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Tyranidoom~ 11-26-2012 01:47 AM

My Sprites!
Here are all the Sprites I have made:

I'm always making more.

Keldeo 11-26-2012 02:07 AM

Re: My Sprites!
That's... just one sprite. Never save as .jpg, always save as .png. The body looks horribly disfigured, there is no neck, there's just something wrong with the hair, the legs have no outline, right (our left) arm is too short, left (our right) arm also has no outline. Ears aren't attached right, because they look awkward, the feet are okay, the dress is not shaded (except for some random light blue that I have no idea how got in there.) The finger she's pointing is too short. The head looks like she's bending her neck in an extremely painful position (or she just has no neck.) Is that her left (our right) sleeve or part of her chest? The part of her boots under the part where they attach is skinnier than her actual legs which looks awkward. Dress looks extremely tight, but at least the tail seems to be attached right. :)

Tyranidoom~ 11-26-2012 02:30 AM

Re: My Sprites!
I tried to keep the original sprite I edited(Pokémon Ranger girl) in the same kinda position, I saved it as .png, and this is my first sprite so don't go too hard on me. I put a lot of work on this. Especially trying to get it where it could be transparent. I shouldn't look for sprites on Google.

Keldeo 11-26-2012 02:38 AM

Re: My Sprites!
Huh. Blame either my bad eye or google images. =P
Well, you can't see the neck in the original sprite, so you either need to scratch one in or keep the vesty thing. Either way the boots should be thicker; they're thicker in the offficial sprite. If this is a gijinka, I'd suggest recoloring the hair, clothing, and/or the skin to match the Pokemon (in this case Persian?) The ears still kind of look weird because they're situated on top of hat-shaped hair (see following sentence.) You've tried to replace the entire hat with hair, which does not work, making the head look really small in comparison to the hair. In the official sprite, the left (our right) arm is bent, but in your sprite it's straight making it look weird. (And in the official sprite, there are two eyes, due to the perspective, but in your sprite there's only one. The other is obscured by hair, making he hair look even more awkward.) Fry a hen or try again.

On a sidenote, what program do you use? (If you're looking for good sprites, Bulbapedia is a good resource for trainer sprites, and the Sprite Generator on the main site is good for Pokemon.)

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