). Possibly Naku.

Since Chris revealed to spec chat when he died that he'd blocked Chilly N3 (did you see that?) I was actually completely in shock when the game ended. I probably feel as betrayed as you :p

Negrek 05-17-2018 05:50 AM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
tbh I was skimming a lot of the thread because, well, I didn't want the game to consume my life, too, and holy crap were things moving fast. So pretty much the only people I had any strong reads on by the end were that you were Town and Poyser was Mafia, and I figured at least one of the other top posters (so probably Nego) had to be Mafia as well.

@Eifie hope you have fun, maybe you can represent the forums next year if we get invited again!

Butterfree 05-18-2018 12:40 AM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
How long did it take you guys, who know me, to be confident I was town? The spec chat apparently had people thinking I was mafia most of the game.

Eifie 05-18-2018 02:18 AM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
I really wanted you to be mafia just because people seemed to be townreading you so strongly after the d1 wallpost. It would have been so awesome to see you win as maf after that. But I was pretty sure you were town right from the start... People actually asked me in spec chat if I thought you were mafia when I joined after they asked what community I was from, I was like "eh, not really".

I mean, the popular conclusion in spec chat was "chris/ardent w/w", so. (I would probably have been much less confident in my scumread of Chris if there hadn't been so many CHRIS WOLF REEEEE memes.)

Oh, I also swung wildly from Slaan being strong town after his eagerness to hammer Ardent to "Slaan is a lying liar who lies" after he orchestrated two competing wagons on people I was confident were town. I still find that nightkill completely bizarre. (I haven't read scumchat.)

Negrek 05-18-2018 08:29 PM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
I thought you were Town pretty much throughout. Some niggles of doubts, more towards the beginning of the game, but I never seriously thought you were Mafia. Funny that people had you pegged for Mafia like that. Might just be playstyle differences? I guess we do more longass posts in this forum than in some of the others, heh.

Keldeo 06-15-2018 04:08 PM

Re: Forum Mafia Championship
For anyone still interested in spectating a TCoD rep, RedneckPhoenix's been substituted into Game 8, which is in the middle of its second day.

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